Icicles No. 18 Glass Dildo

The Glass Dildo was posted out to me in some lovely discrete packaging which also had plenty of protection for something that is made from glass. Inside the protective packaging the Icicles No. 18 was packaged in a lovely display box which shows off the beautiful glass perfectly.

Icicles No. 18 – The Beautiful Packaging

Inside the box the Icicles No. 18 Glass dildo is protected in some perfectly shaped foam packaging which prevents it from been able to move around during transit and therefore stops it from getting damaged.

Icicles No. 18 – Protective Packaging

The Icicles No. 18 is made from top quality glass which is designed not to shatter or break when used even if it has been used with some force, I have dropped one of these onto concrete in the past and it hasn’t even chipped.

Icicles No. 18 – Image from the box

The Icicles No. 18 is able to withstand changes in temperature meaning that you can warm up the dildo in warm water to body temperature or beyond if you wish or if you want to cool things down you can pop it in the fridge or even in the freezer if you dare. Personally I prefer the glass to be body temperature I am not a big fan of cold sex toys, but if you are then the glass that this is made of will hold its temperature for some time after it has been cooled making it perfect for temperature play.

The Icicles No. 18 is shaped to massage the g-spot perfectly when it is being used the large bulbous head and the curve with those bumps that just feel amazing when it is being used meaning that whether playing alone or with a partner you are sure to have fun.

Icicles No. 18 – The Head

I can’t tell you just how good the Icicles No.18 dildo feels, having tested a fair few glass dildo’s over the years this has to be one of my favorite ones so far, the size and shape of it is just perfect and the bumps really are something that needs to be felt to be believed.

Icicles No.18 – Lovely Bumps

Glass Dildos are hypoallergenic, they can be washed in a dishwasher, boiled or cleaned in the sink with normal soap and water, they can be used with any lubricant and are safer than you might expect due to them been made from top quality safety glass. On top of all of that they feel amazing and look great to. This one even has a flower in the base of the dildo which looks great and the amazing bumps that I talked about are blue, this isn’t something that you can have with any other material.

Icicles No. 18 – Flower in base

Glass dildo’s are solid so you do need to be careful when using them on a partner as it is easy to be rougher than you realize and leave your partner feeling sore the next day. This is something that you need to be aware of when deciding to purchase glass.

Overall I loved the Icicles No. 18 glass Dildo by Pipedream from TwistedMiss.co.uk, the shape and size of this dildo suited my body perfectly and that combined with my partner’s expertise meant that it felt simply divine. I can’t possibly recommend this glass dildo enough; if you haven’t tried glass then this should be the one that you try first.

Satisfy Me G-spot Silicone Dildo

The box the dildo comes in is simple and clear, no silly images on there of naked women, which if you have read any of my other reviews you might have noticed I hate, just a nice clear picture of the dildo itself and some basic information, telling you what it is made from, what to expect in the box and which lube to use.

When I opened the box and pulled out the molded plastic tray which the dildo was sat it and held the dildo for the first time in my hand, my first impressions where good, it was slightly smaller than I was imagining, even though I had read the very clear measurements on the website I still had it in mind that it would be slightly bigger than it is. Inside the box is a leaflet with more details on how to use the dildo correctly to get the best sensations out of it, this is particularly useful if you are new to this kind of toy. The G-spot can be a little tricky to find at first but once you have found it, it is worth the time.

The Satisfy Me Silicone g-spot Dildo itself feels warm to the touch and is incredibly smooth, the slight molding that it has to give it its perfect g-spot stimulation is nice and smooth and rounded so no unsightly or uncomfortable to be seen. There are 2 ends to this dildo the nice round smooth end which has no ridges at all and the thinner flatter end which has some ridges, both feel good against the g-spot, I personally preferred the thinner flatter end.

The silicone is firm but it’s not hard like a glass or plastic dildo would be it does have some flexibility to it, it is also much warmer to the touch than a glass or plastic toy would be, silicone can be warmed in warm water or cooled in a fridge just like glass can and as this toy is 100% silicone and has no electrical parts it is safe to submerge it in water to do so if you wish.

It is also nice and easy to clean and unlike jelly toys which are porous and therefore less safe, This is 100% silicone and it can be cleaned throughout in hot or even boiling water to make sure that it is totally clean and safe to use the next time. I would always recommend using a quality sex toy cleaner to make sure that you kill all the bacteria and prevent any risk to yourself of infection from an unclean toy, but as this is silicone you could safely sterilize it if you really wanted in boiling water instead.

As this dildo is made from silicone it is recommended that you avoid using any silicone lube with it as it could react with the dildo and cause the dildo to melt or become misshapen or both, it is also recommended that you store it away from other silicone toys, I always save the boxes and store all of my toys in their original packaging where ever possible, this box is reusable in this way but if you prefer not to do this a cheap and effective way of making sure that your dildo’s don’t melt and mix with your other toys is to use cotton socks or little satin draw string bags which a lot of online sex stores are selling now. There is also a huge range of water based lubes out there which are all perfect for use with this sort of toy, provided the lube that you choose says water based and not silicone you are fine to use it, some hybrid lubes are also safe for use with silicone, but please check the packaging before you use it to be sure.

Personally I really liked the feel of this dildo, its firm but not so firm that I worry about bruising if my partner had been rough with it, I found that both ends felt amazing against the g-spot and this is one that my partner really enjoyed using with me to. We also found that it was great for double penetration as it has a slight flex in it so it didn’t feel too bulky or like it was getting in the way, in the way that a more solid toy might.

Overall I like this silicone dildo and so did my partner, the grooves feel good and it’s got a nice size and weight to it, even if it was a little smaller than I expected. It has no annoying seams and comes in some nice tidy packaging; this is definitely something that I am pleased to have added to my collection. It is also excellent value for money, you can often pay a lot of a silicone dildo in comparison to the less safe jelly ones, but this Dildo is very competitively priced.