X1 Orgasmatron Review, with Jane, Rosa, & Grace Attachments

In a recent Tantus webinar training, sex educator extraordinaire, Ducky Doolittle, mentioned that women have as much erectile tissue as men but ours is internal and cannot be accessed without a partner or sex toys. (I don’t have penis envy, but sheesh, it does seem like they are way easier sometimes.) Ducky’s comment and further discussion of the basics of female anatomy and pleasure immediately brought the X1 Orgasmatron to mind.

Several months ago, I published a Spotlight on the X1 Orgasmatron and requested test samples for review. The X! Orgasmatron seemed totally different from the sex toys in my collection and you all know how I love new and unusual toys. Fortunately, Orgasmatronics was happy to send out the X1 Orgasmatron and its three currently available attachments, Jane, Rosa, and Grace.

I had mentioned in my Spotlight that the name “Orgasmatron” kept tickling my brain and I finally linked it to the late 90′s movie (written by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, creators of South Park), Orgazmo. Then a reader reminded me of the real reference, buried much deeper in my memory, the 1973 Woody Allen film, Sleeper. Below is a clip from the movie showing the “original” Orgasmatron.

Happily, the Orgasmatronics X1 Orgasmatron is much smaller than Woody Allen’s version and more readily available. Developed in response to his wife’s request for a Sybian-like sex toy, Dr. X. Treme designed this powerful, handheld toy. I have reviewed a few atypical vibrators, such as the Revel Body Sonic Vibrator (which uses a linear motor) and the Eroscillator (which oscillates instead of vibrating). However, the X1 Orgasmatron gyrates.

If you’ve ever tried a traditional rabbit vibrator, you’ve experienced the internal rotations of its shaft. The X1 Orgasmatron is light years beyond. Its strength is shocking, even when compared to the Magic Wand. Never having the opportunity to test a Sybian, I cannot make a comparison, but the X1 Orgasmatron is by far the most powerful sex toy I have experienced to date.

Materials: The giant, black lightbulb (the actual X1 Orgasmatron) is approximately 6.5″ tall, 10″ in circumference, and weighs a hefty 2 pounds or so (apologies, my scale is behaving badly). Its 2.5″ long handle is 4″ in circumference and flares out at the bottom, allowing it to stand upright (use caution, it is extremely top heavy). The X1 Orgasmatron is made from non-porous, body-safe ABS, the same plastic Legos utilizes.

Power: Like the aforementioned Magic Wand, the X1 Orgasmatron must be plugged into a wall outlet. Its over 9.5′ long cable should be more than enough for most people’s needs. The cable looks exactly like my old Dell laptop’s power cord. As you can see above, it consists of three pieces. The first plugs into the wall, then attaches to the large brick of the second, which then connects to the white controller section (be sure to firmly plug the second and third cables together or they may disconnect during use).

The speed of the X1 Orgamastron’s gyrations is regulated by the dial on the controller portion. It not only turns the X1 Orgasmatron on and off, it allows for precise, incremental changes in power, which is fantastic. The dial is incredibly easy to manipulate with my non-dominant hand. With it stabilized against something, be it the palm of my hand or outer thigh, I can rotate it with a single finger.

An unexpected and interesting element of the X1 Orgasmatron is that I feel the impact of its gyrations all the way up my arm to well-above my elbow. However, it’s nothing like buzzy hand syndrome. Though the sensation is much stronger than a buzzy vibration and runs further up my arm, it does not hurt nor does it remain once I’ve turned the X1 Orgasmatron off. Very odd but very cool.

I have mentioned the clitoral complex in a number of recent reviews and spotlights. Many people don’t realize there is more to the clitoris than the small, external bud located toward the top of the vulva. Without going into great detail, the clitoral complex consists of the internal clitoral tissue (and there is a surprising amount) as well as the surface portion we refer to as the clit.

Due to the ability of the X1 Orgasmatron’s motor to move a large mass of tissue, the sensations are able to penetrate far deeper into my body than a commonplace vibrator, connecting with the sensitive nerves within the complex. This is intended to create a more profound internal response and intensified orgasms.

According to Dr. X. Treme, this is not the result of a larger motor nor an actual increase in power, but the efficiency of the motor within the X1 Orgasmatron. I’m willing to take that at face value. Regardless of the reasons why, the X1 Orgasmatron’s gyrations certainly feel more powerful than any other sex toy I own. Check out the video below for a visual of its strength.

Cleaning: Though it seems unlikely that water would penetrate the seam along the length of the X1 Orgasmatron, I’m going to label it splash proof. Considering it must be plugged into the wall, it’s obviously not meant to be used in the bath or shower. Warm water and mild (non-antibacterial) soap or a sex toy cleaner are sufficient to wash the giant lightbulb.

Lube: When using the X1 Orgasmatron on its own with no attachments (which you can certainly do), you may employ either silicone-based or water-based lubricant. However, as the Jane, Grace, and Rosa attachments are silicone, you want to be sure to remove every last trace of silicone-based lube before popping any of these on.

All of the X1 Orgasmatron’s attachments are made from 100% medical-grade silicone, which is latex and phthalate-free, hypoallergenic, and body-safe. Each piece is removable, so in addition to soap and water and sex toy cleaners, you can wash them in the top shelf of your dishwasher (without soap). You can also disinfect them with 3-5 minutes in boiling water or by soaking them in a 10% bleach solution. Disinfection is great if you want to share attachments with non-fluid bonded partners.

Each of the three attachments has a seam that runs across their length and is obvious to the eye and fingers, but unnoticeable during use. The top portions of Jane, Grace, and Rosa are solid silicone, while the bottom halves are hollow, so you can attach them to the X1 Orgasmatron.

The silicone of these hollow areas varies slightly in thickness, depending upon the attachment, but all three are extremely flexible and squashy, which is what permits you to pop them on and off with relative ease. The solid bits are quite rigid and have very little give, but overall, the silicone of all three attachments transmits the gyrational (totally a word) power of the X1 Orgasmatron very well.

When you purchase the X1 Orgasmatron, you automatically receive the X1 Jane Dildo. The pink Orgasmatron X1 Jane Dildo has 4″ of insertable length and is 1.4″ in diameter. It weighs 6.3 ounces all on its own, so keep that in mind. The silicone of the X1 Jane Dildo’s hollow bottom is slightly thicker than Rosa’s and somewhat thinner than Grace’s.

The Orgasmatron X1 Jane Dildo is the easiest of the three to put on, smoothly sliding into place with some light pressure. It again falls in between Rosa and Grace when it comes to removal. All of the attachments form a strong suction so trying to yank them straight off is like attempting to take out your contact lenses with long nails, it could take days to get results. Shifting the dildo to the side places its edge against the X1 Orgasmatron’s handle. Apply just a smidgen of force and it will come right off.

The 4″ length of the dildo works well for me as I do not enjoy sex toys hitting my cervix. If that’s your desire, it may not do the job. I appreciate the inflexibility and lack of squashiness offered by the Orgasmatron X1 Jane Dildo. It may not have much give, but it’s not rock hard like glass or stainless steel (for example).

The X1 Jane Dildo is the one attachment that can be used anally due to its large base and the ginormousness (totally a word) of the X1 Orgasmatron. Butt plugging is more my thing than anal thrusting (though you should feel free to thrust away). I am very fond of vibrating butt plugs, but finding good ones, made of body-safe materials, is tough because there aren’t a ton. Those that do vibrate are usually very buzzy and not terribly strong. Of course, this is not a concern with the X1 Orgasmatron.

You know how some vibrators are nice and rumbly on their lower settings but turn into high-pitched buzzers as you move up in strength? Not the case here. Regardless of the level of intensity, the sensations never even come close to buzzy. I’ve already mention the huge amount of power hidden within the X1 Orgasmatron. Just holding it up against the base of an anal toy allows you to feel its strength, which is heightened that much more with the X1 Jane Dildo up your butt. I bet it’s pretty awesome for those who enjoy prostate play.

Remember, you MUST disinfect (not just wash) the dildo with one of the options mentioned in the cleaning section after sticking it up your butt before you can use it vaginally again.

The weight of the solid silicone insertable piece causes the entire attachment to list like the Leaning Tower of Pisa and change position frequently. While this movement provides freedom to hold the X1 Orgasmatron at different angles, it can work against you when seeking to maintain a specific position while thrusting. If you simply want to hold the X1 Orgasmatron in place, it’s a non-issue.

The X1 Orgasmatron Rosa Attachment is sold separately, though you’ll save some cash if you purchase it with the X1 Orgasmatron. Rosa’s focus is external stimulation, so it’s a perfect option for those who dislike penetration or aren’t always in the mood for it. The lightest and thinnest of the three attachments, Rosa weighs only 3.4 ounces.

With seven nubs ranging from 3/8″ to 7/8″ in length and from 1/2″ to 1″ in width, the X1 Orgasmatron Rosa Attachment provides a fair amount of variation and should be able to satisfy most user’s desire for direct clit contact. The three smallest nubs are more deeply delineated than the three largest.

Holding the X1 Orgasmatron with Rosa in a vertical position provides continuous contact with my vulva and rocking it up and down allows for broad diffusion of sensations. When it comes to sex toys, I usually don’t have a good relationship with the word “diffuse”. In the case of the X1 Orgasmatron though, it’s actually positive because the intense strength increases sensations rather than lessening them.

The thinness of the Rosa Attachment’s silicone requires a different approach to application and removal. Just as with the X1 Jane Orgasmatron Dildo, I start with Rosa aligned directly above the lightbulb. Instead of pushing straight down, which causes Rosa’s edges to curl under, I use a wide, circular motion with a good amount of pressure to help the Rosa Attachment sink into place.

When taking Rosa off, I place my fingers over its nubs with my thumb under the largest one. Pressing my thumb up against this nub, while pushing down on the others with my fingers, stretches Rosa’s edge away from the X1 Orgasmatron for an easy peel off.

