Rocks-Off Butt-Boy

I have reviewed a few sex toys from Rocks-Off, such as the Rocks-Off RO-160mm, the Rocks-Off RO-150 Slimline, and the Rocks-Off Luv Massager, but I hadn’t tried any of their butt toys. I decided to try one I’d had my eye on for quite some time, the Rocks-Off Butt-Boy.

We disagreed about whether or not the Rocks-Off Butt-Boy is a prostate massager. He insisted that it is while I said it is for all butts. Turns out we are both right, though he may be slightly more right than I am. In the Rocks-Off catalog, the Butt-Boy is listed under butt plugs but it does actually have a diagram of a man on the back of the box indicating how to use the Butt-Boy as a prostate massager. Nevertheless, I enjoy anal play even though I don’t have a prostate, so I feel I can do justice to the Butt-Boy in this review.

The Rocks-Off Butt-Boy has a slightly different shape than my other butt plugs, which is what I found so interesting about it. It has a triangular shape with a thin neck that looks like it will really lock the Butt-Boy into place. It then curves around and has three ridges meant to stimulate your perineum. This piece has an included Rocks-Off RO-80mm bullet and says Butt-Boy on it in raised letters. My Butt-Boy is made of bright red silicone, which I love, but it also comes in black. Can’t have too many red sex toys as far as I am concerned.

The silicone of the Rocks-Off Butt-Boy is very silky and does not pick up as much lint as other silicone sex toys I own. It is is super firm and has very little give to it. It does have a fair amount of drag so you MUST use lubricant with the Butt-Boy, just like with anything you stick in your butt. Always, use lube. As the Butt-Boy is made of silicone, stick with water-based lubricant. Silicone-based lubes can have a negative chemical reaction with the silicone of the butt plug causing it to become tacky. I’ve noticed there is a seam around the Butt-Boy. Though it is pronounced on the bottom of the perineum stimulator, it isn’t on the internal part of the plug so I don’t actually feel it during use.

Silicone is a particularly good choice for anal toys as it can be disinfected. I usually just wash the Rocks-Off Butt-Boy with warm water and antibacterial soap, though you can also use a sex toy cleaner. Once you remove the RO-80mm bullet you can even pop your Butt-Boy in the dishwasher on the top rack with no soap. To disinfect, simply boil the Butt-Boy for three – five minutes (after removing the bullet) or wipe it down with a 10% bleach solution. This will allow you to be certain there is nothing clinging to your butt plug, as well as allow you to share it with non-fluid bonded partners. Rest assured, silicone has such small pores that not even bacteria can be absorbed into the material, which is one of the advantages of silicone sex toys. Other advantages are that it is latex and phthalate-free, hypoallergenic, and body-safe. Some silicone anal toys can retain a slight smell after multiple uses which can usually remedied by using one of the methods of disinfection or washing your toy in the dishwasher. I have not noticed this to be an issue with the Rocks-Off Butt-Boy.

The Rocks-Off Butt-Boy is actually longer than most of my butt plugs, due to the perineum stimulator. The Butt-Boy is 7″ long in total, but only 4″ of that is insertable, basically the triangular piece up to the neck. It is 1.75″ in diameter so it is not a beginner anal toy, it is something to work up to over time. Some people may also need to use smaller anal toys to work up to the Butt-Boy within a play session.
This can be a very helpful technique when participating in anal play. The .75″ neck is thin enough to serve as a good anchor and there is enough of a difference between the the diameter of the neck and the base of the butt plug to keep it from slipping out.

As I mentioned previously, the Rocks-Off Butt-Boy includes a Rocks-Off RO-80mm Bullet. This bullet lives in the perineum piece or handle of the Butt-Boy. It is made of red and metallic-plated ABS and has a soft red push button on the bottom of the bullet that turns it on and off. The RO-80mm only has one speed so it’s quite easy to use. It requires one N 1.5v battery, which is included with the Butt-Boy. The N battery comes inside the battery compartment of the bullet with a small, round piece of paper to keep the battery from touching the contacts, thus keeping the bullet from turning on unintentionally. I suggest keeping this little paper in place when you are not using the Butt-Boy if you’re going to keep store it with the battery inside. You’re probably better off removing the battery completely, but at least this way the battery won’t drain.

The RO-80mm is approximately 3.25″ long and .75″ in diameter. I suppose you can insert it vaginally on its own but I don’t. It’s just too small for me to want to use it internally. You can certainly remove it from the Butt-Boy and use it for external clit and nipple stimulation. Do NOT use the bullet anally by itself. It could easily slip inside the anal canal and be almost impossible to remove on one’s own. Speaking of removing it, the Rocks-Off RO-80mm Bullet is surprisingly easy to slide from the Butt-Boy. Usually, I find bullets incredibly hard to remove from toys like this, but all I have to do is rock it a little and slide it right out. There are ridges and grooves on the inside of the canal where the bullet lives and I think this is what allows the bullet to be removed so easily.

The Rocks-Off Butt-Boy turned out to be… interesting, with both good and bad points. The pointy end of the triangle slides in nicely, with a ton of lube, but the base feels rather abrupt when it finally slips inside. It is not the most pleasant pop I’ve ever experienced with a butt plug. The odd shape does anchor the plug in place but the neck is so short it feels as though the Butt-Boy is slipping out even when it isn’t, which is a disturbing sensation and one I don’t like at all. I like the perineum stimulator as a handle when inserting the Butt-Boy and I really like anal vibrations. The vibrations of the RO-80mm are definitely buzzy. I do not like them on my clit, but buzzy vibrations don’t bother me anally. The RO-80mm provides relatively quiet vibrations that travel well, but they are not as powerful as I would like. I certainly can feel the vibrations but I would prefer them to have more oomph. It is easy to turn on and off due to the “handle”. The ridges on the perineum stimulator don’t do a whole lot for me, but my perineum is not the most sensitive part of my body.

