Tenga Flip Zero Review

tenga flip 0I don’t want to tell you what you should put your dick in; but if I did, I’d tell you to put it in this.


Imagine my surprise when I was sent the Tenga Flip Zero to review. I felt like I’d just been accepted to NASA. The NASA of dick stimulation! I’ve followed this product for a while and in the past been a regular user of the Tenga Fliphole and their Onacupsand it seemed like a big step up. The Flip Hole was good, easily competing with Fleshlight and the ability to open it up after to easily clean was a huge bonus. With the Zero came new rumours of one-way suction valves and bigger, better and refined design features. If you are interested in more detailed review visit this website bestblowjobmachines.com, if not let’s get down to business.

As soon as the Zero arrived I knew it was go time. Instead of cardboard boxes or any of that nonsense you get the casing, and a little bit of plastic which is taped on the bottom with instructions and lube – it’s pretty much ready to go. There didn’t seem to be any messing around, the only word I have for it is ‘efficient’.

I’ll get through the item specs as quickly as possible because this toy really is a divine jizz box and I need to tell you that straight away, but I guess you need to know how long it is and stuff so here goes. The outer casing is a hard clear plastic which the lid clips into. When stored the Zero fits in the casing snugly with the opening resting on the lid facing downwards. This is great for travelling and general storage as it rarely – if ever – comes open.

The material is phthalate free TPE with plastic on the pressure pad (to adjust suction) and plastic on the clips to close the Zero. It is waterproof, though why you would want to use it in the bath is beyond me. The material feels very soft and even though the toy is quite bulky it is easy to grip and stroke with one-handed.

The internal diameter is roughly half an inch, and the fully insertable length is around 6 inches but the 6 inches feels extended; as when you draw back the Zero the opening stretches, so you can garner an extra inch and a half from that. The external circumference is 9 inches and approximately 7 inches in length and the case is 8 inches in length and 10.5 inches in circumference respectively.

Cleaning is pretty easy, you slide off the outer plastic and the toy clicks open. What’s new with the Ghost compared to the previous versions such as the Fliphole is the toy opens from the back, and the hinge is at the front. As far as I can tell this is to stop leakage when it is in use, as nothing ever leaks out, whereas with the old Fliphole you could get some lube leaking when in use.

Once open, just rinse out the toy with warm water and dry thoroughly. You can leave it to dry by putting the slide arms into the base of the stand and hanging it from the top. The Zero carries the burden of the male masturbator; you need to keep on top of the cleaning, but as long as you clean it out soon after use you shouldn’t have any problems.

To use the Tenga the general advice is to open it up and gently lay down a line of lubricant, but I’ll be honest I just fired a couple of squirts of lube into the opening and started off slowly. I recommend a water based lubricant, but I have also tried a silicone lubricant and not found any degradation but try this at your own risk, I’d advise just using a water based solution to protect the longevity of your toy.

It’s probably important at this point to go through the internal design. Now there are 4 distinct levels to the Indiana Jones Temple of Doom within the Zero. The first few inches has a section named the “Ridge Wall” coupled with the Mad Max named “Ripple Dome”. Once your cock has traversed these dangers we move on to the – and I am not making this up – “Triple Chain Gate” and finally at the very end, after dodging the pressure plates and lube traps you will find yourself entering the “Layered Orb End” which looks a lot like the weapon the Death Star uses to destroy Alderaan.

In all seriousness these varying patterns feel great. It’s a definite edge over concentric design masturbators as you feel different sensations as you stroke in and out, and the Layered Orb End feels amazing at the pinnacle of each thrust. Because of the LEO I found I had powerful, intense, lasting orgasms also, which were beyond any masturbator I’ve tried previously.

I haven’t really mentioned the vacuum valve yet. There is a one way valve installed in the Zero which is frankly some space-age shit and reminds me a little of the Onacup, but much more developed. Once inserted you can squeeze the pads in the middle of the grip to adjust the suction, and on every stroke you feel a strong suction feeling with only a little noise. Other suction based toys I have used have been quite noisy which isn’t ideal at the dead of night but as the suction is so strong it is contained and quiet.

It should be clear now that I love this toy. I really feel like the Zero has combined designs from previous products into a truly masterful product. I’ve used the Tenga Fliphole in the past but in comparison the Zero is on another level, like the difference between a bicycle and a Harley Davidson. The Zero just feels so refined, the build quality is flawless and it does its job better than any other male masturbator I have used previously. The size is just right, it’s easy to transport. I have no qualms. My hand now feels like a worthless alternative and I can’t see myself going back to manual pump action masturbation any time soon. I’m sorry hand. I’m not sorry.

Fleshlight Ice

The Fleshlight Ice is a modern wonder of blowjob toy technology. It is by far the best non-animate thing that I’ve ever had the pleasure of sticking my dick in. It is one of the many variations on the original Fleshlight.

If you’re reading this, I assume that you are familiar with what a Fleshlight is. If not, head on over to their website and browse around a bit. I guess if you’re too lazy for that, I’ll explain. To oversimplify, it is a tube made of Superskin (which feels much like super soft silicone) housed inside a hard plastic case.

The Fleshlight Ice is a variation on the original that is clear. The idea there is that you can see your wang move in and out of the sleeve. It is actually kinda cool.

