Blush Novelties Serendipity BunnyBliss

I reviewed the Blush Novelties Luxe Rabbit II Vibrator and did not have many positive things to say about it. As I really did not enjoy my experience with the Luxe Rabbit II, when Blush Novelties contacted me again to ask if I would be interested in reviewing something else for them, I hesitated. I’m almost always willing to give someone a second chance, so I decided to take a look at what they were offering and discovered the Blush Novelties Serendipity product line. I thought it looked significantly better than the Luxe line and selected the Blush Novelties Serendipity BunnyBliss Vibrator for review.

Being a huge fan of clit vibrators, I figured the Blush Novelties Serendipity BunnyBliss Vibrator might be interesting. I like my sex toys whimsical and colorful, though pink is definitely not my favorite color. At least the pink of the Serendipity BunnyBliss Vibrator is a hot Barbie pink instead of a pale bubblegum ice cream pink. Seriously though, sex toy manufacturers, women will still buy sex toys even if they’re not pink. I promise.

The Serendipity BunnyBliss Vibrator is larger than many of my other clit vibrators. At 6.15″ in length, it is quite a bit longer than my hand. The size reminds me of the SinFive Sue Clit Vibrator, which can even be used for partial insertion. However, the BunnyBliss is not meant to be inserted. Well, I suppose you could pop an inch or two inside yourself, but as with the SinFive Sue, I fail to see the benefit. Not that I want to talk you out of trying anything you think might work for you.

The top half of the Serendipity BunnyBliss Vibrator is made of, and I quote, “pure silicone“. I expect this statement is meant to make clear that this vibrator does not use a silicone blend, as some products do. The silvery material is plastic, while the black control panel feels like the same silicone used on the rest of the vibrator. This silicone is extremely smooth and silky. Not only does it have very little drag against my skin, it really does not collect lint and dust like many silicone products do.

The fact that this vibrator is waterproof makes cleaning super easy. As long as you’ve made sure the charging port on the bottom of the BunnyBliss is securely covered, you can wash it with warm water and soap or your favorite sex toy cleaner. You can also use a 10% bleach solution on the silicone portion of the vibrator to disinfect it. Be sure to thoroughly remove all the bleach before using the BunnyBliss again.

Due to the lack of drag produced by the silicone of the Serendipity BunnyBliss Vibrator, I don’t need to glob it up with a ton of lube. For me, a small dab of water-based lubricant, in addition to my natural body fluids, is sufficient. You can obviously use more than I do if you need it or just like things super slick and slippery.

When I use too much lube, I tend to get it all over the place, including the control panel and end up having trouble controlling the vibrator. Therefore, as a general rule of thumb, I start with a small amount, increasing as necessary. You’ll want to stay away from silicone-based lubes with the BunnyBliss, as it can react negatively with the silicone of the vibrator.

I’m not sure if you noticed, but just two paragraphs above, I mentioned a charging port. This is because the Serendipity BunnyBliss Vibrator is rechargeable. It can be charged via USB or AC power and comes with a charging cable for both, which I greatly appreciate. Recently, I have discovered some manufacturers only include USB charging cables, and while I am all for charging my vibrators via USB, I like to have the AC option as well. Sometimes it’s just not convenient or presentable to have sex toys dangling from my computer. The charging port is in the very bottom of the BunnyBliss, covered by a small silicone plug.

The Serendipity BunnyBliss Vibrator requires approximately 1.5 hours to fully charge the first time, and should be charged before its first use. Mine came with some charge, but I wasn’t sure how much, so I threw it on the charger anyway. Subsequent charging time should only be about an hour, and a full charge is expected to provide approximately 1-1.5 hours of play time.

Blush Novelties advises fully draining the battery before charging it up again, and doing this consistently. I think this is the first time I have seen this recommended by a sex toy manufacturer. Usually, they say you can charge the vibrator at any point, and you don’t have to charge it fully each time.

The control panel on the Serendipity BunnyBliss Vibrator is on the front bottom third of the BunnyBliss’ body, in the middle of the silvery plastic. It consists of two buttons, the Power button and the Mode button, each clearly marked. As one might expect, the dedicated Power button turns the vibrator on and off. The directions state you must press and hold it for two seconds for either function, but I find that unnecessary. My BunnyBliss immediately turns off and on as soon as I press the Power Button.

The Mode button allows you to cycle through the 10 different vibration modes. Unfortunately, as there is only one Mode button, there is no way to back up if you happen to miss the mode you want. You have to scroll through each mode all over again until you get back to it. The 10 modes are as follows:
1. Low steady vibration
2. Medium steady vibration
3. High steady vibration
4. Medium pulse
5. Slow pulse
6. Long, slow pulse
7. One long pulse, four short
8. Fast pulse
9. Long, medium pulse
10. Roller coaster

While I generally like the availability of different vibration modes, I find the order of these a bit haphazard. The Serendipity BunnyBliss Vibrator does not have a memory chip, so every time you turn it on, it will start on mode #1. Behind the control panel is a bright blue LED that lights up when the BunnyBliss is turned on.