Like other Rocks-Off products, the packaging for the Rocks-Off Butt-Boy Butt Plug is simple. It comes in a hinged, hard black box with silver printing on the front. While the cut out window does a great job of showcasing the butt plug, it is not at all discreet so I wouldn’t leave it laying around. There is some basic info on the back of the box, including a diagram to show how men can use the Butt-Boy. The lid of the box is hinged at the bottom so it swings open from the top. Inside the box the Butt-Boy sits in a molded plastic tray that says “Rocks-Off” all over it. Underneath the tray you’ll find a pamphlet displaying all the Rocks-Off products and some information on batteries required by different products. While this box is a fair amount bigger than the butt plug, thus taking up quite a bit of room in storage, I really like it. It is extremely sturdy and when I remove the plastic tray I have room for storing a bunch of different things. I have done this with the boxes of my Rocks-Off RO-160mm and Rocks-Off RO-150mm Slimline and it works wonderfully.

Rocks-Off Butt-Boy Butt Plug Pros:
• Shape
• Easy to turn bullet on and off
• Quiet
• Silicone

Rocks-Off Butt-Boy Butt Plug Cons:
• Shape
• Short neck
• Weak vibrations
• Single speed bullet
• Hard to find battery

Though there are some things to like about the Rocks-Off Butt-Boy, in general I find it disappointing. I am glad I finally gave in to my curiosity and tested it out, but it was not the dazzling anal experience I was expecting. I like the firmness of the silicone and appreciate how quiet the RO-80mm bullet is, but single speed bullet with its weak vibrations leaves something to be desired. It is better than no vibrations at all but still disappointing in strength. The N battery is a drag because, like all atypical batteries, I don’t have extra ones sitting around the house and they are more of a challenge to find. The shape is both a positive and negative. The point slips in nicely, but the angle of the triangle is a bit extreme which feels somewhat jarring when it slides into place. The neck is also too short, so even though the Butt-Boy does not fall out it constantly feels like it’s going to. Overall, it just is not a great butt plug for me and will not be replacing any of my favorites.

Doc Johnson Sasha Grey Glass

It’s been a while since I have reviewed an anal toy. In fact, the last time I reviewed one was in February, and that’s the only butt toy I’ve reviewed so far in 2013. I figured it was high time I get my butt in gear, so to speak, and take on a new anal toy. I decided to go with the small Doc Johnson Sasha Grey Glass Butt Plug.

I really like glass sex toys. They have so many positive attributes. This is one of the reasons I chose to try the Sasha Grey Butt Plug. It is made of borosillicate glass, also known as Pyrex. If Pyrex sounds familiar, it’s because it is the brand name of a line of glassware used for cooking. Borosillicate glass is made in such a way that it is much more difficult to break than your average water glass, which tends to shatter on impact. If you drop a sex toy made of borosillicate glass (I have) and it breaks (which has not happened to me), it will crack into large chunks rather than shatter into a million tiny pieces that you will continue to step on for the next six months, no matter how well you’ve cleaned up.

That being said, you still want to be sure to treat your Sasha Grey Glass Butt Plug with respect and store it carefully, in a way that does not allow it to slam up against other hard objects. Though I have never had a glass toy crack or chip, it is important to always check your glass toys before and after use to be sure there is no damage.

As glass is non-porous, it is a very safe material to use for toys that you stick into your body. Few people have allergic reactions to glass. It is also latex and phthalate-free, so there is no chance of absorbing nasty chemicals into the body. Cleaning is simple. You can wash your Sasha Grey Butt Plug with warm water and soap, spritz it down with a sex toy cleaner, or use a 10% bleach solution. This bleach solution will disinfect the butt plug, allowing it to be used amongst multiple partners. You can also pop the Sasha Grey Butt Plug into the dishwasher and wash it with the rest of your glassware.

Glass is also versatile when it comes to lube. You can use any kind of body-safe lube with the Sasha Grey Butt Plug, so you’re not forced to stick with a water-based lubricant. This is great because I tend to prefer using silicone-based lubricants for anal play, when possible. It’s slicker and lasts longer, so I don’t have to use as much lube.

Another great thing about glass is that it retains temperatures well, so it is very good for sensation play. You can heat up or cool down the Sasha Grey Butt Plug by placing it a bowl of ice or hot water. I would not cool the butt plug by putting it in the freezer or heat it in the microwave. Quick, drastic changes in temperature can cause the glass to crack. I prefer cooling down my glass toys but some people prefer warming them up.

The Sasha Grey Glass Butt Plug comes in three sizes, small, medium, and large. Not all stores carry all three sizes. As I was not quite feeling up to a challenge at the time of purchase, I went with the small. It is 3.5″ long, with an insertable length of 3″, and a diameter of 1.25″. A diameter of 1.25″ is on the small side. However, you can definitely find smaller butt plugs out there, and I would not recommend this to a first time butt plug purchaser. With a glass butt plug, you will feel every bit of that 1.25″ diameter. There is no give like there is with other materials, such as silicone, where a butt plug of this size can actually feel smaller.

On the other hand, if you are an experienced user of butt plugs and are looking to try a glass plug for the first time, the Sasha Grey Small Butt Plug is a good choice. In hand, it actually seems pretty tiny to me, but this is not my first plug. It’s important to point out that for whatever reason some of Doc Johnson’s images of this butt plug make the head look triangular in shape. It is not pointy at all, but rather slightly oval shaped. It also has a much longer stem between the head and the base than these images indicate. Take a close look at my images above. The base is wide enough to keep the Sasha Grey Butt Plug anchored so that it does not get sucked up into your anus accidentally. It is also small enough to be comfortable when in place. The length of the stem provides sufficient room for your anal muscles to clench down so the plug does not slip out of your body.

While I generally prefer girthier butt plugs, it is always good to have something smaller around for times when bigger is not better, and the Sasha Grey Butt Plug does a good job at serving this purpose. It provides milder stimulation than many other butt plugs I have tried. Though it may be short on stature, the size of this butt plug makes it versatile. You can use it as a warm up to a larger plug, or just wear it while you’re out running errands.