One of the features of the Fleshlight is the variation available for the inside of the sleeve. Again, if you’re interested you can learn more about this on the Fleshlight website. The particular model that we were sent has the “speed bump” interior which has hundreds of soft beads lining the inside of the sleeve.

The Fleshlight arrives powdered and the instructions inform you that you can re-powder it with corn starch to achieve a silky smooth feeling. This is a bit perplexing to me because the instructions also recommend that you soak the sleeve in hot water until it is comfortably warm… which washes off all the powder. That’s just a waste of corn starch.

Without powder, the sleeve is hella sticky. This can be somewhat unpleasant and annoying when taking it out of the case or trying to put it back in. It will stick to the inside of the case and bunch up in an obnoxious manner if you’re not careful. Replacing the sleeve can feel a bit like Operation. Thankfully it does not make that god awful buzzing noise when you mess up.

The stickiness is not really an issue when you are using the Fleshlight though. This is because of that wonderful and indispensible substance known as lube. Seeing as the Fleshlight does not produce its own lubrication, it is necessary to lube yourself or the sleeve before use.

When properly lubed, it feels freaking fantastic. The hard outer case serves to keep the canal of the sleeve nice and tight while in use and there is an adjustable valve at the end that allows you to restrict the airflow which causes various levels of suction. The case is also useful because it allows you to cram the Fleshlight into things for hands free use. They sell furniture with Fleshlight sized holes in them (which I imagine are quite the conversational piece) but I’ve found that stuffing it in between the mattress and box springs works just fine.

The only real problem that I have with the way it feels is that the speed bumps make the sensation so intense that it is over rather quickly. Yup, it makes me come really quickly. I suppose that it could be argued that the whole point of a masturbation sleeve is to make you come but the buildup is a big part of the fun. It is no coincidence that this model is the one that they sell as a stamina builder.

After you’re done building your stamina comes the cleaning. You need to take the sleeve out of the case, wash the come out of it, let it dry and then put it back in the case. Easy, right? No.

The washing out part is pretty simple but the drying is quite the pain in the ass. You have to let it sit for at least a couple of hours and then turn it inside out and repeat. I know, letting something sit is not that hard, but take into consideration that you have to leave this giant translucent slug out in the open for a minimum of four hours. Not very discrete.

Cleaning issues aside, this is hands down the best masturbation sleeve that I’ve encountered. Cleaning issues considered, it only very narrowly passes the almighty Is It Worth It test but it does pass the test.

I know that some people turn masturbation sleeves into a partnered event, but I’m not really inclined to do that. I’m likely to get distracted and start blowing him instead or giggling or thinking about egg salad. (Every now and then I crave… things.) Now that I’ve loosely explained my cognitive and psychological deficiencies, I’m sure it’s unnecessary for me to elaborate extensively on the fact that there isn’t much I can say about the Fleshlight Ice. Since Joseph won’t let me say HUZZAH and be done with it, I will add a few little notes from my perspective:

Fleshlight Ice is pretty classy looking as far as masturbation sleeves go; in fact, I’m the one who wanted it for him and it wasn’t my sadism kicking in, either. Had I not selected it for him and I were to find it drying in the bathroom, I would not be disgusted. Amused, yes. Wondering how often he masturbates, yes. Fingering it, yes. Trying to come up with an appropriate chick name for it, yes. Inclined to throw it at a wall near his head and laugh as it sticks for a moment before sliding down, yes. Disgust or shame does not enter the equation anywhere.

Oh, and you will definitely find it in the bathroom unless there’s a special section in a cabinet that it can dry in. A little Fleshlight Ice loft, so to speak. It takes a while to dry thoroughly and unless you think mildew is sexy, you need to give it enough time. Depending on how often you masturbate… well, you get me. Planning may be involved. If family is coming over for dinner, maybe you should wait for your little rendezvous with the Fleshlight Ice until the coast is clear.

Based on what I’ve read, the Fleshlight Ice is worth every dime because not only does it feel fantastic, it’s also made with quality materials that will last a long time provided that this luxury toy is cared for properly. In sum, it is a pretty swank sex toy.

B Balls by Fun Factory

The B Balls come in a gold box with basic instructions showing how they should be used, these instructions are mainly visual with lots of clear images which are easy to interpret.

The B Balls are made from soft flexible silicone and are shaped like anal beads with there been two balls linked together, inside the anal beads are some free moving balls inside that can be felt jiggling about when they are been worn. These add a little bit of weight to the B Balls but not so much that the plug becomes uncomfortable when it is been worn.

At the end of the butt plug is a nice flared base which is shaped in a way that makes it comfortable to wear even during sex as the base is small enough not to get in the way but large enough for it to feel secure and not feel like it is going to get lost when it is being worn.

The butt plug is a nice size for both beginners and more experienced users, the balls feel nice as they slip in and out but are not too big or to small, when been worn during sex the jiggling balls inside pressing against the back of the g-spot and making sex feel that little bit more amazing.

As this is a silicone plug it should only be used with water based lubricants and silicone lubricants should be avoided as it can corrode the silicone and make the toy become misshapen, it should also be stored separately to other silicone toys and they can also react with each other.

The B Ball Butt plug can be cleaned with warm soapy water and should be cleaned carefully as the colored inserts on the design in the ball is indented slightly and extra care should be taken to make sure that you get it completely clean after each use. I would therefore recommend that after you have cleaned it in the warm soapy water you also use a good quality sex toy cleaner to ensure that any bacteria on it is removed.