As with the Orgasmatron X1 Jane Dildo, Rosa enjoys slipping and sliding along the bulbous top of the X1 Orgasmatron. If I’m going for a rocking motion anyway, it’s no big whoop. If I’m trying for more direct clit contact, this movement can be distracting, especially as I get more wiggly. This really results from a combination of the Rosa’s movement and the fact that my clit is small and lives well tucked under its hood.

The X1 Orgasmatron Grace Attachment is intended to combine the best of both worlds, penetration and external stimulation. Its 2.5″ long and 1.3″ diameter insertable phallus curves up for g-spotting, while its 1″ long clit bump presses up against the external clitoris. The ends of these protrusions are flat rather than pointy, so they reach a greater surface area than you might expect.

Weighing 6.7 ounces makes the X1 Orgasmatron Grace Attachment the heaviest and thickest of the three. I also find it the most troublesome and I still haven’t decided how much of it is specific to my body and how much is Grace’s fault. It’s probably even steven.

The Grace Attachment is the most difficult of the three to put on and take off due to its extra density. Practice makes better though, and I’ve mostly gotten the hang of it. Like with Rosa, I line Grace up with the tippy top of the X1 Orgasmatron, but this time I use a much smaller circling motion while pressing downward. As I feel the tension increase due to the trapped air, I switch to a back and forth movement and push with increased force. Once Rosa is halfway on, one last strong thrust should do it.

Keep in mind, due to health issues, I often lack strength, which may make this more difficult for me than others, and there might also be a much simpler way I haven’t sorted out yet. Removing Grace is much like the Orgasmatron X1 Jane Dildo. Grab the g-spotter and pull backwards. It requires firm, continuous pressure because of the suction.

As I am always looking for ways to get more from my g-spot, I was most curious about the Grace Attachment. Placement-wise, the g-spotter and the clit bump seem to fit my body. I think the merging of two separate problems is causing the difficulty I’m having with Grace.

The first I have already mentioned when discussing both the Orgasmatron X1 Jane Dildo and the Rosa Attachment, slippage. The thicker silicone, which makes it harder to put Grace on does not actually create a more stable fit, as I was hoping it would. As a matter of fact, Grace seems to flop around much more than the other two attachments. This lessens my ability to keep the X1 Orgasmatron in the best position for my body, especially with the strength of the gyrations fighting me.

To further complicate the situation, my body is on the larger side and I carry much of my weight in the abdominal area, which decreases the reach of my hands. If the X1 Orgasmatron had a longer handle, I might be better able to control Grace. However, it’s as if the X1 Orgasmatron’s length, the loose fit of the Grace Attachment, and my body size and shape build to the perfect storm that rebuffs my desire to make Grace work well for me. Haven’t given up just yet though.

Orgasmatronics is on the verge of releasing a new attachment for the X1 Orgasmatron, Polly, and it looks fascinating. The X1 Orgasmatron Polly Attachment is a universal adapter that allows you to use the X1 Orgasmatron with almost any other body-safe dildo or butt plug that has a flared base or is Vac-U-Lock compatible.

Polly’s numerous, differently-sized holes act as o-rings in a typical strap-on harness setup. Unlike those setups, Polly provides much greater freedom. You can attach two dildos at the same time for double penetration for one person or use them on two different people at the same time. Polly even works with dildos that have testicles, Aneros devices, and masturbation sleeves.

Adding a pair of leg straps to Polly (it has special slots for this), turns the X1 Orgasmatron into a hands-free, wearable sex toy. You can purchase the leg straps along with the Polly Attachment. This is such a brilliant idea, especially for sex toy collectors (hola), because you can utilize pieces in the collection you already own. WANT.

In this video, Dr. X. Treme explains how to use the new Polly Attachment. I could be wrong, but it looks like all the dildos he uses in this demonstration (with the exception of the crazy coral-like monstrosity at the end) are from Tantus. Good on Orgamsatronics for using and supporting high-quality products from a trustworthy company!

If you pre-order the new X1 Orgasmatron Polly Attachment before 3/31/14, you’ll get Free Shipping, as well as a shipping date of 4/1/14. Seriously. No April Fools.

Nipple Play: You all know how much I love nipple play and it just occurred to me I have made no mention of how the X1 Orgasmatron works in this manner. My nipples and the X1 Orgasmatron have become fast friends. As they are typically very sensitive, sticking to the rumbly, lower levels of intensity is preferred. Spin the dial too far and the sensation becomes overwhelming. It can even edge from discomfort into pain.

The sizable expanse of the ABS orb connects with a good amount of my breast, including my aureola and minuscule nipple, thus providing excellent, far-reaching stimulation with minimum power. Just as when using the X1 Orgasmatron vaginally and anally, its efficient motor produces deep sensations, so I barely need to turn it on for nipple play. Though you can certainly use any of the three attachments in place of the plain, old, bare lightbulb of the X1 Orgasmatron, I find this to be of very little advantage.

With all the X1 Jane Dildo’s slipping and sliding, attempting to apply it directly to my small nipple is an exercise in futility, but I doubt it would make a difference even if I could force it to remain on point. (heh, get it?) Oddly enough, while I tend to do best with pinpoint clit stimulation, it can be way too much for my nipples. In that sense, the Grace Attachment is only slightly better. The flat tips of the both the g-spot phallus and the clit bump provide better contact with my nipples, when I can keep them in place.

The Rosa Attachment is the most effective of the three for nipple play, and if your priority is clit and nipple stimulation this is the one I’d recommend. The squat, round, wide, even surface of Rosa’s nubs are much easier to control when placed against my nipple and breast than the longer tips and the smaller surface area of the other two attachments. The breadth of the nubs maintains contact with my aureola and my tiny nipples slip handily into the miniature upside down valleys (it’s a thing) to be surrounded by silicone.

In theory, this allows my nipple to be stimulated on three sides (like a pint-sized peninsula), but due to their diminutive size and the power of the X1 Orgasmatron, I don’t feel a significant difference between adding the Rosa Attachment and using the X1 Orgasmatron on its own. I appreciate the smoothness of the silicone against my skin, which is a (minor) contrast to the plastic lightbulb, but not enough to jump and down and shout “hooray!” However, I suspect those with much more substantial nipples may indeed want to do so.

Packaging: The X1 Orgasmatron and its attachments were simply, yet carefully packed in a discrete, brown box with each piece protected by bubble wrap. While I am a sucker for fancy packaging, I highly approve of this eco-friendly way of doing things. I am perfectly happy not to have a bunch of stuff to recycle. Orgasmatronics does sell a gift/storage box separately and it looks lovely. It wouldn’t provide enough space for me or anyone with more than the Orgasmatron X1 Jane Dildo Attachment.

The X1 Orgasmatron comes with a small users manual that is straightforward, easy to read, and has all pertinent information. The thoroughness of the Orgasmatronics website is also impressive, so if you have additional questions you’re likely to find them answered there.

X1 Orgasmatron Pros:
• Powerful
• Very deep and rumbly gyrations
• Unique sensations
• Stimulates entire clitoral complex
• Can be used with anal toys as well
• Dial controller allows for incremental changes
• Super long cable
• Multiple attachments
• No buzzy hand syndrome
• Allows use of toys you already own (with new Polly Attachment)

X1 Orgasmatron Cons:
• Very loud
• Heavy
• Attachments slip around on the bulbous base
• Handle is short for larger bodies or shorter arms

One of the things I find challenging about all three X1 Orgasmatron Attachments is their tendency to shift during use. It’s a bit of a conundrum. The attachments must be flexible enough to pop on and off easily, but this suppleness allows them to slip around.

However, making them tighter and less pliable will create more difficulty in putting them on and taking them off, as is clearly demonstrated by the X1 Orgasmatron Grace Attachment. While it may not directly address this issue, the new Polly Attachment may resolve it by holding other toys more tightly against the X1 Orgasmatron.

I have it on good authority that encasing the entire toy (X1 Orgasmatron plus any attachment) in an extra large condom stops all movement completely. This also saves you from having to disinfect attachments between partners and when changing from anal to vaginal play.

In addition, my suspicions about the new Polly Attachment having the strength to keep other dildos in place without the movement I’ve been experiencing have proven to be true (according to the good folks at Orgasmatronics). If you’re going to purchase the X1 Orgasmatron, I’d seriously consider pre-ordering Polly.

Other than that and my perfect storm of issues with the Grace Attachment, the X1 Orgasmatron is mildly fantastic. The sensations are unusual in a good way and very powerful. I’ll even go out on a limb and say if you need the strength of the Magic Wand to orgasm, you may very well adore the X1 Orgasmatron. (I am referring primarily to power because the toys’ sensations feel nothing alike.) Who wants my Magic Wand? The only feature it offers over the X1 Orgasmatron, is that it doesn’t look like a sex toy.

Bottom line: As long as you’re fine with the sound of power tools emanating from your bedroom, the unusual sensation of its gyrations and the amount and depth of tissue they penetrate make the X1 Orgasmatron a must have in my book. It reminds me of the Eroscillator in the sense that it may not be little and it may not be cute (though it’s not unattractive and looks nothing like C3PO as a sex toy), but it is SO worth it.

Sportsheets Tickled Pink Restraints

Like soft pink fuzzy stuff? I do. Want to be restrained? Yes, please! Be restrained or restrain someone else with the Sportsheets Tickled Pink Restraints from Babeland.

Tickled Pink Restraints from Babeland are made in the U.S. by Sportsheets, a California-based company. They come in a flat cardboard package with a little hole so you can feel the material. The packaging is efficient and recyclable, but not terribly discreet. It says “Kinky Pink Cuffs With Tethers”, so you may not want to leave it laying around!