The glass of the Sasha Grey Butt Plug provides a weighty feeling inside of me that lighter materials, like silicone, do not. This is an added sensation I really enjoy. I like the shape very much, which I anticipated when I first saw it. The head is pronounced enough to help keep the plug in place, while not being so large that it’s uncomfortable when it slips inside me. I also appreciate the length of the stem because it really helps keep the butt plug solidly inside me so I do not experience slippage, which is common and incredibly annoying. The Sasha Grey Butt Plug is easy to insert, remove, and wear. What more can one really ask for in a butt plug?

The packaging of the Doc Johnson Sasha Grey Glass Butt Plug is plain but sufficient. It comes in a black cardboard box with a picture of the butt plug on the front and some basic information on the back. The image of the plug on the front, along with word “PLUG” in the top right hand corner, keeps this box from being discreet. Inside the box, the plug is firmly secured in a very large block of black foam with a thin piece of black foam covering the cutout. The upside of this foam is that you could probably throw it against the wall without damaging the butt plug. The downside is that it is very large and takes up a lot of storage space. Still, you don’t want glass sex toys knocking about unprotected in a drawer.

Sasha Grey Glass Butt Plug Pros:
• Good shape
• Long stem
• Easy to insert and remove
• Comfortable
• Glass
• Attractive
• Made in the U.S.

Sasha Grey Glass Butt Plug Cons:
• May not provide enough stimulation for some

As I mentioned, I tend to prefer larger plugs that offer more stimulation. However, for when it comes to small and mild, the Sasha Grey Glass Butt Plug is a strong contender. The shape and size make it comfortable to wear during penetration, and the long stem keeps it from slipping out so it is secure. It is easy to insert and remove, and the fact that it’s made of glass allows me to use my favorite silicone-based lube with it. I know many people don’t care where their sex toys come from, but I prefer to buy locally when possible, so I really like that it’s made in the U.S. If you’re looking for a ton of sensation, I suggest considering the Sasha Grey Butt Plug in a larger size. If you want a lot of stimulation, look for a plug with texture, as the smooth glass of this one will not provide that for you. However, if you want a good, solid, small glass butt plug to experiment with or add to your collection, the Sasha Grey Glass Butt Plug is a great choice.

Tantus Twist Butt Plug

Last month I published a Spotlight on the new Tantus Twist Butt Plug. This Spotlight followed one on the Twist’s sibling butt plugs, the Tantus Juice and the Tantus Neo. Needless to say, I have been interested in Tantus’ new butt plug releases. Thanks to the very generous people at Tantus, I have now had the opportunity to test drive the oh so curious looking Tantus Twist.

The Tantus Twist Butt Plug is one of Tantus’ three recently released anal toys, and in my opinion, the most interesting. There’s nothing wrong with the Juice and Neo, but they’re a more traditional take on butt plugs. I wanted to try the Twist because I did not have any experience with corkscrew-style butt plugs. I may as well let you know up front…I am a big fan. Still, let’s start with the basics.

Made from the same signature Tantus 100% Ultra-premium Platinum silicone as all their other sex toys, the Tantus Twist is latex and phthalate-free, hypoallergenic, and body-safe. Though you can use some very high quality silicone-based lubes with the Twist, unless you’re willing to spot test your lube, it’s best to stick with water-based lubricant.

With an insertable length of 4″ and a diameter of 1.3″, the Tantus Twist is on the small side, in my book. I am not suggesting beginners to anal play immediately run out and but one. In fact, I would not recommend the Tantus Twist as a first butt plug. The corkscrew provides too much texture for most beginners and may be too large in diameter. Consider starting with the Tantus Little Flirt before moving on to the Twist. I would actually suggest the Tantus Juice as a bridge between the Little Flirt and Twist, just to get a sense for texture. Not everyone like it up their butt.

The base of the Tantus Twist Butt Plug, an often overlooked but very important part of an anal toy, is well-shaped and small enough to rest along the opening of my anus without slipping in. In fact, it’s so comfortable that I had to keep checking it at first to make sure the butt plug had not accidentally slid inside.

This base is completely new and different compared to my other Tantus anal toys of earlier design. It is far smaller and thinner, with a 3″ long curved shape that rests pleasantly against my body. If you look at the base of the Tantus Ryder or Tantus Zing, you can see that earlier Tantus plugs had bases that were either rectangular or round, based on the particular plug. While I don’t have any real cause for complaint with those bases, now that I’ve experienced this new and improved super duper comfy base, I am not quite quite as fond of those anymore. Fortunately, Tantus has also produced the Juice and Neo Butt Plugs with the same base as the Twist, so if you don’t fancy a corkscrew up your butt you’ve got other options.

The Tantus Twist Butt Plug is oblong in shape, which allows it to slip inside with ease and remain comfortably in my body for long periods of time. It also has a 1″ neck that is about .75″ thick, which is plenty of room for my sphincter muscles to grab on to and keep the Twist in place.

In general, cleaning the Tantus Twist Butt Plug is pretty basic. As with all of Tantus’ sex toys without bullets, the Twist can be washed with a sex toy cleaner, soap and warm water, popped in the top drawer of your dishwasher (no soap), cleaned with a 10% bleach solution, or boiled for 3-5 minutes. Using the bleach solution and boiling the butt plug will disinfect it, allowing it to be shared between non-fluid bonded partners. If you have the desire to use the Tantus Twist vaginally, disinfecting after using it anally is a must. Even if you are the only person who utilizes the Twist, it’s a good idea to disinfect it every now and then, just to be get rid of any bacteria hanging about. As Tantus’ 100% Ultra-premium Platinum silicone is as close to non-porous as silicone can be, bacteria cannot penetrate the silicone and multiply. Thus, disinfection is not absolutely necessary, it’s just a precaution.

