Are Artificial Vaginas Really Safe to Use?

A lot of men who don’t know anything about artificial vaginas may be hesitant to try it. But it’s completely understandable. Not everyone can imagine themselves getting a blowjob or a handjob from mechanical item, right? But once they are able to finally try a rubber vagina, they will like it as much as the real thing.

So why is it safe to use a fake pussy?

For one, a vagina toy is made of non-toxic or safe materials. these include:

– Cyberskin – This is also called ultra realistic or futurotic material, and is a combination of PVC, silicone and other patented materials. It has a natural feel and is highly porou, which is why it needs a lot of special care to keep it last a long time.

– Soft Plastics – You’ll find artificial vaginas made of soft plastics or poly vinyl chloride in the market nowadays. This kind of material is ideal for sex toys because of their jelly-like characteristic.

– Rubber – This material is also known as elastic hydrocarbon polymer, which is very flexible and resilient. Rubber is used for many realistic vaginas as well as other devices used as often and as vigorously as sex toys.

– Latex – It is a highly flexible material derived from plants. But careful in using toys with this kind of material as it can cause allergic reactions to other people.

– Plants – Certain fruits and vegetables can be used as artificial vaginas because of their flesh-like textures. They are also available locally and are quite cheap. The plants that can be used a pocket pussy include cucumbers, papayas and banana skins.

As you can see, the materials used to make fake pussies are safe. This goes without saying that these sexual devices are also safe to use.

How can you make sure that fake pussies are really safe?

1. Use lubricants generously. Although the materials used to make these toys are safe, they are still unnatural, which means that they can secret fluids or oils to help make masturbation or ejaculation easier.

2. Clean after every use. When you use rubber vaginas, you leave some of your bodily fluids and natural oils inside it. If you leave them in there, it could be a breeding ground for different kinds of bacteria. This is why you should make it a point to clean your pocket pussies thoroughly immediately after use.

3. Towel dry, always. You can run a clean, dry towel through the hole of the vagina toy. You can also pull the sleeve inside out so you can towel dry it. Make sure to never air dry your artificial vaginas because it can expose it different bacteria and germs.

If you’re still not convinced to use a mechanical or electronic vaginal toy, you can make one yourself, just to give you an idea of how using a rubber vagina feels like.

For a rubber vagina made of balloons:

You will need:

– 4 balloons
– Latex glove
– Container that looks like a tube and is bigger than a Pringles can

1. Put the four balloons inside the container with the holes sticking out.
2. Put a latex glove (fingers pointing inside) in the middle of the balloons.
3. Blow air into the balloons until it is tight enough for you. Then, tie the ends to prevent air from escaping.
4. Secure the tied ends of the balloons by taping them outside of the container’s mouth.
5. Cut the latex glove’s cuff to make its opening bigger. Then, pull it over the balloons and onto the container’s mouth.
6. Tape the glove to secure it in place.

For a silicone vagina:

You will need:

– Silicone sealant
– A large candle (bigger than your penis)
– Sharp knife

1. Measure your sexual organ’s length and width.
2. Take the candle and subtract ¼ of the measurements you have. Then, mark the candle.
3. Cut two sides of the candle lengthwise, starting at the markings you made.
4. Make the sides smooth until it looks like a carrot with a smaller girth.
5. Cover the candle with silicone sealant, making sure that it is at least ½ inch thick.
6. Let your fake pussy dry for several weeks. Once completely dry, take out the candle.

Note: You can add texture into your vagina toy by cutting notches into the candle.

To ensure that using artificial vaginas is totally safe, don’t forget to use a condom every time.

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