Inside the package, are two Tickled Pink Restraints. They’re dark magenta pink and the material is somewhat like a soft, fuzzy felt, though much more durable. It reminds me of a thin but soft blanket I had when I was a kid. Each restraint is a single layer of fabric with a 1″ by 4″ velcro strip stitched on each end and a 35″ nylon tether stitched to one side. The specs do say the straps are 36″ but mine measure in at 35″. The pink fuzzy part of the cuffs is 2 1/4″ wide and 10″ long.

What’s great about the Tickled Pink Restraints is that they are extremely adjustable. They can comfortably fit a wrist or ankle from 5 1/2″ to 10″ in circumference. They can be made even bigger but then are slightly less comfy as the soft side of the velcro can cut into and rub against your skin.

The Sportsheets Tickled Pink Restraints looked a bit nicer online than in person. The materials are on the cheap side. The velcro on mine is sewn at a slightly crooked angle and the material is cut unevenly. My mom would call them chintzy. It seems likely the cuffs will hold up for a while, but with vigorous struggling over time, they’ll probably rip. Serious players probably won’t find these sufficient. These cuffs are really better for bondage beginners and handy for travel. Then again, I’m no newbie and I still find these fun. They’re soft, comfortable, lightweight, and I can’t get out of them. They’re something of a cross between playful and sensual cuffs, and will hit the mark for some people, especially as the price point on the Tickled Pink Restraints is great.

While velcro is cheap, it’s strong. Though I can easily remove the Sportsheets Tickled Pink Restraints, struggle as I might, I can’t get out of them without actually taking them off. The 35″ tethers are very versatile and can be used in a variety of ways. My Man can tie my wrists together in front of me or behind my back, He can tie my wrists or ankles to the bed spread eagle. He can give me room to move around or tie me tightly down. He can lead me around by the tethers as if on a modified leash. With two sets of Tickled Pink Restraints, He could easily accomplish a hogtie.

The nylon tethers are very strong and tie well. However, they do tighten when I struggle and can take some time to undo. Fortunately, if My Man’s having trouble undoing his knots he can simply free me from the cuffs and then untie the straps. This works great for bathroom breaks. I know, I know…some people would frown upon this way of being released, but hey…everyone pees!

The Sportsheets Tickled Pink Restraints do not come with any care instructions. I would hand wash these in warm water or wash in the machine on cold in the gentle cycle. I’d lay them flat to dry or simply hang them over the back of a chair. I would not put these cuffs in the dryer as I’ve had issues with velcro curling, not to mention picking up more lint than the actual lint trap. Tickled Pink Restraints are easy to store. Simply fold the cuffs, wrap the straps around them and store flat in their cardboard container, a small box, or lose in your toy chest. For now, I am keeping them in their container in my toy box. This keeps them flat and separate, and helps things stay organized so I can find them in a jiff.

One downside of having the tethers attached to the cuffs is they tend to get in the way of things…like food, drink, the sink. I highly recommend you not wear them while eating soup!

Sportsheets Tickled Pink Restraints Pros:
• Comfortable
• Adjustable
• Price
• Attached tethers

Sportsheets Tickled Pink Restraints Cons:
• Not the highest quality
• Tethers can get in the way

Overall, while these aren’t the snazziest or fanciest restraints out there, they are soft and comfy and will make a nice, non-threatening introduction to bondage for many people. They are adjustable for a variety of sizes which makes them flexible enough to share between partners. You can struggle all you like and not break free, something you always wants in a restraint. They’re good for a lark and easy for travel, but when I’m in a serious BDSM mood I’ll probably go for a more serious cuff. However, many people will like the friendly pink color, lightweight cloth, and lack of animal products used in the Tickled Pink Restraints.

Screw the Roses, Send Me the Thorns

If you have any interest in BDSM, you may have heard of the book Screw the Roses, Send Me the Thorns: The Romance and Sexual Sorcery of Sadomasochism by Philip Miller and Molly Devon. Having heard so many good things about this book, I’ve wanted to read it for some time, and thanks to FunWares I’ve finally had the opportunity.

I’m happy to say it lives up to the hype. This book is an in-depth exploration, discussion, and how to guide of sadomasochism and what many of us refer to as BDSM. BDSM stands for Bondage & Discipline, Dominance & submission (D/s), and Sadism & Masochism. These four little letters encompass a wide range of practices and this book discusses some of them in great detail. Screw the Roses, Send Me the Thorns is written by Philip Miller, a well-practiced dominant, and Molly Devon, a masochistic submissive. Having a great deal of experience in these roles, Philip and Molly are as experts in their own form of sadomasochism, which they share with all of us through this book.

Like many of those who participate in sadomasochistic practices, Philip and Molly subscribe to the motto, “safe, sane, and consensual”. To this end, they are committed to providing information on what to do as well as what not to do. In Chapter 10 there is a very thorough discussion of where and where not to hit, with detailed explanations and diagrams. For example, “The inside of the thighs are very sensitive. They are safe to hit, but be aware that the pain potential is quite high here.” and “Avoid hitting the lower back. The kidneys are attached directly to the muscle wall there and can be easily bruised or damaged.”

Throughout Screw the Roses, Send Me the Thorns, Philip and Molly emphasize the important of communication between partners. Communication defines everything in BDSM relationship, where misunderstandings can lead to more than just a little spat.

Though they tend refer to dominants and “he” and submissives as “she”, mirroring their own perspective and for the sake of ease, Philip and Molly clearly state their acceptance of all people into BDSM regardless of gender or sexual persuasion.

This book is much longer and more detailed than I expected. Coming in at a whopping 277 pages, this book measures 8 1/2″ by 11″ and contains mountains of information, drawings, and photographs. With 13 chapters and six appendices, Philip and Molly have created a massive treatise on their way practice of sadomasochism. From the chapter list you can see the discussions range from the practical how to’s to the esoteric why’s of it all, and everything in between.

1. Gee, Toto, I Don’t Think We Are In Kansas Anymore
2. Sexual Magic- Why We DO DO That Voodoo
3. The Politics of Very Strange Bedfellows- Sensible SM Relationships and Dangerous Liaisons
4. “You Want To Worship My What???”- Negotiation and Relationships
5. Straight Facts and Bent Phalluses- Sexual Attitudes
6. Non-Government Sanctioned Sex and Torture
7. Get Them By the Balls: Their Hearts and Minds Will Follow- Bondage Theory
8. Of Human Bondage- Bondage Techniques
9. Philip’s Philosophy of Phlogging Phun- The Corporal Dimension
10. When the Inner Child Deserves a Spanking- Philip’s (and Phriend’s) Phurther Pheelings on Phlogging
11. It’s Only Pain, Dear, and It’s Only Yours- Why Take A Long Road To Enlightenment, When You Can Haul Ass On A Super Highway?
12. Making the Upper Cheeks Red- Embarrassment, Humiliation, and the Mind Fuck
13. Furnishing Your Dungeon

Chapters 1 & 2 discuss the basics of Dominance/submission, providing definitions of the different terms and explaining through examples what D/s is, discussing communication and respect, and beginning to explore the idea mental flying.

Chapter 3 focuses on the different types of people one may run across while navigating the BDSM world in search for potential partners. It provides helpful hints on meeting people online and face to face and remaining safe in one’s search.

Chapter 4 explores compatibility in D/s relationships and different levels of power exchange, as well as activity questionnaires, and service agreements. It also addresses a false statement I’ve heard over and over in my own exploration, “real submissives don’t have limits”, and discusses abusive relationships.

In Chapter 5, Philip and Molly discuss the differences between men and women, abandoning traditional sex roles, and focusing on what you really want with and from your partner.

Chapter 6 begins an exploration of sex toys and BDSM practices, such as nipple clamps, anal training and play, and fisting.

In Chapter 7, we learn the basics of bondage from safety to making a plan, to the very important ten rules of bondage, example: #7 “Never cross pulse points with direct pressure from rope.” Philip and Molly even provide a Dominant’s how-to for the first session with his submissive.

Chapter 8 has great images and explanations on how to tie bondage knots and even demonstrates how to make a rope dress. We also delve into plastic wrap bondage, cuffs, gags, blindfolds, and sensory deprivation.

In Chapters 9 & 10, we begin an in depth exploration of flogging and spanking, including how-to’s, discussions of implements, positioning, and preparing. We are also introduced to Phiip’s Ten Commandments of Flagellation.

Chapter 11 is one of my favorites because it discusses the dichotomy of pleasure and pain and the concept of “flying”, or what some people call “subspace”.

Chapter 12, also one of my faves, focuses on the mental aspect of BDSM, creating physical and emotional reactions to mental stimuli. We explore humiliation through an incident from Philip and Molly’s lives and Dominant and submissive. It is clearly told and then masterfully analyzed.

The final chapter, Chapter 13, introduces us briefly to public and professional play spaces and instructs us on how to create our own play space. It discusses everything from suspension cuffs, to different types of sex toys, to where to get your goodies, and has diagrams on making your own cuffs, whips, spreader bars, and even a sex sling. Philip and Molly even discuss how to travel with your toys advise caution when traveling overseas due to laws regulating the importation of sexually related articles. That probably wouldn’t have even occurred to me!

Screw the Roses, Send Me the Thorns has a thorough glossary as well as multiple appendices that provide lists of support groups, stores, and recommended reading. The recommended reading is helpful, but the stores and groups list haven’t been updated since 1999, so much of the information is not current, especially the information on computer bulletin boards.

Screw the Roses, Send Me the Thorns Pros:
• Excellent information
• Real life examples
• Well-organized
• Easy to read

Screw the Roses, Send Me the Thorns Cons:
• Appendices are dated

To my mind, this book covers more than just sadomasochism. It really does hit on all the aspects of BDSM. Not being a BDSM newbie, I’ve learned much more than expected from Forget the Roses, Send Me the Thorns. It’s interesting, insightful, applicable, and accepting. It teaches dominants safe and respectable practices, while teaching submissives how to protect themselves along their journey. It is well put together and easy to navigate. The chapters are organized such that they build upon each other, but at the same time you can easily skip around to read bits and pieces with feeling lost.

