Blossom Organics Pure Pleasure Arousal Gel

I have always been curious about arousal gels. I may become aroused perfectly easily but who doesn’t want to add a little oomph now and then? I’ve a tried a few products that have been disappointing, but that hasn’t killed my curiosity.

Blossom Organics products were formulated by a woman for other women. They are water-based and use pure, organic, and body-safe ingredients and are pH balanced to mimic a woman’s natural body chemistry.

The packaging is tasteful and attractive, but both the box and bottle do say “arousal gel, gel stimulant,” so you may not want to leave them laying about. The .75 fluid ounces of Blossom Organics Pure Pleasure Arousal Gel comes in a small plastic bottle about 3 3/4″ in height and 4 1/4″ in circumference, with a pump top. This makes it easy to pump the gel out onto your fingers or directly onto your body. As it is a gel, I expected it to be thick and well…gel-like, but it is really more of a liquid. I found it messier and more difficult to control than expected, but still easy to massage onto my clit.

Blossom Organics Pure Pleasure Arousal Gel has a sort of warm, earthy, slightly cinnamony scent that sticks around on my fingers for a while after applying if I don’t wash them right away. Within about 15 seconds of applying the Pure Pleasure Arousal Gel I have a lovely warm and tingly sensation that makes me all wiggly and distracted. It feels like the blood is rushing in to fill my clit and the surrounding area. Within a minute and half the tingling is much stronger and I have a simultaneous warm and cool sensation carousing about my nether regions. Just a few drops is enough to really get me going and the longest I have lasted before playing is about 10 minutes.

Simply blow on the area where you’ve massaged the Arousal Gel and it kicks up that cooling sensation quite a bit. The Arousal Gel adds to play by not only turning me on more, but it has a circular effect. The more turned on I get, the more engorged, and the more engorged, the stronger the sensation of the gel. It also really ramps up my clit’s sensitivity. I don’t know that I cum harder but I do cum much faster with the Arousel Gel. The additional sensation really adds to play.

Blossom Organics Pure Pleasure Arousal Gel is water-based so it can be used with all sex toy materials, which is a big bonus. The ingredients are as follows:
Organic aloe barbadensis leaf extract, glycerin, hydroethylcellulose, sorbitol, arginine, niacin (vitamin B3), organic plant oils of rosa canina (rose hip) & oenothera biennis (evening primrose), ethylexylglycerin, organic mentha piperita (peppermint) essential oil, organic extracts of paeonia albiflora (peony) root & passiflora incarnata flower

As you can see, this Arousal Gel has no petrochemicals, silicones, alcohol, artificial dyes, flavorings, or fragrances, which makes it compatible for most women. However, it does contain glycerin which is a sugar. As I have mentioned in previous posts, glycerin and other sugary substances can cause yeast infections in those who tend toward them. So while I would not recommend using this product as a lubricant (which it isn’t), it may still be ok even for woman who are prone to yeast infections as it is being used externally only. Nonetheless, please take the glycerin into account when purchasing this product. Another reason not to use this Arousal Gel internally is the peppermint oil. While it tingles deliciously on external bits like the clit and labia, it could cause an unpleasant burning sensation internally, especially for those who more are sensitive.

I have absolutely no negative reaction to the Blossom Organics Pure Pleasure Arousal gel, but keep in mind, everyone is different.

Blossom Organics Pure Pleasure Arousal Gel Pros:
• Water-based
• Paraben, petrochemical, alcohol free
• Organic
• Arouses gently and safely

Blossom Organics Pure Pleasure Arousal Gel Cons:
• Contains glycerin

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