Overall I like these B Balls a lot, the shape, size and feel of them is just right, the packaging is nice and simple not smutty, the instructions that come with it are clear and explain how to store, clean and use it.

Marc Dorcel Geisha Ball Silicone Butt Plug

It arrived very quickly, faster than the dispatch email in-fact and was packaged in a rather large cardboard box with lots of stuffing to keep it safe, totally discrete as always, no way of knowing what was in the box from the outside.

The Butt plug is in a simple box which is tastefully designed to show off the butt plug through a clear plastic insert, it does have some half clothed women on the box but somehow it still manages to avoid looking tacky, and remains tasteful, on the back of the box is a more detailed description of the plug in a variety of different languages.

The Marc Dorcel Geisha Silicone Butt Plug differs from other Butt plugs that I have tried as inside it is a free roaming weight much like the Kegal balls (jiggle balls/silver balls) which the majority of women and most men are now familiar with. When I took it out of the box I had to give it a little shake and you can feel the ball rolling around inside of it.

Inside the box with the plug is also a lovely little satin storage pouch, perfect for storing it in when it is not been used, it has the Marc Dorcel branding on the bag, and it looks stylish, you could pop this in your underwear draw with your undies and the satin pouch will blend in with everything without standing out to anyone prying eyes.

The Butt Plug has a little bit of weight to it, more than most silicone plugs of the same size that I have tried but much less than a glass toy of the same size, it weighs in at approx 44g which isn’t massively heavy, the lelo luna balls weigh slightly more than this. The plug is also solid, I am used to silicone toys having a little bit of flexibility to them but this one is very rigid, this is due to the plug having a solid hollow interior for the ball to roll around in and a very solid crystal on the outside of it.

The plug is small enough for beginners it is only a few inches long and not very wide, it has a lovely thin neck and wide base meaning that it slips in easily with some water based lubricant (always avoid silicone lubes with silicone toys) and feels very secure once it is in place. It also looks very pretty when it is in as the crystal is possibly one of the most sparkly crystals I have ever seen on a toy of this kind, it reflects the light beautifully and really does give your partner something nice to look at if you are wearing it during sex.

When the Geisha Ball Plug is been worn the ball inside it rolls around freely and can be felt rolling around inside you, initially I thought that this was quite a strange sensation, having tried anal vibrators before and used kegal balls (but never anally) it was strange to have the sensation of kegal balls anally. Once I had got used to the sensation it began to feel nice and I prefer this to the feeling of vibrations anally, they are much more subtle and the smoothness of the movements with the movement of your body feels very nice indeed.

We tried the butt plug during sex and the natural movements of our bodies whilst wearing it during sex felt amazing, initially I wasn’t sure that I would like it, but I loved it, it feels so natural as it moves in sync with you as you move and it really does add something to sex having that extra anal simulation.

After play you obviously need to clean it, there are a few seams on the butt plug as you would expect on a toy with something inside it, and of course there is a seam where the crystal is set into the base of the toy, you do need to be a little careful when you are cleaning to make sure that you clean all around these seams, at first I thought that this would be a little tricky, but as the toy is submergible and waterproof you can clean it very easily in soapy water with a soft cloth, I also used a antibacterial sex toy cleaner after I have washed my toys in soapy water to ensure that they sparkly and clean and ready for the next play.

Overall I was very impressed with The Marc Dorcel Geisha Silicone Butt Plug, after been a little apprehensive at first as I always am when something is totally new, I was soon won over by this little gem of a toy, not only does it look good but it also feels great to.

Tracey Cox dare!

The Tracey Cox dare! Power Massager Vibrator is part of the dare! line of sex toys from Tracey Cox. This line of vibrators is meant to focus mainly on toys that can be used by couples. These toys were designed by bestselling sex author, Tracey Cox, hence the name.

Made from ABS, the Tracey Cox dare! Power Massager contains no latex or phthalates, making it body-safe. The silky smooth plastic material is compatible with both water-based and silicone-based lubricants. It can also be used with massage oil to enhance a body massage. This particular ABS is super smooth and sleek and slides along my skin with no drag at all, so oil is not a necessity but can certainly add to the massage experience. The Power Massager is splash proof, so it can be easily washed with warm water and antibacterial soap or a sex toy cleaner. However, it is not waterproof so do not submerge it.

At 10.5″ in circumference, the Tracey Cox dare! Power Massager fits very comfortably in the palm of my hand. The round shape with the indented button makes holding onto it during use very easy. The button must be pressed very firmly in order to power the vibrator on and off, as well as to cycle through the different modes. This means that it is very unlikely you will accidentally press the button. It has great feedback and makes a fairly loud clicking sound when pressed.

With its one button, the Tracey Cox dare! Power Massager Vibrator is simple to use for newbies and experienced users alike. You turn the vibrator on by pressing the large button once and continue pressing the button to cycle through the different modes. To turn off the Power Massager you hold the button down for approximately two to three seconds. The only challenge I find with the power button is my own issue. I have rather long nails, and because the button is indented it is a bit difficult to press it. People with shorter nails are not likely to have this problem. The Tracey Cox dare! Power Massager has three levels of intensity and three vibrational patterns, as follows:
1. Low steady vibration
2. Medium steady vibration
3. High steady vibration
4. Ramp up
5. Three short pulses, one long
6. Medium pulses

The Power Massager is somewhat loud, though not horrible, especially for a massager. It is not as powerful as I was expecting, though it is not weak either. It’s about mid-range as far as power goes. It will be plenty for some and not at all enough for others. The vibrations themselves are also mid-range, not very deep and rumbly, but not buzzy either. The vibrations are really not strong nor deep enough to penetrate my muscles, but I may not be the best test subject, as I have chronic pain. It is certainly enough to create a relaxing sensation, especially when being used by a partner who can provide more pressure with the massager than I can on my own.