The vibrations of the Serendipity BunnyBliss Vibrator are far more shallow than I like. The stronger the intensity, the higher-pitched the vibrations get. The vibrator even gives off a high-pitched whine on mode #3. This makes the vibrations much louder than I was expecting from a clit vibrator of this size. As the BunnyBliss is an external vibrator, there really is nothing to dampen the sound of the vibrations. The fact that these vibrations are so shallow means I end up with buzzy hand syndrome by the time I’m done playing, and that never makes me happy.

When it comes to use, the Serendipity BunnyBliss Vibrator was disappointing. Granted, after checking out the buzziness of the vibrations, I didn’t have high hopes. The small, leftover amount of hope I did have, was immediately dashed as soon as I felt the high-pitched horror on my clit. I couldn’t orgasm. I tried on the lowest, least buzzy setting. Didn’t work. I kept increasing the strength of the vibrations, which of course, only increased the buzziness. I tried the different patterns, but no luck.

The longer I tried, the more frustrated I became and the more uncomfortable my clit got. About the time my hand started to hurt from the ongoing buzzing sensation, I gave up. There is only so far I’m willing to go. I did want to eventually be able to use my hand at some point later in the day.

I have to say, I really like the ear part of the Serendipity BunnyBliss Vibrator, though I feel like the nose is a bit superfluous. The bunny ears do effectively surround my clit, and if the vibrations were deep and throbby, that could have possibly been great. I also find the control panel easy to use. The buttons are large enough and far enough apart, that I don’t turn the vibrator off accidentally, like I constantly do with the Fetish Fantasy Spinning Nipple Stimulators.

There is a light seam around the outside of the Serendipity BunnyBliss Vibrator that is visible to the eye but really cannot be felt by touch. It fits comfortably in my hand during use and is not too terribly heavy, which is good when my hands are in pain.

I’m not sure how sturdy the silicone is though. When I pull the bunny ears to the side and the pink silicone is stretched, it turns white. I’m not certain how thick it is in those areas and whether or not it will hold up over time if you push and pull at the ears a lot. It ultimately doesn’t matter. The lack of orgasm obviously kills this toy for me.

The packaging of the Blush Novelties Serendipity BunnyBliss Vibrator is so much nicer than that of the Blush Novelties Luxe Rabbit II. The BunnyBliss comes in a very nice, super sturdy, totally indiscreet box with images of the vibrator on it. This box seals magnetically. Inside the box, the vibrator sits in molded, hard foam that does a good job pf protecting it. Underneath this foam is the AC/USB charging cable, a brief instruction manual, and a storage bag made of an unusual, suede-like material. The foam fits so firmly inside the box that pulling it out is quite challenging.

The English only instruction manual provides very little information, but it does cover the bare bones of what you need to know. The description on the website says the storage bag is silk, which is far from true. However, whatever this material is, I really like it. Too bad the packaging can’t save the toy.

Blush Novelties Serendipity BunnyBliss Vibrator Pros:
• Good shape
• Extra smooth silicone
• Very little drag
• Waterproof
• Rechargeable
• AC power adapter included
• Dedicated power button
• Easy to use control panel

Blush Novelties Serendipity BunnyBliss Vibrator Cons:
• Cannot orgasm
• Shallow, high-pitched vibrations
• Loud
• Buzzy hand syndrome
• Must scroll through all modes to reach the one you want
• Not sure if ears will hold up to manipulation over time

When I saw the Blush Novelties Serendipity BunnyBliss Vibrator online, I expected much more from it. I certainly thought I would like it more than the Luxe Rabbit II. Unfortunately, that is not at all the case. There are good things about the BunnyBliss. I think the ears are great and I love the silky silicone. Whenever possible, I prefer to use rechargeable and waterproof vibrators. Though I would prefer two separate buttons that control the 10 different modes, at least it has a dedicated Power button, and the control panel is easy to use.

If you were to just compare my pros and cons lists, you might be surprised at the low rating I’ve given it, considering I have listed more pros. Though there are more pros than cons, the downsides are too significant to outweigh the positives of the BunnyBliss.

The pros notwithstanding, it all comes down to the orgasm. If I cannot orgasm with a sex toy, then what’s the point? It’s not like I need another tchotchke laying around. The bottom line is that the Blush Novelties Serendipity BunnyBliss Vibrator is a total fail for me.

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