This book is an excellent primer for those who are just starting out, as well helping more experienced players expand their abilities. I think everyone can learn from this book and it definitely belongs on the shelf of anyone who has an interest or invests their time in BDSM play or the lifestyle. Fortunately, it’s available for a great price at FunWares!

MyPleasure Beginner Bondage Kit

Another group of adult toys I like to review once in a while come under the heading of BDSM, so today I’m going to discuss the Beginner Bondage Kit from MyPleasure.

My Man and I are very fond of bondage. He feels I need to be restrained frequently and I happen to agree. We are always on the lookout for tools to help us with this type of play. Though we are not beginners, the Beginner Bondage Kit comes with several items I figured we would use in our play. I love when you get a bunch of cool stuff at a great price.

The Beginner Bondage Kit includes the following:
• 1 leather blindfold
• 1 mini flogger
• 2 wrists cuffs
• 2 ankle cuffs
• 2 tethers
• 1 satin storage bag

I didn’t think I’d like the blindfold on because it looks like it would let in a lot of light, though I do like the shape. It’s a bit cat-like. The blindfold has been cut from what seems to be a piece of leather and has an elastic band sewed on at either end. The leather is slightly softer on the outside than the inside so I prefer it inside out but the difference is not terribly significant. The elastic band is 1″ thick and comfortable. It does not pull my hair like some bands do. However, my head is a tad over 22″ in circumference and the elastic band fits very snug around it. It puts a slight pressure on my eyes and the bridge of my nose which can become irritating after a while. I actually like the pressure around my head but the pressure on my nose seems to stress my sinuses. If your head is bigger than 22″ I think this particular blindfold will be too tight.

After some time, having the leather directly against my skin can make the blindfold feel like it’s sticking, especially when play gets intense and I get sweaty. I would prefer a lining of some sort so the leather isn’t directly against my skin, but it is a leather blindfold and part of the point is to have the leather against your skin.

Mini Flogger
The Mini Flogger is 14″ long, with 7 1/2″ of handle. The tails are made of black rubber and they feel surprisingly soft and sensual when lightly drawn across my skin. It is quite a lovely sensation. Using it as a proper flogger leads to a sharp stingy sensation but nothing truly painful, which makes this flogger a really good option for beginners and those just experimenting. You can use the handle to beat your partner as it creates a slightly sharper sting but it still falls short of causing serious pain. Some people may see that as a plus, some as a minus. For me it works as a sensation tool rather than as an implement of torture.

The wrist and ankle cuffs are the prettiest non-leather cuffs I’ve seen in a long time. They are black with red strapping and velcro. They are made of a soft fleecy material that feels soft and cuddly against my skin but is strong and secure. These cuffs are so comfortable I can just wear them around the house even when we’re not playing. They are very well-made and the velcro is firmly sewn on and they fit securely on my wrists and ankles. While they are easy to put on and remove with the velcro fastening, once on, there is no way I can get out of them no matter how much I struggle. Not only that, but I can struggle to my heart’s and My Man’s content and the cuffs remain comfortable, no digging into my skin, no hurting me.

Rather than a D ring, each cuff has an adorable silver heart-shaped ring attached and a hooking clasp so you can attach them to each other or the tethers. The wrist cuffs will fit up to 10″ wrists and the ankle cuffs adjust up to 12″ in circumference. I am somewhat big boned and both the wrist and ankle cuffs fit me with tons of room to spare.

The Beginner Bondage Kit comes with two tethers that adjust from 18″ to 36″. The tethers are made from a very strong, durable nylon and are 1″ wide. They are similar to the the types of straps used on travel bags. Each tether has three heart rings and three clasps, one on each end and one attached to the plastic adjuster loop. This makes them very flexible and has allowed us to come up with different variations on strapping me down. My Man can get me in several different positions with these. He can loop my wrists and ankles together, get me in a hogtie, strap me to the bed, even to a door. What can I say? He’s very creative…

Storage Bag
The black satin drawstring bag is 13 1/2″ long and 7 1/2″ wide and has “MyPleasure” with the logo on it in dark grey. The drawstring is made of the same black satin. It’s lovely and closes securely. It fits everything in the Beginner Bondage Kit with room to spare. You can easily fit some condoms, lubricant, massage oil, even a small sex toy or two.

Beginner Bondage Kit Pros:
• Awesome cuffs
• Great storage bag
• Cute heart detail
• Perfect flogger for beginners

Beginner Bondage Kit Cons:
• Blindfold may be too tight for some

I love a nice kit that comes with lots of goodies, but I tend to be hesitant about beginner kits. Often they are too “beginner” for me, especially when it comes to bondage. However, the Beginner Bondage Kit is just great. I love, love, love the wrist and ankle cuffs. They look great, they feel great, and they work great. The tethers do their job and are very useful and the heart-shaped ring detail is so cute. The mini flogger adds some nice sensations to play and the blindfold works well. To top it off, it all comes in its own pretty satin storage bag.

The only real downside of the kit is the tightness and stickiness of the blindfold. Part of that is just me, I tend to be sweaty and apparently I have a big head. This set is perfect for beginners as it provides some good quality products for a very reasonable price. I think even more advanced players will appreciate the excellent wrist and ankle cuffs. For me the Beginner Bondage Kit is worth it just for the those!

Tantric Satin Ties EyeMask

I love being blindfolded and I figure, why not look good while I can’t see? Enter the Tantric Satin Ties EyeMask from FunWares.

The Tantric Satin Ties EyeMask is a pretty little blindfold. It is made of black and red satin with delicate black hand-sewn lace and a black satin bow. The design actually looks a bit like a strapless bra to me. Rather than have an elastic band, like many blindfolds, the Tantric Satin Ties EyeMask has two black satin straps that tie behind the head. The ties are thin, only about 1/4″ wide. This makes them very lightweight and easy to tie, and they are quite long. At 20 1/2″ in length, when I’m sitting or standing, they hang down behind my head and tickle my shoulders. However, when lying down, I don’t notice them at all. Also, as they are so thin, I don’t feel the bow pressing against my head when I am laying on it.

The Tantric Satin Ties EyeMask is 8 1/2″ long and 3″ at its widest points, over the eyes. It is only 1 1/4″ wide over the bridge of the nose. Each eye pad has approximately 1/16″ of padding. I thought the hand-sewn lace might rub against my skin and feel itchy but it stands out away from my face and doesn’t touch my skin at all. The satin is sleek and smooth against my face and the EyeMask is very comfortable. It lays nicely on my eyes without putting any pressure on them like some blindfolds can do.

The very big downside to Tantric Satin Ties EyeMask is the cut. The thinness and angle around the nose does allow quite a lot of light in to seep in. Without glasses or contact lenses, I am totally blind so I really can’t see much but light around my nose. If I weren’t blind, I’d be able to see a whole lot and the light leaking in does spoil the effect somewhat. If I have my eyes open, even I can see My Man sneaking up on me which really defeats the purpose of wearing a blindfold.

The Tantric Satin Ties EyeMask is made in China by California Exotics. The packaging is not bad for Cal Exotics. However, as usual, it is not terribly discreet. The blindfold comes in a plastic bag inside a plastic envelope. I’d like the packaging to be more low key so I could just pass this off as a sleep mask, but the half-naked couple on the front make it look all about sex. You can certainly store the blindfold in the plastic envelope, but I am just using the plastic bag. It keeps the blindfold clean and safe without taking up much room.

If you get your Tantric Satin Ties EyeMask dirty or sweaty, I would simply hand wash it with soap and warm water, squeeze out the water, and allow it to hang dry. You could also probably throw it in the washing machine on gentle in a little lingerie bag and it would be protected as well. It seems a mite delicate for a full-fledged dryer cycle so I’d suggest hanging it to dry or leaving it in the dryer for just a few minutes on low heat.

Tantric Satin Ties EyeMask Pros:
• Pretty
• Comfortable
• Will fit most people

Tantric Satin Ties EyeMask Cons:
• Allows light in

The Tantric Satin Ties EyeMask is attractive and comfortable. It is easy to tie and the straps will allow it to fit most people, even if you have an a larger than average skull. It’s unusual and prettier than your average blindfold. It might be just the thing to frame your face as you are laying there tied up and helpless. However, if you want to be sure to block out all the light so you can’t see anything, this blindfold does not do the trick, at least not for me. So all in all, I have to say it’s cute but disappointing. For looks and comfort, I love the blindfold, but I have to downgrade it for not actually blinding me.

Shock Therapy Nipple Clamps

I have never tried electrical play and I thought it might be interesting, so I wanted to give it try. Enter the Shock Therapy Nipple Clamps from FunWares.

As the name implies, Shock Therapy Nipple Clamps are nipple clamps that deliver a mild electric shock to the wearer. Electric play is often used amongst practitioners of BDSM. Depending on the level of electric shock, this type of play can be anything from simple sensation play to extremely painful. I am not one for severe pain. A small amount of discomfort or pain can add to pleasure for me, especially in the heat of the moment, but serious pain is just not my cup of tea. However, I thought some mild shocks might add an interesting element to play.

Well, I was wrong. Yep, even on the mildest setting I found the Shock Therapy Nipple Clamps too uncomfortable for me. They are quite comfy to wear but the little shocks were just too much for my body.

So this is how they work. There are two basic components to the Shock Therapy Nipple Clamps, the control unit and the clamps themselves. The clamps have a long cord (almost 45″) which plugs directly into the control unit. The control unit has three switches, ON/OFF, SLOW/FAST, and IN/OUT. The ON/OFF switch is actually a dial that allows you to control the power level in small increments and the SLOW/FAST switch controls the speed of the shock pulses. The IN/OUT switch actually allows you to make the control unit the shocker. If you set it to IN, the metal oval in the center of the unit sends out the the electrical current to your hand. The directions state this is good for relaxing tired hands and those with arthritis or carpal tunnel. Not having either disorder, I cannot speak to that statement. I do find it effectively shocky though. Setting the button to OUT allows the current to pass through the Nipple Clamps.