I like the design of the Tracey Cox dare! Power Massager very much, but I find it more effective as a massager than a vibrator. Though I find the strength of the vibrations to be sufficient, they are too diffuse to bring me to orgasm due to the shape of the Power Massager. Diffuse vibrations are great when massaging a large area, like the back, but they do not provide enough direct stimulation to my clit. However, I discovered that these diffuse vibrations are pretty great for nipple stimulation, which is an unexpected bonus. At 8.5 ounces, I find the Power Massager to be slightly heavy for longer periods of use, but my Fibromyalgia has been seriously acting up so most people probably won’t find it overly heavy. It may not be the best option for people with carpal tunnel or other hand and wrist disorders.

The packaging of the Tracey Cox dare! Power Massager is simple. The exterior consists of a cardboard sleeve with a window through which you can see the vibrator. There is an image of a woman on the front and back of this sleeve. I am assuming the woman is Tracey Cox, the designer of this vibrator. Considering it’s a massager, someone unfamiliar with sex toys may stumble across the box without raising an eyebrow. However, I do not find the packaging very discreet and think many people would know it is also a sex toy. Once you remove the sleeve, you’ll find the Power Massager held in place by cardboard. Underneath this cardboard is a little user guide with basic information about the toy. The packaging is sufficient and can be used for storage, though it is not that sturdy and will take up more room than the Power Massager on its own.

Tracey Cox dare! Power Massager Vibrator Pros:
• Great nipple stimulation
• Fits comfortably in hand
• Button has good feedback and does not allow for accidental pushing
• Silky, smooth plastic
• Can be used with all types of lubricants
• Can be used with massage oil
• Easy to open and close for battery insertion

Tracey Cox dare! Power Massager Vibrator Cons:
• Long nails hinder the ease of pressing the button
• Does not bring me to orgasm
• On the heavy side

I love sex toys that can serve multiple functions and the Tracey Cox dare! Power Massager Vibrator does just that, though not in the way I expected. I thought it would serve both as a massager and a clit stimulator, but as I mentioned above, the clit stimulation isn’t super effective for me. To be fair, it provides a fair amount of tease, but I do need another vibrator to actually orgasm. I really like the nipple stimulation it provides and wish I could find something similar in an actual nipple clamp or something along those lines. Using the Power Massager on my nipples with another vibrator on my clit is fairly awesome. As a massager, I find it about average. It is not meant to provide a deep tissue massage, but more of a stimulating erotic massage, and it is capable of doing so.

The ABS is particularly silky and smooth and feels great sliding along my skin, making massage without oil totally feasible and comfortable. I do have trouble holding onto it for long periods of time, but that is very likely due to my current health status rather than the Power Massager actually being too heavy. Overall, it has some very nice features and should please many users.

Icicles No. 18 Glass Dildo

The Glass Dildo was posted out to me in some lovely discrete packaging which also had plenty of protection for something that is made from glass. Inside the protective packaging the Icicles No. 18 was packaged in a lovely display box which shows off the beautiful glass perfectly.

Icicles No. 18 – The Beautiful Packaging

Inside the box the Icicles No. 18 Glass dildo is protected in some perfectly shaped foam packaging which prevents it from been able to move around during transit and therefore stops it from getting damaged.

Icicles No. 18 – Protective Packaging

The Icicles No. 18 is made from top quality glass which is designed not to shatter or break when used even if it has been used with some force, I have dropped one of these onto concrete in the past and it hasn’t even chipped.

Icicles No. 18 – Image from the box

The Icicles No. 18 is able to withstand changes in temperature meaning that you can warm up the dildo in warm water to body temperature or beyond if you wish or if you want to cool things down you can pop it in the fridge or even in the freezer if you dare. Personally I prefer the glass to be body temperature I am not a big fan of cold sex toys, but if you are then the glass that this is made of will hold its temperature for some time after it has been cooled making it perfect for temperature play.

The Icicles No. 18 is shaped to massage the g-spot perfectly when it is being used the large bulbous head and the curve with those bumps that just feel amazing when it is being used meaning that whether playing alone or with a partner you are sure to have fun.

Icicles No. 18 – The Head

I can’t tell you just how good the Icicles No.18 dildo feels, having tested a fair few glass dildo’s over the years this has to be one of my favorite ones so far, the size and shape of it is just perfect and the bumps really are something that needs to be felt to be believed.

Icicles No.18 – Lovely Bumps

Glass Dildos are hypoallergenic, they can be washed in a dishwasher, boiled or cleaned in the sink with normal soap and water, they can be used with any lubricant and are safer than you might expect due to them been made from top quality safety glass. On top of all of that they feel amazing and look great to. This one even has a flower in the base of the dildo which looks great and the amazing bumps that I talked about are blue, this isn’t something that you can have with any other material.