Regardless of how you clean your Tantus Twist Butt Plug, be sure to do so thoroughly. Though the ridges of the corkscrew are very wide and seemingly easy to clean, it is surprising how effortlessly fluids and such can hide out. As lazy as I claim to be when it comes to masturbation and cleaning up after myself, I am still very careful when it comes to washing my toys. Yet I have have to go back and re-clean my Tantus Twist on more than one occasion, even though it looked spotless when I did it the first time. This may be in part because I often let my toys air dry rather than drying them with a towel. I especially tend to air dry with silicone sex toys, and Tantus silicone, while fantastic in other areas, is usually a nightmarish lint magnet.

However, the silicone of the Tantus Twist Butt Plug is surprisingly not. Somehow, Tantus has managed to change the texture of its awesome Ultra-premium Platinum silicone. Rather than the typical draggy, lint magnet, the silicone of the Twist is incredibly soft and smooth. It doesn’t attract lint as soon as I glance at it. I can even wipe it down with a towel and NO lint. You may think I’m getting a little overly excited about this, but if you’re a fan of Tantus toys, you know their biggest issue across the board is trying to keep their silicone lint-free long enough to get the toy inside your body. This remarkable change in texture doesn’t stop there.

The silicone of the Tantus Twist Butt Plug is so soft and smooth it requires significantly less lubricant than my other Tantus sex toys, which is really saying something when it comes butt plugs. The smoothness of the Twist actually requires less lube than some of my Tantus dildos. That’s a significant improvement, and I love it. Is this the future of Tantus’ Ultra-premium Platinum silicone? Please, Tantus, let it be so!

The other big difference is obviously the shape of the Tantus Twist Butt Plug. This is my first experience with a corkscrew-like plug and I like it. When it comes to play, you certainly can slather the Twist with lube and shove it in your (or someone else’s) butt and then just yank it straight out when done. This possible, but aside from making your life harder, you’ll miss the whole point of the corkscrew.

Screwing the Twist in as if you were about to uncork a bottle of wine is a totally new and unique sensation for me. For one thing, the shape controls the speed of insertion, which is automatically far slower than a traditional plug. No matter how slowly you insert a round or oblong plug, you have that “pop” point where you lose control and it slides in on its own. Not a bad thing at all, just different. With the Tantus Twist, that point does not exist. You just keep twisting until it’s all the way in, which is a much slower process.

Drawing the process of insertion and removal out can provide an entirely different mood or affect of anal play. It forces you or your partner (or both of you) to truly savor every moment of the Tantus Twist sliding in and out. It’s definitely not a quickie butt plug that you pop in as you’re walking out the door to run errands. If you are prone to such behaviors… Even if you are not, a long, slow butt plug insertion can truly spice up play in a way you might not have imagined. I find it to be incredibly exciting. By the time the Twist is all the way in, I am far wetter than I usually am when popping in any old butt plug. It’s not just a different shape, it’s a different way to play.

Having said that, the Tantus Twist is definitely comfortable enough to wear while out and about for extended periods. The smallish diameter and oblong shape don’t cause any irritation to my sphincter muscles. I can even forget it’s there for a bit until I move in a certain way and I am gently reminded. I don’t notice the texture as much when the Twist is inside me, unless I am intentionally clenching down on it. I feel it much more during insertion and removal. In general, I do enjoy texture in my sex toys. If you do not or are particularly sensitive, I would recommend skipping the Twist in favor of the Tantus Neo, which has a very similar shape without any texture.

The packaging of the Tantus Twist Butt Plug is typical Tantus. It comes in a clear plastic box with the Tantus red and white accents. Inside the box the Twist is clearly visible in a plastic clam shell. As always, there is some basic information about Tantus silicone, and as always, I’m grateful I don’t need to read this info in German, French, or Spanish (though I can read both the French and Spanish) because I find the white print on its clear background challenging. I do require glasses or contact lenses though, as I am blind as a bat (without the added benefit of their echolocation, damn it!), so it may just be me. As the box is totally see through and the Twist is clearly a sex toy, it is not the most discreet way to store the butt plug nor give as a gift. The fact that Tantus has printed, “the world’s best soft toys for adults” on the front certainly does not help with discreteness. While this box is not the sturdiest thing around, it does fine for storage but it takes up an unnecessary amount of room. You’re probably better off storing the Tantus Twist in a sex toy storage bag or a ziploc. Just make sure there’s not something hard pressing down on it that could damage its shape. You also want to keep your silicone toys safe from other toys made of silicone or other malleable products that might melt all over your beautiful Tantus Twist.

Tantus Twist Butt Plug Pros:
• Unusual corkscrew texture
• Ultra-premium Platinum silicone
• Well-shaped, comfortable base
• Can be worn for prolonged periods
• Can be worn during other sexual activity
• Super smooth, non-lint magnety silicone

Tantus Twist Butt Plug Cons:
• Must clean between ridges carefully
• On the small side
• May be too textured for some

Other than the fact that the Tantus Twist Butt Plug may be overly textured and/or small for some people and that you’ve got to be extra careful when cleaning, I’m hard-pressed to find anything wrong with it. Let’s face it, we’re talking about preferences and something you need to be doing anyway, so those are pretty weak downsides. If you’d like to try a corkscrew-style butt plug, you really can’t go wrong with the Tantus Twist. The only suggestion I have for Tantus is to come out with a larger size and offer a choice, like they have done for some of their other butt plugs.

Hello Kitty Crystal Minx Magnetic Bunny Tail Plug

A few years ago, I was lucky enough to attend the AVN Adult Novelty Expo in Pasadena, CA. Not only did I have the opportunity to come into contact with a lot of new products, I met some really great people. Among them was Shellie, proprietress of Crystal Delights (proprietress, heh). At the show, I was able to check out Shellie’s stash of products, live and in person. It’s so very different from looking at something online, especially when it comes to shiny and sparkly things like glass and crystals.