To start using the Shock Therapy Nipple Clamps you simply insert the included CR2032 battery, plug the Nipple Clamps into the the control unit, apply them to your or your partner’s nipples, select OUT, select FAST or SLOW, and turn on the control unit. It’s important to keep in mind that you will only feel the Nipple Clamps working when both are clamped on to your nipples. Applying just one will not do the trick.

Shock Therapy Nipple Clamps are made by Pipedream Products, which is a company located in Southern California that produces its products on China. The packaging is quite basic. The exterior package is a cardboard box with an image on the front of a naked male torso wearing the Shock Therapy Nipple Clamps and images of the actual toy on the back. It is not at all discreet. It also says “FETISH” in giant red capital letters all over the box, as the Shock Therapy Nipple Clamps are part of the Fetish Fantasy Series. If you don’t want people to know you are playing with these, don’t leave the box laying around.

Inside the box is a flimsy plastic tray and lid which contains the Shock Therapy Nipple Clamps, control unit, wrist strap, battery, blindfold, and directions. The directions consist of one piece of paper and are quite good. They are in English only. The box is sturdy enough for storage but it’s quite a bit larger than the Shock Therapy Nipple Clamps and control unit so it takes up a lot of space. The box is 6.5″ in length x 4.5″ in width x 2.25″ in depth.

As I mentioned, Pipedream has included a blindfold with the Shock Therapy Therapy Nipple Clamps. The blindfold is black and made of a plasticy material on the front and a satiny material on the inside. This is a very cheap and crappy blindfold. I will say it does a decent job at blocking out the light except for just around the nose area, like many blindfolds, but the materials are cheap. It’ll do in a pinch but if you are into sensation play and like to be blindfolded or to blindfold your partner, you very likely want to get something nicer and more luxurious. FunWares carries many blindfold options.

The Shock Therapy Nipple Clamps themselves are made of black plastic with little electrode cushions on the inside. They are soft and comfy and rest lightly on the nipples, with barely any pressure at all. The long almost 45″ cord, gives you or your partner a fair amount of room to move around during play and the nipple clamps are easy to clean, simply wipe down with a damp cloth.

The control unit is 3.25″ long, 1.5″ wide, and 1.5″ thick at its thickest point. It is very lightweight and easy to use. It can be held and manipulated without putting any strain on your wrist, so if you do have arthritis or carpal tunnel I would think the control unit would be comfortable. I do like that a wrist strap is included as well. It’s a thin nylon strap, like that for a small digital camera. It slips easily on and off my wrist with room to spare. Someone with a much larger wrist could certainly wear this wrist strap. My wrist is approximately 6.75″ in circumference, so that should give you an idea.

So how to describe the sensation of the shocks… First off, they are short pulses rather than one long shock. You know when you shuffle across the carpet, touch someone and you shock each other? Well, it’s a bit like that in the extreme. The sensation is sharp and burny. I find it very painful, though I am a bit of a wimp. I do like the bite of a stronger nipple clamp, but the sharp, burning pain of these electric shocks is very unpleasant for me.

Shock Therapy Nipple Clamps Pros:
• Do a great job shocking
• Compact control unit
• Comfortable Clamps
• Battery included

Shock Therapy Nipple Clamps Cons:
• Painful (in a bad way)
• Difficult to find battery (for replacement)

I really dislike these nipple clamps. While I love regular nipple clamps and can even enjoy some pain in the right moment, there was nothing at all about the Shock Therapy Nipple Clamps I enjoyed. Nonetheless, I do have to say they work well and do what they are meant to do. The nipple clamps themselves are very comfortable to wear, even for beginners, because they don’t apply significant pressure to the nipples. This also means that I can’t use them as regular old nipple clamps because they don’t apply any pressure. However, just because I don’t like them doesn’t mean you won’t.

Liberator Tensionier Cuff and Blindfold Kit

It’s been a very long time since I have reviewed anything BDSM related. I figured it was about time to take a break from vibrators and dildos and review something else. When it comes to BDSM, even if you’re a beginner, you want to have good basics. One of the very basic items you need is a good set of restraints, like the Liberator Tensionier Cuff and Blindfold Kit.

The Liberator Tensionier Cuff and Blindfold Kit is part of Liberator’s Black Label collection and more or less what you might guess from the name, a kit consisting of cuffs and a blindfold. However, this kit is a bit more complete than some others I have seen. Contained in the kit is the following:
• 2 wrist cuffs
• 2 ankle cuffs
• 1 blindfold
• 1 bow-tie choker
• 4 tethers
• 1 storage bag

Cuffs can be made from many different materials, leather, metal, satin, etc. One of the things that makes the Liberator Tensionier Kit unique is that the cuffs, blindfold, and bow-tie choker are all made from a dark wash denim. This is the first time I have run across denim cuffs. That doesn’t mean there aren’t others out there, just that I haven’t seen them. The dark wash denim is stitched with a contrasting white thread. This and the silver-colored hardware make these items quite attractive. Each of the four cuffs has a clip and a D ring that allows you to attach them to each other, the tethers, the bow-tie choker, or anything else you come up with. Each of the tethers also has a D ring that can be attached to the cuffs’ clips. The bow-tie choker also has a D ring so you can attach the cuffs, a leash, or something else with a clip. In fact, the only thing in this kit that does not have a D ring is the blindfold.

Speaking of the blindfold, it actually works better than I expected based on its looks. My experience with blindfolds that are cut similarly to the one in the Liberator Tensionier Kit have not been very good. Usually this design lets a lot of light in around the nose. However, due to the elastic band at the back of the blindfold, it fits securely and though it does let a bit of light in, it’s really not bad at all. The downside of the blindfold is that the after a while the pressure on the bridge of my nose from the elastic band becomes uncomfortable and I need to remove it. It is also snug enough that I really need to keep my eyes closed while the mask is on. No biggie, right? After all, there’s nothing to see under there. Still, some people don’t like that kind of pressure against their eyes, so I thought I’d mention it.

Oh, there is actually another issue with the blindfold, with the entire kit actually. The denim has an unpleasant odor that reminds me of glue. All of the pieces smell badly. Granted, it’s not like you can smell them across the room, but I can definitely smell the blindfold when it’s on my face. Yuck. It is also not adjustable, which may be a problem for some people.

I realize the bow-tie choker is meant to be a cute collar, but I am not a big fan. I think it’s just kinda silly looking. It’s about 20″ in length so it can fit a wide variety of neck sizes. I find it rather thin, especially if something heavy is attached to the D ring in front. This can drag the bow-tie choker down and cause some discomfort at the the back of the neck. Keep in mind that I have a chronic pain condition and frequently have pain in my neck so I am probably more sensitive to this than many people.

The wrist and ankle cuffs are more or less the same, with the ankle cuffs being somewhat larger. Both the wrist and ankle cuffs are 2.5″ wide. The wrist cuffs can be adjusted up to approximately 10.5″, thus allowing for them to fit most people who are not The Hulk. The ankle cuffs can adjust up to about 17.5″ so they are significantly larger than the wrists restraints. Liberator calls these cuffs self-tightening, but I have not had that experience. If I struggle enough, the cuffs loosen somewhat. In fact, there is a slight amount of give to the denim material. However, it is not stretchy by any means. One issue I have with both the wrist and ankle cuffs is that the piece of denim opposite from where the restraints tighten slips and slides around and does not always stay beneath the strap. It’s a bit annoying to have to keep straightening it out when you are putting the cuffs on.

The four tethers included in the Liberator Tensionier Cuff and Blindfold Kit are made from heavy duty 1″ wide nylon, the kind you find on duffle bags and backpacks or seat belts. It is extremely durable and has absolutely no give. The tethers are 55″ long and adjustable. Each one has a plastic clasp that allows you to wrap the tether around something and secure it.

All the pieces of the Liberator Tensionier Cuff and Blindfold Kit are quite lightweight due to the denim fabric, but the hardware is heavy, maybe a little too heavy to be supported well by the denim. The contrast can make the cuffs a bit unwieldy when putting them on but isn’t as noticeable once they are secured.

The packaging of the Liberator Tensionier Cuff and Blindfold kit is simple and stream-lined. The cuffs, bow-tie choker, blindfold, and tethers come in a handmade denim storage bag that is very discreet. The only hint that something nefarious is inside is the Liberator tag on the outside that says “Bedroom Adventure Gear”. Otherwise, it looks totally innocuous. The denim storage bag securely closes, like a sleeping bag, and comes inside a clear plastic bag which does have the name of the product on a sticker on the outside. With all the pieces of the kit stuffed inside the storage bag, it is surprisingly heavy due to the hardware. Other than the shipping box, there is no additional packaging wasting resources, which is a good thing.

Liberator Tensionier Cuff and Blindfold Kit Pros:
• Very sturdy
• Vegan
• Material is comfortable
• Attractive
• Good storage bag

Liberator Tensionier Cuff and Blindfold Kit Cons:
• High price point
• Blindfold is not adjustable
• Has odd glue-like scent

In looking for a set of restraints, different people look for different things. I always want mine to be comfortable, secure, and durable. The cuffs in the Liberator Tensionier Cuff and Blindfold Kit are all three. They also have the added benefit of being lightweight and vegan. I have used leather restraints in the past and they can feel very luxurious. They can also be hot, feel heavy, don’t react well to sweat, can chafe, and are made of animal parts. For these reasons, the denim fabric of the Tensionier cuffs is great. The odor, however, is not. In fact, it’s quite bad and I have no idea what’s going on with that. Maybe it’s a chemical used in the treatment of the denim. maybe it’s a fluke. I don’t know but I don’t like it.