Icicles No. 18 – Flower in base

Glass dildo’s are solid so you do need to be careful when using them on a partner as it is easy to be rougher than you realize and leave your partner feeling sore the next day. This is something that you need to be aware of when deciding to purchase glass.

Overall I loved the Icicles No. 18 glass Dildo by Pipedream from TwistedMiss.co.uk, the shape and size of this dildo suited my body perfectly and that combined with my partner’s expertise meant that it felt simply divine. I can’t possibly recommend this glass dildo enough; if you haven’t tried glass then this should be the one that you try first.

Affordable and awesome male masturbators

These male masturbators aren’t expensive, but these male masturbators are absolutely awesome

Get the best male masturbators without spending all of your money

Just because we are dealing with a recession doesn’t mean you can’t get some great male masturbators. There are a lot of options that are affordable, especially if you are a single guy and not busy blowing all your cash on a woman who probably isn’t even giving up the cooter. There are a lot of different reasons to get any of the toys mentioned in this article, but the primary reason is that they are affordable.

But don’t make the mistake of thinking that these male masturbators aren’t great to use, because they are. They are super tight and they focus on stimulating the most sensitive parts of your cock. I doubt that you will even be able to last more than a few minutes with any of them because of how efficient they are. And when you finally cum you will be hooked. You will never look at using your hand the same way again, especially if you have one of these toys nearby.

These male masturbators are the pocket pussies developed by Mangasm. They are all sold on topmalemasturbators.com and there isn’t a single one that costs more than fifty bucks. You can get the amazing pocket rocket for about thirty five dollars, and that is before you even see if there are any discounts available on the site (they usually have a decent ten percent discount at any given time). You can get any one of them and you will be absolutely thrilled, but let me tell you a little bit about the differences between some of these options so that you know which one to get if you can only afford one.

So, of the three male masturbators the pocket rocket is the most realistic, although that is tough to accomplish when you are dealing with a pocket pussy. The easy relief is like a futuristic fuck toy that pulls out all the stops – they really know what they are doing, and this toy shows it. The quickie is a soft little gel-like toy. When you get inside you will feel like your dick is melting, and I mean that in the best possible way. With all of these toys your orgasms will be through the roof.

There are a lot of other sites and toys that you can check out, but I think that you would be wasting your time. The best thing to do is to head over to topmalemasturbators.com and see what they have going on. As mentioned, they usually have a 10% discount, so you can save even more money from the already reasonable prices they are charging. They ship everything discreetly, in unmarked boxes, so no one will know what you have ordered except for you. Go ahead and check them out and be sure to get yourself some great male masturbators.

Iroha YUKI Vibrator

For those of you who are familiar with Tenga, you know them as a leading manufacturer that designs a line of masturbation sleeves and accessories for men. Not content to rest on their male masturbatory laurels, Tenga has created a new line of sex toys under the name Iroha. I actually posted a Spotlight on the new Tenga Iroha vibrators not that long ago. The Iroha line currently consists of three vibrators designed for women, by women. I am lucky enough to have had the opportunity to test the Iroha YUKI.

Iroha YUKI Vibrator

The word YUKI means snow in Japanese, which probably explains the Iroha YUKI’s snow white color. Made of the most amazingly silky and squashy silicone I have ever felt, called “Soft Touch” by Iroha, YUKI feels like a giant marshmallow, albeit a bit firmer. It somewhat reminds me of the Eroscillator’s Ultra Soft Finger Tip. This Soft Touch material provides a layer of squish over a hard inner core where the motor is located. Iroha strongly recommends using water-based lubricant with YUKI, going so far as to say that silicone and oil-based products will damage the Soft Touch material. The marshmallowy Soft Touch is so smooth and silky, it slides across my skin without a hitch. I use the smallest drop of lube, if any.

At 3.5″ in length and just under 2″ in diameter, the Iroha YUKI is small enough to fit in my hand. It looks like one half of one of those Russian Matryoshka Dolls or a bowling pin someone squashed down. The smaller “head” piece of YUKI can actually be inserted about 1.5″ into the body. For me, that isn’t much, but for some people it could really add to the quality of their play.

The Soft Touch material appears to be more delicate than other forms of silicone. Iroha clearly states to wash YUKI with tepid or cold water and mild soap, and to never use hot water. They also warn not to leave YUKI in water for an extended period of time, as it is water resistant, not waterproof. Therefore, it is not submersible. The silky, smooth silicone comes clean very easily and the control panel on the back, made of ABS and metal, does as well. Just be sure not to soak the buttons, as I am guessing that’s where water could leak into the motor.

YUKI is rechargeable and has an awesome charging solution. Yes, it’s not the first ever vibrator to charge while in its storage container, but it may be the coolest looking. That said, I kinda wish it was opaque just so I could leave it sitting out without being afraid of anyone seeing it. Sometimes you gotta sacrifice beauty for peace of mind. You align the triangular buttons with their magnetic counterparts and pop YUKI on the charging base. When charging, the light on the base will glow steadily. This light goes out when YUKI is fully charged, which takes about two hours. This two hour charge provides approximately 90 minutes of play time, depending on what mode you use your YUKI. Obviously, using it on the highest level of power will eat battery power much more quickly than only utilizing the lowest level. If you need to clean the charging base, use a damp cloth. Do NOT submerse it in water.

