Black Foxtail Handcuffs

I have mentioned before that I like to dabble in BDSM and I enjoy being restrained. You can obviously use all sorts of things with which to restraint someone, rope, ties, clothesline, etc. I prefer a good set of cuffs. A while back I won these Black Foxtail Handcuffs from Babeland in a contest.

When I was younger I played with metal handcuffs, but not only can metal cuffs leave marks, they often hurt in use and can even cause damage to your wrists. I may enjoy being restrained but I have no desire to injure myself or have people see marks on my body. This is where soft cuffs come in and the Black Foxtail Handcuffs are a good choice in soft cuffs.

The Black Foxtail Handcuffs are not just cuffs, but handcuffs. This means there is a connector between the cuffs that holds them together. This connector is not removable so once these cuffs are on, your hands are stuck together. The connector is made of plastic and faux leather and feels very strong. I can struggle and wiggle around as much as I like and it doesn’t feel close to breaking at all. The Black Foxtail Handcuffs are well-made and feel very sturdy when in use.

Made of a polyester blend, the Black Foxtail Cuffs are not made with any animal products so they are vegan, which I like. They close with strong velcro straps and have black faux fur on the inside of the cuffs for comfort. This fur provides a nice cushion for the wrists and keeps them from chafing inside the Black Foxtail Handcuffs, which I really appreciate. I just wish the fur was a little softer. It’s not that it’s rough or anything, it just isn’t the softest faux fur in the world. If you have a tendency to get hot and sweaty you may find you sweat a bit in these cuffs. I do sweat easily and while I sometimes sweat in these, I don’t find it to be a huge problem.

Made to fit wrists from 7″ to 11″ in circumferences, the Black Foxtail Handcuffs will fit a wide variety of people, especially those with larger wrists so these are definitely a good choice for men as well as women. It can sometimes be a challenge to find cuffs that are on the bigger side so that’s an advantage to these handcuffs. My wrists are about 7″ in circumference so these fit me well, but if you have small wrists, the Black Foxtail Handcuffs may not be the best choice for you. You can still make them work but you might be more comfortable in something smaller.

I like the Black Foxtail Handcuffs. They are comfortable and feel solid when I have them on. I can struggle and squirm without worrying that I’ll break lose, yet they do come off easily and quickly when playtime is over or if I need a quick release for whatever reason. Sometimes I just don’t want to deal with keys and buckles, so velcro is a great option. It may not be the sexiest thing in the world but it is practical.

I understand the Black Foxtail Handcuffs may not look at cool as leather cuffs with their slim profile and silver buckles. However, leather can make you sweat, stain your skin, get stained by sweat, and can chafe. Buckles can take a while to undo and sometimes I don’t have the patience, really need to get out of a certain position, or just have to pee badly. I know some people like the idea of metal handcuffs or don’t realize there are other options out there. Aside from the damage metal can do to your wrists and the marks it can leave, keys can get lost, locks can jam. I imagine this could lead to some embarrassing situations. On the other hand, velcro is a great option. It is strong and sturdy and comes undone in a flash.

The Black Foxtail Handcuffs come in a simple box with a plastic front. The handcuffs are obviously visible through the plastic packaging so it isn’t discreet. It also isn’t very sturdy so I don’t recommend it for storage. I just store the Black Foxtail Handcuffs on their own in my toy box. They are very hardy so it’s not likely they would be damaged by storing them this way. It’s easy to clean the Black Foxtail Handcuffs. You can simply hand wash them in cold water and hang up to dry.

Black Foxtail Handcuffs Pros
• Comfortable
• Safe
• Sturdy
• Vegan
• Great price

Black Foxtail Handcuffs Cons
• Could be softer on the inside
• May not fit smaller wrists

The Black Foxtail Handcuffs are a good, solid pair of handcuffs. They are a great option for anyone who wants something vegan, comfortable, quick and easy, yet secure. I definitely recommend these over the typical thin police-style metal cuffs. The Black Foxtail Handcuffs would be great for beginners looking to explore bondage because they are non-threatening and the price is excellent. They are equally up to the task for serious players as well because they are so sturdy and well-made.

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