While the Liberator Tensionier Cuff and Blindfold Kit does come with 11 pieces technically, I find the price point rather high for denim restraints, a bow-tie collar, and a blindfold. It’s certainly not something those who are new to BDSM will want to spend when they’re just experimenting. It also doesn’t seem like BDSM experts would want to drop that much on cuffs made of denim. Of course, I could be wrong. While the cut of the blindfold works, the fact that it isn’t adjustable is likely to create issues for some. What really kills it for me is the scent. My sensitive nose cannot take it. Hopefully, it’s just my set and not all of them out there.

Sex and Metal Mea Culpa Flogger

Just about forever ago, I posted a Spotlight on Sex and Metal Floggers. I thought they were pretty nifty and was quite covetous. So, you can imagine my excitement when Sex and Metal contacted me about reviewing something for them. Of course, I considered requesting The Box, but it looks awful crampy. Ok, that was a fib. I immediately knew I wanted to review a flogger. With so many options, it was a serious challenge settling on one, but I finally decided to go with the Sex and Metal Mea Culpa Flogger.

For those of you who are not familiar with floggers, they are devices often used in BDSM play, and still used as a punishment in some countries outside the United States. As opposed to whips, which are commonly made with a single tail (think Indiana Jones), floggers generally consist of multiple tails.

Floggers come in all sorts of sizes and different materials. The Sex and Metal Mea Culpa Flogger is the most beautiful example of a flogger I have ever seen. Granted, I am not an expert on floggers, but I’ve handled more than a few and the Mea Culpa is truly exquisite.

Mea Culpa means “through my fault” in Latin, which is a particularly appropriate name for what most would consider a punishment implement. There are pain sluts out there who would say being flogged is a reward rather than a punishment, but not being one of them, I can appreciate the name.

The handle of the Sex and Metal Mea Culpa Flogger is made of raw steel and comes in either powder coated Candy Apple Red or Natural Steel. While I love the look of the natural steel and prefer some of Sex and Metal’s handles that way, I’m a sucker for bright colors and was hoping the twisted steel strands would stand out and look great in the Candy Apple Red. I am pleased to say they do. As you can see from the included images (which do not do the flogger justice), the handle of the Mea Culpa has a large ball at its end and is wrapped with a spiral of three twined strands of steel. There are two not so little spikes right above the spot where the fall attaches to the handle. The spikes are slightly sharp but you’d have to work hard to get them to cut skin. As far as the twisted strands around the handle go, I have no idea how they make the steel do that. My navel piercing is made of stainless steel and it requires a pair of pliers and two people to pry it open.

I’m pretty sure the handle is hollow or it would weigh more than its already hefty 10.5 ounces. The entire Sex and Metal Mea Culpa Flogger only weighs 13.5 ounces, so that gives you an idea of how substantial the steel handle is. However, at 9″ in length and 1.91″ in diameter, the weight is spread over a fair amount of space making it evenly balanced, which is important for the wielder of the flogger. I have been having a significant amount of neck pain recently and without really paying attention to what I was doing, I randomly started rolling the handle of the Mea Culpa Flogger against my neck. While this is certainly not the intended use, it makes a pretty good neck massager in a pinch.

As with most of the impact toys on the Sex and Metal website, the Mea Culpa Flogger has two different fall options. You can select vegan silicone in black or white or traditional leather. You can also go with a Snap Dragon or Dragon Tongue fall. I have the traditional black leather fall and must say it is very impressive. In my experience, many floggers are made with crappy leather falls. After all, leather is pricey and it’s not like a flogger is a pair of shoes or anything, right? While this is true, the quality of the leather used in the fabrication of the fall makes a big difference.

If you have had the experience of using one of these crappy leather floggers, as well as the chance to handle a high quality one, you know what I mean. Flogging is not just about pain. For some people it isn’t about pain at all. It is about sensation, how the tails feel as they slide along your skin, either before or after you feel their sting. They can feel soft and soothing on tender skin, just as they can feel harsh and biting. My skin is sensitive and I really can tell the difference between contrasting types of leathers. When you’re hit with a low quality leather flogger you’re missing out on some of the best parts of being flogged.

The leather strands of the Sex and Metal Mea Culpa Flogger are great. They are approximately .5″ wide, soft and supple, thin and pliant. There is a subtle contrast between the coolness of external leather and the warmth of the internal suede of each strand. Though I can easily feel the difference with my fingers, I really can’t parse it out when the strands hit my skin. I don’t need to though, as the combination creates an amazing sensation overall. Of course, this is when the strands of the Mea Culpa Flogger are dragged along my skin. It’s not quite the same when there is actual flogging happening.

The Sex and Metal Mea Culpa Flogger produces that marvelous THWACK when the strands slap against my body. This is one of the things I enjoy most about floggers, that heavy, thuddy feeling of the, in this case leather, striking my back and my butt. (Which is not to say you can’t go about flogging people on other bits of their bodies, of course.) Then there is the sharp sting of the tips of those leather strands that follows a moment later. It’s a veritable cornucopia of sensation. Obviously, the person swinging the Mea Culpa Flogger has control over how much pain to administer to the receiver. Or as I like to refer to myself, the floggee (Just because it’s not a word doesn’t mean I can’t use it.). The size and quality of the Sex and Metal Mea Culpa Flogger give you the freedom to control the amount of the pain and the sensations depending upon how you use it.

The 20 leather strands of the Sex and Metal Mea Culpa Flogger are 22″ long, so finding a place to store it, especially after use, has been a bit tricky. I don’t want to squash the fall. Haven’t figured out a way to hang it yet, though maybe I can use the spikes somehow… Not that I actually have a place to hang it. Sigh. What I really need is a giant locking cupboard where I can store all my gear safely, so as not to damage any of it.

In general, we all know not to get to leather wet. (Which reminds me of a great Jerry Seinfeld bit about cows stuck out in the rain, banging on the farmer’s door crying, “Let us in! We’re all wearing leather! Open the door! We’re going to ruin the whole outfit here!”) Oftentimes during a flogging session, the leather tails will be dampened by sweat. When this happens, hang the Mea Culpa Flogger in a well-ventilated area and allow it to air dry. Don’t ever stick it in a drawer or a tightly closed closet when it’s wet. That could damage the leather strands of the flogger.

The only complaint I have about the Sex and Metal Mea Culpa Flogger is that the leather sheds. Little teeny tiny black bits of leather fly off and attach to EVERYTHING, my couch, sheets, clothes, skin. I think it’s even in my ears. However, I do not fault Sex and Metal or the flogger itself. I have usually experienced shedding when dealing with raw-edged, good quality leather. As I have mentioned, I have used crappy floggers. I have also used floggers that had coated leather strands. I have not experienced these types of floggers shedding. I have also not enjoyed using them nearly as much as my Sex and Metal Mea Culpa Flogger. So, I can live with little black leather bits all over the house. It’s a sacrifice I am willing to make.

Something to keep in mind about Sex and Metal impact toys, as well as their other products, is that each item is handmade so every single piece is unique. When you purchase your Sex and Metal Mea Culpa Flogger, it will not be exactly the same as mine. As someone who also makes things by hand (have you checked out my jewelry shop, Pineapple Sunset?), I really appreciate the value of owning an original work of art. You may think I’m hyperbolizing (it is too a word!). After all, it’s just a flogger. However, when someone puts their time and energy into handcrafting something, it truly is a work of art, regardless of what it is.

The packaging for the Sex and Metal Mea Culpa Flogger is super basic. It came in a sealed clear plastic bag, which I find totally sufficient. You generally are not going to keep a flogger squinched up in a box (with some exceptions), especially right after using it. You want those leather strands to be free. You may take their lives, but you will never take….their freedom! So, the plastic bag is fine to protect the Mea Culpa Flogger in transit. Shipping is very discreet. My flogger arrived in a plain brown box with no hint of what was inside.

Sex and Metal Mea Culpa Flogger Pros:
• Effective
• Perfectly weighted handle
• High quality leather
• Handmade
• Unique
• Well made
• Sturdy
• Gorgeous and evil looking
• Handle can be used as a neck massager

Sex and Metal Mea Culpa Flogger Cons:
• Might be heavy for those with hand issues

I realize I have basically raved about the Sex and Metal Mea Culpa Flogger throughout this review. That’s because it’s basically awesome. It is well made with high quality materials, is supremely effective at what it is meant to do, and is gorgeous. The balanced handle is comfortable to hold and easy to manipulate. That being said, it is on the heavy side (it’s metal, after all) and may be too much for someone with serious hand/wrist troubles. I don’t have a problem with it, but my issue is pain and it’s inconsistent. I’m also not flogging anyone for a significant length of time, being the one who is generally on the receiving end of the flogging.

99% of the time I review products that are mass produced. I’m not complaining, merely pointing it out. So, when I have the opportunity to evaluate a product that is handmade, it is such a pleasure, especially when it is as well done as the Sex and Metal Mea Culpa Flogger. The quality of the craftsmanship is evident in every inch of the flogger. With good care, I fully expect it to stand the test of time. Not only that, but it is a beautifully handcrafted objet d’art.

I know I complained about the leather strands shedding all over the place. The reason I didn’t list this as a con is because, as I also mentioned, this has been my experience with other products that use raw-edged high quality leather. As this is the nature of the material, I can’t very well fault Sex and Metal for using high quality components.

All in all, I really can’t say enough good things about the Sex and Metal Mea Culpa Flogger. I don’t consider myself a “ravey” reviewer who says everything is “wonderful and fabulous and the best thing ever!!” However, the raving in this case is well-deserved.

This is a very good time to check out Sex and Metal because the Sex and Metal Mea Culpa Flogger, as well as many other items, are currently on sale. Along with the leather fall options, they also offer vegan silicone falls. They provide free shipping within the U.S. with a $69+ purchase. In addition, Sex and Metal can do custom orders, on the off chance you’d like to try your hand at designing a BDSM implement.

Tantus Plunge Paddle

I love a sex toy that can multi-task. If I can do more than one thing at a time, is it so wrong to expect my toys to be able to as well?