Not only can YUKI be charged by the traditional plug it into the wall power adapter, it can also charge via USB. Awesome. It’s easy. The mini USB cord plugs into the charging terminal on the back of the base and then into the wall adapter. Of course, this charging base is also part of the YUKI’s storage solution. Attach the clear Polycarbonate top to the ABS charging base and your YUKI is kept safe from dust, lint, kitten claws, and other sex toys. It’s important to mention that the YUKI’s silicone is so slick it does not attract a significant amount of dust or lint. I even tried to get it all messy but failed. Turns out YUKI has an anti-dust coating on its silicone, something I had never run across before.

YUKI has quite strong vibrations. In fact, when I turned the vibrator on for the first time I thought perhaps it was already on the highest level of vibration. I was pleasantly surprised to find out I was wrong. They are also deep and throbby, as well as quiet. YUKI has four modes, three steady vibration modes and one pulsation pattern. They are as follows:
1. Low steady vibration
2. Medium steady vibration
3. High steady vibration
4. Pulse pattern

The control panel is super simple, consisting of only two triangular shaped buttons. The button on the left (coincidentally pointing to the left), marked with a – sign, turns YUKI off and moves to the previous mode. The button on the right, (yet again coincidentally, points to the right), marked with a + sign, turns YUKI on and cycles to the next mode. To turn the vibrator on or off you press and hold the corresponding button for about two seconds. The buttons are large and easy to press with minimal pressure, which will be a good thing for those who have issues with their hands. YUKI has no memory chip so regardless of what mode you are on when you turn it off, it will be on number 1 when you turn it back on.

In use, the Iroha YUKI performs well. The Soft Touch silicone material feels so sleek and velvety against my skin. It slides along my labia and pops inside me with ease. I’ve mentioned that I prefer larger insertables, but YUKI really isn’t an insertable. It’s a clit vibrator with a bonus. From that perspective, I can appreciate the 1.5″ of insertable length that YUKI offers. The vibrations are strong, deep, and quiet. The roundish head creates more diffuse vibrations as opposed to the pinpoint stimulation I prefer. However, YUKI does get me off and the diffuseness of the vibrations is great for nipple play. I find YUKI comfortable to hold and operate during play, with the large metal buttons easy to feel and press. The fact that the vibrations can be felt throughout the entire vibrator is both good and slightly not great. It means that any part of YUKI can be used for stimulation, but it also means my hand can get a little buzzy after a while. It’s not nightmarish, but something I notice.

The packaging of the Iroha YUKI is a cut above the rest, just like the vibrator itself. First is the outer paper sleeve with an image of the YUKI on the front, as well as the back. The back also has an image of YUKI’s siblings, MIDORI and SAKURA with some basic information about the vibrators. The sleeve is wrapped around two boxes. One box contains the DC wall adapter, mini USB cable, and the instruction manual. In the other box is the Iroha YUKI snug and safe in its storage box/charging base. Within the box, the YUKI is actually sitting in a black cutout that has instructions on how to use YUKI’s control panel. All in all, pretty nifty.

Iroha YUKI Vibrator Pros:
• Feels like squashy marshmallows
• Rechargeable
• Nifty charging/storage box
• Super silky silicone
• Very attractive
• Anti-dust coating
• Quiet
• Comfortable to hold shape
• Strong vibrations
• Easy to use controls
• Versatile

Iroha YUKI Vibrator Cons:
• Somewhat diffuse rather than pinpoint vibrations
• Possible buzzy hand syndrome
• Water resistant, not waterproof

So many wonderful things about the Iroha YUKI, where to start? I think I must begin with the fabulous, squashy, marshmallow-like, anti-dust coated silicone. Actually, I basically said it all in that one sentence, other than adding that Soft Touch is AWESOME and I want more. The vibrations are strong enough to get me off and the vibrator is so very quiet. Though I’m generally not one to bother with a 1.5″ insertion, it is a nice tease. YUKI’s shape makes it easy to hold during use and the control buttons are very accessible and simple to operate. Combining storage with the charging solution is fantastic and particularly attractive in this case. The USB charging option is becoming more popular and I highly approve.

As far as the downsides, there are not many. I always prefer waterproof to water resistant, because it makes my life easier, but I can live with water resistant for now. The small size and design of YUKI almost necessitate buzzy hand syndrome. It really is not a flaw of the design, it’s just what you get with this style of vibrator. That being said, YUKI may not be the best choice if your hands are uber-sensitive. My biggest issue, which again is not a flaw but rather an issue of shape, is that the vibrations are more diffuse than I would like. The round head of the vibrator spreads the vibration over a greater surface area, which is very good nipples and labia. As I prefer pinpoint stimulation to my clit, it is not the ideal shape for me. I would probably do better with the Iroha SAKURA. That being said, the vibrations are not too diffuse to get me off.

Tie and Tease Adult Board Game

As with the original Tease, Tie and Tease has some retro styling to it, I like this a lot. The styling isn’t just on the outside of the box it is also on the board and carries right through to the cards as well. The difference between the original Tease and this game is that the original Tease although aimed at groups as well as couples was very mainstream in its making, this is aimed at the BDSM market, not at the high end super intense been doing BDSM and have my own dungeon level, but at the level that most people how have some sort of an interest in spanking and tying will enjoy.