If you haven’t heard of them, Crystal Delights makes amazing glass sex toys. Granted, there are a lot of glass toys out there, but very few of them can compare in quality and creativity. In fact, the Crystal Delights Crystal Minx Tail was the winner of the 2013 XBiz Award for “Best Non-Powered Pleasure Product” & 2012 AVN Award for “Best Fetish Product” of the Year.

When Shellie offered to send me the Crystal Delights Hello Kitty Crystal Minx Magnetic Bunny Tail Plug for review, I jumped on it without a second thought. As I was waiting for it to arrive, I started wondering just exactly what a Crystal Delights Hello Kitty Crystal Minx Magnetic Bunny Tail Plug might entail. For the most part, the name is self-explanatory. It’s a butt plug, from the Crystal Minx line, and it has a magnetic bunny tail. Makes sense, but where did Hello Kitty fit in? I have loved Hello Kitty since I was a little kid, and never even noticed until someone pointed out to me that Hello Kitty has no mouth, which just goes to show you how observant I am. *eye roll* Needless to say, I was super excited about the arrival of my package.

It turns out that the Crystal Delights Hello Kitty Crystal Minx Magnetic Bunny Tail Plug is basically the traditional (Don’t you love my use of the word “traditional” when discussing bunny tail butt plugs?) Crystal Minx Magnetic Bunny Tail Plug with a gorgeous Swarovski-infused, magnetic Hello Kitty face. Are you confused? As Ricky Ricardo would say, let me ‘splain.

The Crystal Minx Magnetic Bunny Tail Plug is a small-medium size butt plug made of clear borosillicate glass. If you’re familiar with the original Crystal Delights Butt Plugs, you know they have Swarovski crystal elements embedded in their base. In 2012, the Crystal Minx was released and instead of being stuck with crappy latex butt plugs for Pet Play, people finally had the option of high-quality glass plug with luscious tails. Crystal Delights then expanded the Crystal Minx line by adding the original Crystal Minx Bunny Tail Plug, which has the bunny tail permanently attached to the butt plug.

As I have mentioned many times, I prefer sex toys I can easily clean and manage. I thought that might be an issue for me with the Crystal Minx line because I can get a bit sloppy with the lube during play and water when cleaning up. So, when Crystal Delights introduced the Crystal Minx Magnetic Bunny Tail Plug, I was intrigued.

All Crystal Delights sex toys are made from borosillicate glass, also known as Pyrex, a kind of glass used in baking dishes. Borosillicate glass is made to withstand greater temperature extremes than glass commonly used to make water or wine glasses. In addition, if borosillicate glass breaks, it does so in large chunks rather than shattering all over the place like those water and wine glasses that are impossible to totally clean up. I mention breakage, not to freak anyone out, but to explain the differences between borosillicate and standard glass. I have a good number of glass sex toys and have never had one break or chip, regardless of the fact that I have dropped a few of them. That being said, it is still important to carefully look over your glass toys before use to be certain there are no chips or cracks.

While I may be stating the obvious here, the difference between the original Crystal Delights Crystal Minx Bunny Tail Plug and the Crystal Minx Magnetic Bunny Tail Plug is that rather than having the bunny tail permanently attached to the plug, the Crystal Minx Magnetic Bunny Tail Plug’s bunny tail is attached magnetically. Like I said, obvious. The Crystal Minx Magnetic Bunny Tail Plug has a Neodymium magnet embedded in its base so that the bunny tail can be removed and reattached. Brilliant! Crystal Delights recommends you slide the bunny tail off the magnet rather than grasping the tail and yanking it off. Not only are the tails real fur, and therefore fragile, this is an insanely strong magnet. Apparently, Neodymium magnets are so strong, larger ones can cause injuries when used improperly. Seriously strong. Not kidding.

The cool thing is that both the bunny tail and the Hello Kitty bejeweled face have magnets so I can swap them out and choose which one to wear. Yessiree, I can have a sparkling Hello Kitty face, complete with whiskers and pink bow, shimmering out of my bottom. I don’t know many people who can say that. At first, I was a bit concerned that wearing the plug with Hello Kitty’s face attached might not be the best idea. I thought it could possibly slide off and disappear up my butt. Not a chance. There is no way that radiant little face is going anywhere without some serious encouragement. Strongest magnet in the world.

My Hello Kitty Crystal Minx Magnetic Bunny Tail Plug is approximately 3.5″, with about 3″ of insertable length, and 1.4″ in diameter at its widest point. Notice I specified “my” Crystal Minx Bunny Tail Plug. That’s because every Crystal Delights piece is individually handmade, so each one is unique. While some products will certainly be close in size and color, as they should be, they will not match each other exactly. Therefore, I am providing the dimensions of my specific plug, and they do differ slightly from the dimensions on the Crystal Minx Magnetic Bunny Tail Plug’s webpage. My Crystal Minx Bunny Tail Plug is the teeniest bit larger, which is oki doki with me, and should not be a problem for anyone, as the difference is negligible.

If you do not have much experience with glass sex toys, allow me to point out that 1.4″ in diameter is a true 1.4″. Even the firmest silicone sex toys have some give, allowing them to feel slightly smaller when inserted into the body. It is just the opposite with glass. Due to its hardness and unforgiving nature, the toy may feel even larger. For me, especially with a butt plug, this is a plus. Another bonus to glass is that it retains temperature very well, thus making it excellent for temperature play. You can heat up or cool down your Crystal Minx Magnetic Bunny Tail Plug in a bowl of hot or ice water (please remove the tail first), depending upon your preference. For some reason, I really like cold play. Please don’t stick your Crystal Minx Magnetic Bunny Tail Plug in the microwave to heat it up. Remember, it’s got a metal magnet embedded in its base. Some people may wonder why I feel the need to remind you of this, but I know there is someone out there somewhere reading this review who was seriously considering the microwave until just a moment ago. You know who you are.