I’m not a huge shopper, but I when I do shop, there is nothing I love more than getting a great deal. It’s a cultural thing (and that’s all I’m going to say about that). A toy that is designed to perform more than one task always makes me feel like I’m getting more for my money. So, you can imagine how thrilled I am with the Tantus Plunge Paddle and its multiple uses.

Right off the bat, I see three ways to utilize my new Tantus Plunge Paddle.
1. As a paddle (duh)
2. As a dildo (hence the name “Plunge” Paddle)
3. As an anal toy/prostate stimulator

If you have other ideas for how to use the Tantus Plunge Paddle, please share. I did consider employing it as a pizza spatula, but it’s awfully thick and floppy. I’m pretty sure my pizza would end up on the floor. Pizza…yummmmmm.

It’s clear from the name, as well as the marketing, the Tantus Plunge Paddle is not only meant to be a BDSM impact device, its handle can also be used internally, as a dildo or butt toy. Yes. I am saying it’s acceptable to stick the handle of the Plunge Paddle up your butt (Unlike last week’s dildo, don’t get me started.). The paddle itself is so large I have a difficult time imagining it slipping up inside you and disappearing. Please understand, that is merely a statement, NOT a challenge.

I’ll get back to discussing using the Tantus Plunge Paddle in a bit. Let’s start with some basics. 6″ of the Plunge Paddle’s total 13″ in length is the insertable handle, which is 1.25″ in diameter. The flat of the paddle is 7″ long, 3.25″ wide, and .25″ thick. Unlike other non-silicone paddles I have used, the Tantus Plunge Paddle is super wobbly and flexible, as you can see in the video below.

On both sides of the spot where the flat of the hitting surface joins the handle, there is an indentation. In the indentation on the front of the Plunge Paddle (of course, there is a front and a back), is the Tantus logo, which in this case, is simply the word “Tantus” in raised letters.

Aside from this clue, you can also determine which is the front side of the paddle by looking at the bulb at the base of the handle. If you’re holding the paddle with the front facing up, the bulb curves up. If you’re holding it with the back of the paddle facing up, the bulb obviously curves down.

As this is actually my first silicone paddle, I wasn’t sure what to expect. When I saw how wiggly and pliable it is, I figured it wouldn’t be much of a serious impact implement, but something to gently ease newbies into impact play. Yeah…so, no.

Now that I think about it, I’m not sure what my reasoning was. Yes, the Tantus Plunge Paddle is my first silicone paddle, but I have used silicone floggers and whips. I know silicone can hurt like hell, so what was I thinking?

I’ll admit it. I was thinking duh. Of course, with impact play, it’s all about how you use your tools. A BDSM pro can control how much pain he or she delivers by how they apply the device. This is certainly the case with the Tantus Plunge Paddle. Let me be clear though- the Plunge Paddle HURTS. Don’t be taken in by its innocent appearance. It’s not the wimpy beginner’s paddle I was expecting, and it can totally hold its own against any of my wooden paddles.

The sensations delivered by the Tantus Plunge Paddle are different than what an implement made of wood or leather provides. Silicone has a particular sting, whereas wood tends to be thumpy. The flexibility of the paddle also creates a sort of slapping motion that I haven’t experienced with a firmer one. I anticipated that the Plunge Paddle’s pliability would decrease the likelihood of pain, when in fact the opposite is true.

The result of the paddle flopping back before you bring it forward to whack someone is a bit like a pitcher winding his arm up to increase the power of his throw. The Plunge Paddle builds up momentum as you swing it, in a way that a rigid paddle can not. I’ve got to hand it to Tantus for that. Well done.

Not only is the handle of the Plunge Paddle dual purpose, but it manages to perform both functions equally well, which is no small feat. There is an extended groove along the underside of the handle that fits perfectly into the palm of my hand, no matter how I grip it. Though I don’t think I would have an issue without it, I believe this groove increases my comfort level when holding and swinging the paddle.

Though the silicone of the handle is solid and firm, it has a very slight give that lessens the pressure it places on my hand. This may not be a big deal or even noticeable to many people, but it could make holding onto the Tantus Plunge Paddle for an extended period of time more comfortable for people with hand issues. Of course, the lightweight silicone, approximately 7.5 ounces, is a tremendously positive feature for the same people and others with wrist conditions.

When I flip the Tantus Plunge Paddle around to use the handle as a dildo, finding a pleasant grip on the flat surface is definitely awkward. Though I can squash the paddle a bit, it requires some effort and hand strength. With my chronic hand pain, this is not a realistic solution. What I have found to be the best for me is to grasp the base of the handle from underneath, with my thumb laying across the Tantus logo, and the rest of my hand curled below.

It’s important that the Tantus logo is facing up when using the Plunge Paddle as a dildo because that means the bulbous tip of the handle is curved upwards, making g-spot stimulation a strong possibility. You can certainly flip the paddle around and insert the handle with the bulb facing down, but I did not find that to be enjoyable.

While I am able to angle the bulb of the Tantus Plunge Paddle to hit my g-spot, it is not the ideal shape for me. My frustrating g-spot does better with a slightly more extreme curve, but I am really not a huge g-spot girl most of the time anyway. The hardness of the solid silicone is very good for g-spotting and there is nothing floppy about the handle-as-dildo. It is just as easy to control as any other Tantus dildo I own (notwithstanding the odd gripping of the flat paddle face).

The 1.25″ of diameter is what I consider small-average in size, which means the Tantus Plunge Paddle should be accessible to a wide range of people. If someone has experience and is comfortable with vaginal penetration, this is a realistic first dildo option. On the other hand, a person with no penetration experience might want to consider something thinner, such as the Tantus Silk Small or the Tantus Silk Medium.

For a first g-spotting dildo, the Tantus Plunge Paddle is acceptable but not ideal. Someone looking to explore g-spot stimulation may be better off with a dildo like the Tantus Adam O2 or the Tantus Curve, simply because it will be easier to hold and thrust with them. When trying anything for the first time, I find it better not to have to think about too many factors.

As I mentioned above, due to the large paddle-as-handle, you can indeed stick the Tantus Plunge Paddle up your butt. I much prefer the feeling of fullness rather than the sensation of thrusting. So for me, a butt plug is a better option, such as the Tantus Asteroid.

Obviously, I can’t sit comfortably with the Plunge Paddle handle in my bottom and I look pretty ridiculous walking around the house with the flat of the paddle flopping around. Though I don’t have a prostate myself, it seems that the bulb might be good for prostate stimulation. It just doesn’t do much for me. If you are going to use the Plunge Paddle in your butt, just be sure to properly disinfect it with bleach or by boiling (details below) before using it again vaginally.

As with all Tantus products, the Plunge Paddle is made from Tantus’ proprietary blend of Ultra-Premium silicone. It is latex and phthalate-free, practically non-porous, hypoallergenic, and body-safe. Though made from the same silicone as my other Tantus sex toys, the texture is unique to the Plunge Paddle. I am guessing the other Tantus paddles have the same surface, but as I do not own any, I cannot be certain.

In general, I have found that all of my Tantus toys, with the exception of the Tantus Twist Butt Plug, have the same shiny and draggy appearance and feel. The silicone of the Plunge Paddle is completely matte and actually soft. It has a sleek smoothness that I really enjoy against my skin. I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s soft as a baby’s butt. However, if babies were made of silicone, it would be this exact kind.

Just because this silicone is far less draggy than I was anticipating, does not mean you don’t need to use lube with it when sticking it into your body, because you do. As we are talking about Tantus silicone and not some crappy, low-quality mix, you can use a high-quality silicone-based lubricant with the Tantus Plunge Paddle. It’s always a good idea to do a small patch test before slathering lube all over the place, just in case the product you are using is not compatible with the paddle.

If you want to be sure you won’t have any negative silicone interactions or don’t have any silicone-based lube laying around, stick with a water-based lubricant. It generally comes down to preference in regards to how much lube to use, and while I don’t require as much as I do with most of my other Tantus sex toys, I do need more than a drop or two. Still, I have not had any issue with my Tantus Plunge Paddle eating lube and requiring reapplication.

One cool thing about a silicone paddle is that you can get it wet, so if you want, you can add fluids to your paddling. This is not my favorite thing because I am way too lazy to want to deal with cleaning crap off the ceiling and walls. However, if you are more industrious and devoted than I am, go for it. Aside from making a mess, coating the skin or the paddle with something gentle that won’t damage the silicone (you can totally use water-based lube, if you have a ton laying around) can create different sensations.

Cleaning the Tantus Plunge Paddle is so easy. It is just a hunk of solid silicone with no electrical bits, so you’ve got options. There’s the good old warm water and mild soap standby (I am completely against anti-bacterial soap, but this is not the place to discuss it. Suffice it to say, you do NOT need it. Regular soap is more than sufficient.), as well as sex toy cleaner. You can also pop the Plunge Paddle in the top drawer of your dishwasher and run it through the cycle without soap.

The niftiest option, and what will allow you to go from anal to vaginal use and/or share your Tantus Plunge Paddle with non-fluid bonded partners, is disinfecting it. You can do this by cleaning it with a 10% bleach solution or boiling the paddle for 3-5 minutes.

The packaging for the Tantus Plunge Paddle, not unexpectedly, is different from the typical clear plastic box most of Tantus’ sex toys come in. The Plunge Paddle comes in a large cardboard box (it is a good sized paddle, after all), that says, “HUNGRY” in huge white letters on the front. Each of the box’s side have the word “Tantus” and the letters are oddly interspersed with images of food- carrot, fish, apple, cheese, and the Plunge Paddle.

Apparently, this is their new campaign- “Hungry… Choose Tantus”. It cracks me up and I think it’s quite brilliant, especially when you look at the campaign flyer in the box. It suggests using the Tantus Plunge Paddle as your new midnight snack and promises that if you do, “you’ll never go hungry again” (shades of Scarlett O’Hara).