Inside the box you will find a blindfold, a satin ribbon, 2 dice one with numbers on it and one marked Dom/Sub and the playing pieces 2 male and 2 female, even though you get the 4 pieces this game is really aimed at couples but as the pieces are male and female having 2 of each means that you are not ignoring the same sex couples out there who will also get a kick out of this game. There is also the board and the instructions.

The board is marked out to show where the different cards should be placed and where you start/end the game and every square that you land on will lead to you needing to choose card and act out some sort of a scenario either from the Dom(me) or Sub perspective, depending on how much time you have and how much you are enjoying playing the game the instructions tell you that you can go round the board once or twice before ending the game with the final card. We quite liked that you could choose the length of the game and that there is nothing to say that you can’t just keep going round until you run out of cards if you wanted to.

There are a large number of cards with this game and the come packaged together in one large stack. I personally feel that the packaging could be improved slightly to allow a space inside the box for the cards to be stored when they are not been used to stop them from getting mixed up and messy, maybe that’s my OCD though I do like everything to be neat.

Below is information about each of the different cards and I have taken pictures of a selection of them so you should be able to read the scenario and get a feel for the game from them, I don’t normally make my pictures this large but for the benefit of people with bad eyes I have enlarged them a little. You will see that all of the cards apart from the final D/s cards are split into D and s, the idea is that before you start playing you decide who is going to be in which role, for some couples it will already be pretty much decided for others they may need to roll the dice or discuss it. You can then choose to stay in that role for the whole of the game or to role the D/s die each time you take a turn and use that to decide for you. The cards are also split into two levels one for beginners or for when you are at the start of the game and the second for more advanced play, I personally feel that although in general they got this right for me some of the ones are twos and vice versa, so for this reason I would advise reading through all of the cards before your 1st play and removing any that you are not happy with.

  1. Role Play according to the instructions this will involve acting out some role play scenarios, these have a picture of a 50’s style police lady on them. Some of these scenarios made me laugh, some of them made me wince a little which how corny they sound but others are really good, you can go through the cards before the game and take out any that you are not happy to act out or just leave it to fate. Below is an example of a level 1 and level 2 card, now I feel that they have these levels the wrong way round as I would find the scenario on the 2nd card more comfortable to act out than that on the level one card. Some of the other things on these cards involve been a worker in a sex toy shop and been a hitchhiker.
  2. Sensory which according to the instructions will involve blindfolding and different sensations on the skin. These ones have the picture of the blindfold on them, and include using things like ice and feather or spanking implements to create different sensations, I thought that these where really good and there was a good amount of variety in these cards.
  3. SEX cards which according to the instructions will suggest and erotic or sexual act these cards just simply have the word SEX on them. I really struggle with been told by a game to act out certain sexual acts and even though I have been with my partner for nearly 15 years (yes really) I wasn’t entirely comfortable with all of these. That said all of the things on the cards where things that we had done as a couple in the past and none of it was particularly shocking, the level one cards seem to be mainly about stripping and removing items of clothing where the level 2 cards seem to be mainly about oral sex/ pleasures. For me it was the stripping not the oral sex that I was the most uncomfortable with.
  4. Impact which according to the instructions will involve some sort of spanking or the use of other striking implements; this is the section that I think some people might struggle with if they are not into impact play. These have a picture of a whip on them. Its a real shame that you don’t get some sort of spanking implement with the game especially as you do get a blindfold for the sensory cards and a tie for the bondage ones. I found that these where at a good level some of them instruct you to use implements such as a hairbrush or belt others just a hand, most of them tell you how many times to do it and where. I really enjoy this kind of play so these cards where right up my street and the levels on the cards seemed right with these too.
  5. Contract which according to the instructions are about the types of agreements that are made within a D/s relationship, to be completely honest I am not sure that these needed to be included in the game as such as most people playing the game will be doing it for fun not for lifestyle, but they are interesting and do add a little something to the game. There is a couple of random ones in there, one where you have to get snacks for the Dom(me) and another where the Dom(me) has to inspect the subs pubic area to see if they are well groomed enough for them, but others with things such as choosing a Title for the Dom(me) and a pet name for the sub are quite fun.
  6. Bondage which according to the instructions will involve some mild form of restraint. Not everyone is comfortable with restraint but I love it so I welcomed this section and actually think that this game wouldn’t have worked without it. The cards have the picture of a red/white tie on them, a slight nod to 50shades maybe? Or maybe just the colors of the developers football team? Who knows?

And finally the final square is the D/s square where the D/s cards are placed, you choose 4 of these and at the end the person who is acting as the Dom(me) gets to choose which one is acted out. As this signals the end of the game the idea is that these are longer scenarios which might lead to a little bit more, there are some fun things in there, below is a picture with a selection of them, there is even a blank one for you to make up your own if you wish. I think it is good idea to choose these cards carefully before you start the game but to make the final decision at the end as to which you will act out, but remember whoever is the Dom (me) always gets the final decision.

As I sat and read through all of the cards I made a note of all of the things that the cards suggest that you might need to be able to act out the various scenarios and these where

Ice Cubes
Nipple Clamps
Massage Candles
Pen and Paper
Massage Oil
Stroking implements x3
Cloth tie which is included with the game
5 different spanking items
Wooden Spoon
Access to porn
Dressing gown cord
Blindfold which is included with the game

Now if you don’t have all of these things it’s not going to make playing the game impossible and things such as the belt, hairbrush and wooden spoon can easily be part of the 5 spanking implements as could your hand, Nipple clamps can be replaced easily with clothes pegs but massage candles should not be replaced with ordinary candles as they burn at a different temperature and you might burn yourself if you do.