Aside from being able to swap out my sparkly Hello Kitty face with my soft, pink bunny tail, the best reason to have the strongest magnet ever in my butt plug is so that I can clean it without damaging said soft, pink bunny tail. Glass is stupidly easy to clean so you can just (carefully) SLIDE (not yank!) the bunny tail off and wash the butt plug with warm water and soap, a sex toy cleaner, rubbing alcohol, peroxide, or a 10% bleach solution. In theory, you can boil borosillicate glass, as well as pop it in the dishwasher. Even though this Crystal Delights butt plug does not have a Swarovski crystal element or glass medallion in the base, I don’t like the idea of boiling it. Maybe that’s just because it involves washing dishes and kitchen stuff. *shudder* I suppose I might run it through the dishwasher, but if you do either, be very careful. I imagine the magnet will get very hot and could cause a serious burn if accidentally touched. If you are planning on sharing your Crystal Delights Hello Kitty Crystal Minx Magnetic Bunny Tail Plug between non-fluid bonded partners, definitely disinfect it with the 10% bleach solution. Also, if you were to decide to use this plug vaginally after using it anally, do the same thing. The bleach will kill any bacteria that you don’t want to share with other people or other parts of your body.

Glass is great because its natural slickness means I don’t need to use as much lube as I do with toys of made of other materials (Oh yeah, silicone, I’m looking at you). Regardless of what kind of lube I use with the Crystal Delights Hello Kitty Crystal Minx Magnetic Bunny Tail Plug, and I can use either water or silicone-based lubricant with glass, just a small dab is all I need. This is great because even with the magnetic bunny tail you’ve still got to be careful not to get lube all over the place. However, when it comes to anal play, when in doubt, use more rather than less lube. You must protect that fragile tissue.

When it comes to cleaning the bunny tail itself, Shellie cracks me up with this comment on the website and the included instructions, “Here is where I give you the “correct” way to clean your Crystal Minx tail (which I know most of you won’t do)”, because she’s so right. Anyway, what she basically says is that if something bad gets on your bunny tail, you need to have it cleaned by a fur professional. If it’s not something horribly sticky or staining, you can spot clean immediately by patting, not stroking, the area with a rag and cleaning fluid, then hanging it to dry. She provides a full list of tips for caring for your bunny tail on the Crystal Delights website.

Above, I described the Crystal Minx Magnetic Bunny Tail Plug as a small-medium plug. I consider butt plugs with a diameter around 1″ or less as small, 1.5″ as medium, and 2″ as large. I am clarifying this because I’m sure other people look at this completely differently. I have a good amount of experience with butt plugs and anal play, and can tolerate a plug quite a bit larger than this one. However, for hopping about the rabbit hutch, the 1.4″ of diameter suits me very well. It is certainly small enough for me to be comfortably penetrated vaginally while wearing it, whether with a toy, fingers, or a penis. More importantly, it is comfortable to wear around for an extended period of time. After all, I’m not usually popping in a Bunny Tail Butt Plug just for a few minutes. This is a plug I’m going to wear for a while, so it must be comfy. Yep, I just said a glass butt plug can be comfy.

Sitting on the bunny tail itself is less comfortable, depending upon where and how I am sitting. I can definitely feel it, both due to the fur and the fact that it sticks out. It’s not something I want to sit on for hours on a hard wood chair, but at the right angle on the bed or soft couch, it’s totally doable. As the bunny tail is made of fox fur, not rabbit fur, is less silky than you might expect, but it is still very soft. Sometimes it can be a little tickly as well, but overall, extended wear is not a problem.

The acorn-like shape of the Crystal Delights Crystal Minx Magnetic Bunny Tail Plug also suits me well. The smaller tip allows the bulb to softly slip in to my anus. The bulb gently widens until it hits that widest point and gets sucked right in with the distinctive *pop* I feel when the shape is just right. My anal muscles relax comfortably around the stem of the plug, while the base rests solidly up against my butt cheeks, not sticking out too far. All in all, a perfect fit.

The packaging of the Crystal Delights Hello Kitty Crystal Minx Magnetic Bunny Tail Plug is simple and lovely. Crystal Delights ships discreetly, so no worries there. The glass butt plug with its sparkly Hello Kitty face come tucked inside a beautiful, black brocade storage pouch. This pouch has a pocket for the Crystal Minx Magnetic Bunny Tail Plug and then wraps around it and is secured by stretchy bands on either end. It comes with a little tag with the month and year when it was inspected by hand, along with the inspector’s initials. The pouch is wrapped with tissue paper and a Crystal Delights sticker. A sheet of instructions and the bunny tail itself were loose in the box. This is because squishing the bunny tail up to fit into a pouch would damage it. Fur likes to be footloose and fancy free, so to speak.

In case you’re not familiar with Crystal Delights’ charity efforts, I’d like to make you aware of a program called, Colors Against Cancer, that Crystal Delights has run as long as I have been aware of the company. It’s simple and straightforward. 10% of the annual profits from the sales of the butt plugs and dildos from the Colors Against Cancer line are donated to cancer charities. I can’t think of a single person in my life who hasn’t been touched in some way by cancer and I think it’s wonderful that Crystal Delights gives back to the community in this way.

Crystal Delights Hello Kitty Crystal Minx Magnetic Bunny Tail Plug Pros:
• Great shape
• Perfect size for extended wear
• High quality
• Borosillicate glass
• Magnetic tail
• Gorgeous
• Fun
• Hello Kitty
• Unique
• Made in U.S.
• Company give back to community
• Choice of color
• Temperature play

Crystal Delights Hello Kitty Crystal Minx Magnetic Bunny Tail Plug Cons:
• Ummm…I don’t have one with Keroppi?

I knew going into this review that chances were very high I’d love the Crystal Delights Hello Kitty Crystal Minx Magnetic Bunny Tail Plug. Quite frankly, what’s not to love? It’s a high-quality, made in the U.S., glass butt plug, with the strongest magnet in the world embedded into its base that allows me to wear either a pink bunny tail or a shimmery Swarovski crystalled Hello Kitty face in my butt. In theory, I have trouble finding fault with any of that. When it comes to reality, I have the same problem, if one could call not being able to find anything wrong with the Crystal Delights Hello Kitty Crystal Minx Magnetic Bunny Tail Plug a “problem”.