The other flyer in the box is the product info sheet, which provides basic information about the Tantus Plunge Paddle. You can find the exact same information on the website product page. The Plunge Paddle itself is protected by a plastic bag. There is a small hole in the bulbous end that has a plastic loop with a Tantus tag on it. You can easily store your Plunge Paddle by hanging it from this tag. Or, if you happened to remove the tag (like some idiot I know), you can string something else through the hole.

The Tantus Plunge Paddle was shipped to me in the box with no additional protection, and though it was a bit beaten up by the time my UPS guy handed it off to me, its integrity had not been comprised. I’d say it’s sturdy enough to use for storage. While it does take up a lot of room, the box just fits the Tantus Plunge Paddle, so it isn’t overlarge. With my major storage issues, I’ll probably end up tossing the box and just storing the paddle in the plastic bag.

Tantus Plunge Paddle Pros:
• Dual purpose- paddle and dildo
• Strong sting-y sensations
• Good for all levels of experience with BDSM
• Great shape
• Lightweight
• High-quality silicone
• Vegan
• Eco-Friendly
• Waterproof
• Awesome company

Tantus Plunge Paddle Cons:
• Paddle is a bit clumsy for gripping

I love it when a clever idea comes to fruition and the Tantus Plunge Paddle is one ripe piece of fruit. It wasn’t just a good design, it absolutely works well in reality. Aside from the typical reasons to purchase Tantus products, super high-quality silicone, great U.S. based company that also manufactures their products here, toys that are actually field tested on humans, the Plunge Paddle is an excellent investment.

Due to its efficient multi-tasking, you get two superb toys for the cost of one. The Tantus Plunge Paddle provides you with a serious impact device and an effective g-spot dildo, at a very reasonable price point. Not to mention the fact that you can quickly go from paddling to penetration and back again in the blink of an eye. I’m betting the Plunge Paddle will end up making some Dom/mes very happy.

Really, the only reason not to treat yourself to a Tantus Plunge Paddle is because you hate BDSM and sex toys and kittens, because hating sex toys is basically the same as hating kittens. You’re not a kitten hater, are you??

Sex and Metal Titan Whip

Toward the end of the summer (though not the miserably hot weather in my area), I reviewed the Sex and Metal Mea Culpa Flogger, which was my first product from Sex and Metal. When I received a surprise shipment from them, I was curious and excited. I opened the plain, brown box to discover the gorgeous Sex and Metal Titan Whip.

Like its sibling, the Mea Culpa Flogger, the Sex and Metal Titan Whip was handmade by the expert artisans at Sex and Metal. When you look at the images below, you will see significant differences between the two impact toys, though both would be commonly used in BDSM play.

I’ll be the first to admit I have very little experience with whips, other than pretending to be a cowboy when I was younger. (Girls can too be cowboys!) Of course, those whips are very different from the Sex and Metal Titan Whip, with its Dragons Tongue fall. A Dragons Tongue is made by taking a piece of silicone (or leather) and rolling it up into a tube shape terminating in a pointy end.

The other end of the cylinder is secured within the handle of the Titan Whip with two spikes (which really add to the aesthetic of Sex and Metal whips and floggers), one on either side. The silicone piece is wrapped very tightly, such that the part of the tube attached to the handle is quite firm. The Dragons Tongue fall is so rigid that it stands up on its own and only begins to droop a bit towards the pointed end. `

The handle of my Sex and Metal Titan Whip is made from powder coated raw steel in a vivd Candy Apple Red, though it is also available in plain old shiny raw steel, if you prefer. It is 9″ long and has a large round steel ball at its base. Due to the three sections of tightly twisted steel strands wrapped around and welded equidistant along its length, I do not recommend inserting the Titan’s handle into your body (or anyone else’s, obviously). The ball at the base is also welded to the handle, but the spikes at the point where the handle meets the silicone Dragons Tongue are not.

All of the welded bits are easily seen, but as the Sex and Metal Titan Whip is not a mass-produced, machined product, that is to be expected. These areas do not detract from the beauty of the handle. When an item is handmade, there are always small imperfections that make it unique and stand out from other pieces. Ask any jewelry maker.

As with the Mea Culpa Flogger, the handle of the Titan Whip is heavy. When you take into account that the silicone Dragons Tongue weighs more than the leather fall of the flogger, it is even more noticeable. My old, crappy scale (It belonged to my great-aunt and has sentimental value, so back off.) clocked the Mea Culpa at approximately 13.5 ounces and the Titan Whip at just under 16 ounces, which does not seem significant. Yet holding the flogger in one hand and the whip in the other, I easily feel the difference.

The hefty weight of the Sex and Metal Titan Whip indicates it is strong and durable. If you take good care of it, there is no reason the Titan Whip won’t last years. It also means the handle feels solid and secure in your hand when using the whip. These are good qualities in an impact toy, but for people with hand and wrist issues, the weight may not so great.

When you choose a product made of steel, you know it will be much heavier than one made of plastic or some other lightweight material. While the benefits of Sex and Metal’s steel handle are worth it for me, the weight may just be too much for some people. Keep this in mind when shopping.

The Dragons Tongue itself is 22.5″ long, making the entire whip a whopping 31.5″ in length. That’s practically a yard! Storing/hiding a yard’s worth of BDSM gear is not an easy thing for many people to do. Sure, if you’ve got your own dungeon, you’ve no need for concern. Most people are dungeon-free and need to come up with more realistic storage solutions, not to mention those who must worry about the spying eyes of children. You cannot fold the Dragons Tongue in half and pop the Sex and Metal Titan Whip in a drawer, so also take this into account when selecting fall options.

Though I am a huge fan of leather, silicone falls have some great benefits. Silicone is waterproof, hence you don’t have to worry about soaking the Dragons Tongue with sweat and other bodily fluids. You can wash them right off or spritz the Dragons Tongue down with a sex toy cleaner.

Silicone also allows you to add fluids to your play in case you want to lube up your submissive’s back or bottom before whipping them, creating new and different sensations. I would stick with water-based concoctions, as you never know how silicone products will react with one another and you don’t want to end up with a sticky, ruined whip on your hands.

Silicone can also be disinfected by washing it with a 10% bleach solution. This means you can share your Sex and Metal Titan Whip at your local dungeon or play party. Remember though, the Dragons Tongue should be disinfected before it is used on a new person so you don’t unintentionally share any bugs or bacteria.

The Sex and Metal Titan Whip is more extreme than my other BDSM toys, though much of the control over just how extreme comes down to whomever wields the whip. As with all impact toys, play can be gentle or severe, and these parameters should always be discussed and set before anyone gets naked. Safe, sane, and consensual, people.

I know it would be super cool if I posted some images with my body all marked up by the Sex and Metal Titan Whip, but that is not going to happen this time around. Right now, my body cannot tolerate that level of pain. You’ll just have to believe me when I say that the Titan is certainly capable of leaving marks and bruises.

Manipulating the Sex and Metal Titan Whip is not difficult, just different, and takes a bit of acclimation. The challenge may be in learning how to adjust your strength and whip more gently. It seems that using the same amount of force and pressure with the Dragons Tongue as the Mea Culpa Flogger causes more pain. I think if you start out slowly and build up, you won’t have any issues.

The different levels of thickness and rigidity of the Sex and Metal Titan Whip allow you to create different sensations on the body. You can use the tip of the Dragons Tongue to cause sharp, stinging pain, while its more rigid shaft produces a thuddier feeling. It is all based upon how you brandish the Titan Whip.

I am not sure if it is due to being made of silicone as opposed to leather, or if it’s the shape of the fall, but the sound the Sex and Metal Titan Whip makes when striking flesh is unexpectedly LOUD. If you have roommates or nosy neighbors and thin walls, beware. You might need a little cover music during play time unless you want people calling the police to report a domestic violence incident. That would be no fun for anyone.

There is no packaging, per se, for the Sex and Metal Titan Whip. Just as with the Mea Culpa Flogger, it arrived in a plain brown box with absolutely no indication as to what was inside. Within the box, the Titan Whip was protected by a clear plastic bag and cushioned with recyclable brown paper. Nothing fancy, which is totally acceptable. Unless it were to come in some sort of carrying case (which would be awesome but crazy expensive), there is no need for anything but protective shipping materials.

Sex and Metal Titan Whip Pros:
• Unique
• Handmade and well-crafted
• Creates multiple sensations
• Sturdy and long-lasting
• Washable, high-quality silicone fall
• Vegan
• Can be used with multiple partners (after disinfection)

Sex and Metal Titan Whip Cons:
• No available cleaning and care instructions
• May be too heavy for those with hand and wrist issues
• Silicone Dragons Tongue gets dusty easily
• Storage issues

The Sex and Metal Titan Whip is a unique impact device that is sure to make most experienced kinksters happy. While those with less experience may be intimidated, there really is nothing to fear. It’s all in how you choose to play. The advantage of an implement such as this is that it grows with you instead of you outgrowing it. The quality of the craftsmanship is superb, and aside from my Sex and Metal Mea Culpa Flogger, I have yet to run across higher quality impact toys.

The steel handle and silicone Dragons Tongue is excellent quality, though storage a huge challenge for those of us without dungeons. Of course, I literally had a sex toy avalanche today, so I already have storage problems. My one issue with the silicone fall is that it’s a dust magnet, like many silicone sex toys. Oddly enough, it does not seem to overly attract lint like many toys do.

If you have any concerns due to a lack of hand/wrist strength/pain, definitely consider the weight of the Titan Whip, which is considerable. The twisted strands of steel on the handle do increase gripability (totally a word), which is helpful.

My biggest gripe is actually not with the Sex and Metal Titan Whip itself, but with the lack of available information regarding care and storage. I know I tend to grumble about this, but information is vital to end users, and it is super frustrating when manufacturers don’t understand.

There is nothing on the product page that tells me, or much more importantly, a newbie user, how to clean the silicone fall, that it can (and should) be disinfected between non-fluid bonded players, or that silicone-based products could possibly damage it badly.