It does say in the instructions that before you start the game you should gather together a collection of things that can be used in the game such as those listed above but I think it might have been nice for Tease to have included a small flogger or paddle in with the game especially as a large part of the game is about impact play, but as they haven’t a hairbrush or wooden spoon make excellent alternatives, just a small note from experience wooden spoons hurt, they are not flat and the curvature of the spoon means that you are been struck with a smaller surface area than you might think.

Included in the game is the blindfold and the silky tie. The tie is of a good length and is easily long enough to be used as a wrist or ankle tie, as it is satin it is soft to the touch but you should avoid tying any knots to tightly with it as they might become difficult to untie and for this reason the makers of the game do say to keep some safety scissors handy.

The blindfold is actually really good, most of the times when you get blindfolds included in games or with toys for free they are pretty naff but this one has a nose piece that stops the light from getting in from below and a double elastic strap to keep it nice and secure.

Overall I think that this game has its good and bad points not all of the scenarios suited us as a couple but it is always going to be the case with a game like this and the good thing is that you can remove any that you really don’t like and keep the game fun. I loved the spanking/bondage and sensory cards and felt that they really suited the game, the Sex cards a repetitive with only really having 2 or 3 different scenarios, just worded differently and the contract section is something that is a little hit and miss to. I like the playing pieces and retro design of the game a lot and found the instructions very clear and easy to understand meaning that we could unpack the game and play it very quickly. The only negative that I could really find is that there is no spanking implement included, other than that we had a lot of fun playing this game and think that it would be perfect for both people new to bdsm and to those more accustomed to it that would like something fun to do to add a little variation to their play.

Doc Johnson Pony Play Butt Plug

It arrived really fast in some super discrete packaging; the plug itself came packaged in just a plastic wrap with some very basic information attached.

The plug is a basic medium plug from Doc Johnson with a black tail attached to it through a hole in the base. The tail is glued in place and could be pulled out easily if pulled to hard; I didn’t pull the tail out as I was worried that I might not be able to get it back in.

I have a basic Doc Johnson plug like this already so I had a good idea what size and shape it would be. The plug is firm but not solid, it has a slight give and flexibility to it, and it has a nice thin neck and a good ridge between its widest and smallest point, meaning that this is one of those plugs which will always stay put. I inadvertently stored my old plug with something that it reacted with and it melted so I would advise that you store this separately to your other toys and that you only use water based lube with it, melting toys due to bad storage can always be avoided.

The plug is made from Red PVC but it doesn’t have a smell, I always find smelly toys a huge turn off. I love the Red of this plug and the way that it contrasts with the black tail. The tail is quite long, it hangs down to about my knees when it’s been worn.

I personally don’t think that this makes a very good whip, the tail doesn’t seem to be fixed very tightly in the plug and I would worry that throwing it about as a whip could cause it to come away from the body of the toy. The material that it is made from is also very thin and light and unlike a nice suede or leather flogger it doesn’t really swing, it does however, feel lovely when been used to stroke your partners back.

It is a medium butt plug, but in my experience it is quite large for a medium, it has an insert able length of 4 inches or approx 10cm, and a diameter or 2 inches or about 5cm. If you are new to anal play I would recommend that you purchase the smaller version of this toy, which has half the diameter but about the same length.

When I used this plug we used a good water based lube (liquid silk) and I found that it felt comfortable once it was inserted, the slight flexibility of it means that you are able to move around easily while it is been worn without it feeling cumbersome. The tail feels light and doesn’t pull on the plug, you can feel it brushing the back of your legs as you move around but it doesn’t feel like it is weighing down on the plug and going to pull it out of place.

I liked the tail and loved the way that it hung down, it is only a basic tail, it’s not bushy and fluffy but this is a perfect plug for those who want to get into this sort of role play, my partner really liked the look of it, and enjoyed flogging me while I was wearing it.

I found the base to be quite large and from experience of the identical plug I have without the tail can say that without a good lube it can get uncomfortable if worn under clothes or for a long period of time, it’s not great for walking about when it is inside you for any length of time as the size and shape of it can make it rub a bit, using plenty of good quality lubricant can prevent it from rubbing. On the other hand the base being large means that it will not get lost inside you and this is a very safe plug to use, you are not risking a trip to A&E and funny looks off a nurse with this toy.

The plug is nice and easy to clean as the tail is thin plastic fibers getting them wet won’t do them any harm, but I would still advise against completely submerging the plug as you can get water inside it, and this is a pain to get out, we use the lovehoney antibacterial sex toy cleaner on all of our sex toys and it is perfect for this as well, just a few squirts, and a quick clean and dry and its ready for play again.

Overall:- I liked the butt plug and the tail when been used as such but not as a whip, the fibers are to thin and light for it to whip properly, but they look great when been worn as a tail, the plug is large for a medium so if at all unsure you should try the small, the shoulder on it and its thin neck mean that it will stay in place for hours without any slipping, my partner couldn’t resist giving me a tap or two with our crop while I was wearing it.  I think that this is a perfect introduction into this kind of role-play without breaking the bank or just a bit of fun for someone like me that wanted to try something different.