The shape and size are perfect for extended wear, which is really the point when it comes to Pet Play. Even if you’re not into Pet Play, who doesn’t want a furry bunny tail? People pin those things to their butts all the time, and not just for Halloween… The stem of the butt plug is long enough to provide sufficient room for my muscles to clench down without feeling like it’s going to slip out or get sucked up inside me. The bunny tail is soft and fluffy and looks adorable. The Hello Kitty face is pretty, sparkly, and cracks me up every time I look at it, let alone wear it. It’s awesome and I love it and I want more. What else can I say? Get over to Crystal Delights, check out their stuff, and buy some. Like today already.

Did I mention that Crystal Delights can do custom orders as well? If you’re a bit of a size queen and want a bigger plug, contact Shellie and let her know. She’ll be happy to tell you what’s involved. OMG! I just had a brilliant idea. A zebra stripey magnetic plug with a zebra/horse tail and cheetah or leopard print magnetic plug with a cheetah or leopard tail. YES!

The Crystal Delights Crystal Minx Magnetic Bunny Tail Plug is available in either black, white, or pink real fox fur. Don’t bother telling me there is no such thing as a pink fox because I know you’re lying. Down the road, look for more tail options that can be purchased separately to be mixed and matched with your Crystal Delights Crystal Minx Magnetic Butt Plug. I’d also love to see some faux fur options as well at some point. I would think there is a market for it. Vegans need butt plugs too!

Tantus Asteroid Butt Plug

Did you know that October is Stick Stuff Up Your Butt Month? I may be kinda making that up, but Monday was October 21, and the third official National Fisting Day, a “holiday” created by feminist pornographers.

In honor of Fisting Day and sticking stuff up your butt, Tantus is offering 25% off ALL of their Butt Toys. All you need to do is enter code: WHATWHAT at checkout. To celebrate this great WHATWHAT butt toy offer, Tantus was kind enough to send me the most beautiful Tantus Asteroid Butt Plug for review.

Like its sibling, the Tantus Rocket Dildo, the Tantus Asteroid Butt Plug comes from the unique line of Tantus Space Toys, which consists of four sex toys, the Asteroid, the Rocket, the Comet, and the Meteorite.

Though the shapes of the toys in the Space Toy line are actually not new, all four are handmade with three different colored sections, like Neapolitan Ice Cream. Did you ever try that freeze dried Astronaut Neapolitan Ice Cream you could get at the Smithsonian Museum? AWFUL, but I did like the real ice cream as a kid. Except for the chocolate, which I always left behind.

Instead of strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate colors, the Tantus Asteroid Butt Plug is hot pink, bright orange, and lime green. I have one word for gorgeousness of this butt plug, AWESOME. Admittedly, the reason I wanted to review the Asteroid was way more about its color scheme than its shape. Until I discovered the shape should not be overlooked.

As I mentioned above, the Tantus Asteroid Butt Plug and its brethren are based on shapes that already exist in the Tantus arsenal. The Asteroid is the Cody Butt Plug in disguise. It has the same shape and dimensions as Cody, so if you’d like to try out the Asteroid Butt Plug but for some crazy reason feel it’s too flashy, you can always get Cody in black. I’ll be slightly disappointed in you, but I’ll get over it. Eventually.

With an insertable length of 4.5″ and a diameter of 1.75″, the Tantus Asteroid is not a butt plug for beginners. It is definitely something to work up to if you are new to anal play. If this is the, case and you are looking for a starter butt plug, I suggest the Tantus Little Flirt, which is only .8″ in diameter, or the Tantus Slim, which is 1″ in diameter. Better yet, go with the Tantus Meteorite, which is the same as the Slim (black = boring), but in the pretty colors of my Asteroid.

As it clearly states on the Tantus Asteroid’s product page, the Space Toy line is handmade, so the one you receive may not match the image on the site. The color placement on my Asteroid Butt Plug is slightly different than on the one in the Tantus images.

On my Asteroid, the pink of the base turns to orange much higher up on the butt plug (on the stem), rather than sticking to just the base. The orange to lime green fade also happens higher up on the body of the plug, right in the middle of the second curve from the top. I think it is so cool that not all the Asteroid Butt Plugs are identical. The more unique and special the sex toy, the better.

There are many great things about Tantus sex toys and it’s no secret I’m a big fan. Tantus makes all of their toys with a proprietary blend of Platinum Silicone, called Ultra-Premium Platinum Silicone, which is of very high quality. This pure silicone is latex and phthalate-free, body-safe, and hypoallergenic. While anything is possible, I have yet to hear of anyone having a reaction to silicone of this quality, so if your body is hyper-sensitive, Tantus toys are an excellent choice.

Tantus designs and produces all of their products in the U.S., which means they provide jobs to people living here. I’m not going to get on my soapbox about outsourcing, but I consider this to be a good thing. Speaking of their designs, Tantus is a company that does a significant amount of product testing before making the decision to produce and market a new sex toy. This means that real people try early prototypes and provide feedback that allows Tantus to make adjustments before going to market with their products. You may find this shocking, but not all sex toy manufacturers do this.

In addition, if you are less experienced with sex toys, Tantus has a great Sex Ed page with some very good articles that are absolutely worth checking out. If you still believe it is ok to shove jelly sex toys into your body, the article, Metis Black on Toxic Toys: Beyond Phthalates, is a must read. If you’ve got questions about lubricant, especially silicone-based, check out Got Lube? (part 1) and Got Lube? (part 2).

As Tantus silicone is high-caliber, you can use it with high quality, pure silicone-based lubricants, such as Pjur. If you’re not sure whether or not your silicone-based lube will work with the Tantus Asteroid Butt Plug, either do a spot check on the underside of its base, or stick to water-based lubricants.

Be aware that the Tantus Asteroid Butt Plug is very draggy, as is common with many silicone sex toys. You will want to be very liberal in your use of lubricant, regardless of what type you are using. In general, you do not want to skimp on lube when you are inserting toys into your body, but this is especially true of anal play.

Silicone is practically non-porous, which means it does not absorb bacteria and can be cleaned in a variety of ways. Warm water and mild soap is always doable, as is a sex toy cleaner. Since the Tantus Asteroid Butt Plug has no moving parts, it is waterproof, which means you can also pop it into the top drawer of your dishwasher and run it through the cycle, sans soap.

Additionally, the Asteroid can be sterilized with a 10% bleach solution or by being boiled for 3-5 minutes. Sterilizing your Tantus Asteroid will allow you to share it with partners (once sterilized, obviously) or use it both vaginally and anally, if you so desire.

I think I have already raved a fair amount about how much I adore the colorful beauty of the Tantus Asteroid Butt Plug, but in case I haven’t done so sufficiently…rave, rave, rave. Now it’s probably important to discuss the actual use of it, I suppose.

As I mentioned above, the dragginess of the Asteroid’s silicone necessitates a good amount of lube. However, I find that once it is lubed up and in place, I don’t need to constantly reapply. This could be because I’m usually not doing a lot of thrusting with the plug. I’m more of a pop it into place and enjoy the feeling of fullness kind of girl. Though I also think the Asteroid just doesn’t eat lube like some silicone toys.

The size and shape of the Tantus Asteroid lend themselves to that delicious sensation of being filled. The rounded, yet pointy, tip allows for smooth insertion (lube, lube, and more lube), while the curviness of the two bulges creates a comfortable transition as the plug widens. The stem of the Asteroid narrows enough between the bottom of the second bulge and the top of its base to provide sufficient space for my anal muscles to grip and hold.

In general, I have had good luck with Tantus butt plugs. They stay inside of me, which might seem totally obvious and like it’s no big deal. “Aren’t butt plugs supposed to stay inside of you? Isn’t that standard?”, you might query. Yes. Yes, they are. Yet you would be surprised to discover how many don’t. SO many butt plugs just slip right out during play…or breathing. Happily, the Tantus Asteroid does not. The large, round base keeps it well-secured inside my butt, even during vaginal penetration, which can be a tricky time for an anal toy.

Due to this large, round base, the Tantus Asteroid is not a butt plug I am going to wear out and about underneath my clothes, or even around the house doing chores. (Will someone PLEASE come over and do the vacuuming??) For me, the base is just too bulky to be comfortable running errands or lazing on the couch. Though it is superb for anchoring the Asteroid inside of my body during anal play, it doesn’t do well under clothing.

If you’re curious, my favorite long wearing butt plugs are the njoy Pure Plug and the Crystal Delights Crystal Minx Magnetic Bunny Tail Plug. Though it is very texturey, the Tantus Twist does a good job as well.

As for downsides, I must mention the one annoying aspect I have found with all of my Tantus sex toys, perhaps with the exception of the Tantus Twist Butt Plug (which has a different, unusually smooth and silky surface).

The Tantus Asteroid Butt Plug is a lint magnet. It’s actually not quite as bad as some of my other Tantus toys, but if I leave it drying on the counter, dust, hair, and anything else floating in the air will be irresistibly drawn to it. If I dry it with a towel, that’s even worse. Lint city. To be fair, most of my high quality silicone sex toys have this issue.

Oh! I just had an idea. I need one of those special, lint-free, microfiber cloths that is meant to be used on LCD and plasma screens. Maybe that would help my Tantus toys…

The pointy, curvy shape of the Tantus Asteroid Butt Plug is not something I had in my butt toy collection, but it is a welcome addition. The tip encourages easy insertion, while the gradually widening body of the plug allows my anal muscles to slowly warm up to the increasing size.

The base is definitely large enough to keep the plug from disappearing inside my anus, but also large enough to keep the Tantus Asteroid from being a wear around house or running errands butt plug. As I have a number of butt plugs in My Toy Box, it’s not necessary for the Asteroid to meet my every need. However, most people don’t own over a dozen anal toys, so think about what you want in a butt plug before purchasing.

The diameter of the Tantus Asteroid keeps it from being an ideal first butt plug. If you are an experienced anal player, by all means, the Asteroid is an excellent choice. If you are a newbie, consider the suggestions I made earlier in this review before moving on to the Asteroid. However, once you are practiced and ready, GO FOR IT.

On the off chance you don’t follow me on Twitter and hang on my every tweet (even though I know you do, or you will once you click on that Twitter icon on the left hand side of the page), I absolutely have to link you to the most awesome image in existence of the Tantus Asteroid Butt Plug. This is not photoshopped, friends. This is the plain old image I was able to grab on the standard camera on my phone. It happened to be sitting on the edge of my table in a rare ray of sunlight. Do you see how it glows??

As with my most recent Tantus review item (Yes, I’m aware it was just two weeks ago. Get off me.), the Tantus Max O2 Dildo, the Asteroid Butt Plug was set aside as a product sample. For this reason, it did not arrive in the typical Tantus clear plastic box, but rather free and loose, wrapped in paper for protection. However, when you purchase your Tantus Asteroid Butt Plug, it will come in the same packaging as my other Tantus sex toys, such as the Tantus Cush O2 Dildo.

Tantus Asteroid Butt Plug Pros:
• Gorgeous colors
• Awesome Ultra-Premium Silicone
• Great shape
• Good size (for me)
• Large base
• Remains inside my body during play
• Can be used with high quality silicone-based lube
• Waterproof
• Terrific company
• Made in the U.S.

Tantus Asteroid Butt Plug Cons:
• Lint, lint, and more lint

As always, Tantus sex toys make me happy, but the Tantus Asteroid Butt Plug makes me feel particularly joyful. Its colors are so cheerful. It’s like a brightly colored butterfly (currently) sitting on my table. With such a beautiful, kaleidoscopic butt plug like the Asteroid on the loose, how can you not want to stick something up your butt?