Tenga Flip Zero Review

tenga flip 0I don’t want to tell you what you should put your dick in; but if I did, I’d tell you to put it in this.


Imagine my surprise when I was sent the Tenga Flip Zero to review. I felt like I’d just been accepted to NASA. The NASA of dick stimulation! I’ve followed this product for a while and in the past been a regular user of the Tenga Fliphole and their Onacupsand it seemed like a big step up. The Flip Hole was good, easily competing with Fleshlight and the ability to open it up after to easily clean was a huge bonus. With the Zero came new rumours of one-way suction valves and bigger, better and refined design features. If you are interested in more detailed review visit this website bestblowjobmachines.com, if not let’s get down to business.

As soon as the Zero arrived I knew it was go time. Instead of cardboard boxes or any of that nonsense you get the casing, and a little bit of plastic which is taped on the bottom with instructions and lube – it’s pretty much ready to go. There didn’t seem to be any messing around, the only word I have for it is ‘efficient’.

I’ll get through the item specs as quickly as possible because this toy really is a divine jizz box and I need to tell you that straight away, but I guess you need to know how long it is and stuff so here goes. The outer casing is a hard clear plastic which the lid clips into. When stored the Zero fits in the casing snugly with the opening resting on the lid facing downwards. This is great for travelling and general storage as it rarely – if ever – comes open.

The material is phthalate free TPE with plastic on the pressure pad (to adjust suction) and plastic on the clips to close the Zero. It is waterproof, though why you would want to use it in the bath is beyond me. The material feels very soft and even though the toy is quite bulky it is easy to grip and stroke with one-handed.

The internal diameter is roughly half an inch, and the fully insertable length is around 6 inches but the 6 inches feels extended; as when you draw back the Zero the opening stretches, so you can garner an extra inch and a half from that. The external circumference is 9 inches and approximately 7 inches in length and the case is 8 inches in length and 10.5 inches in circumference respectively.

Cleaning is pretty easy, you slide off the outer plastic and the toy clicks open. What’s new with the Ghost compared to the previous versions such as the Fliphole is the toy opens from the back, and the hinge is at the front. As far as I can tell this is to stop leakage when it is in use, as nothing ever leaks out, whereas with the old Fliphole you could get some lube leaking when in use.

Once open, just rinse out the toy with warm water and dry thoroughly. You can leave it to dry by putting the slide arms into the base of the stand and hanging it from the top. The Zero carries the burden of the male masturbator; you need to keep on top of the cleaning, but as long as you clean it out soon after use you shouldn’t have any problems.

To use the Tenga the general advice is to open it up and gently lay down a line of lubricant, but I’ll be honest I just fired a couple of squirts of lube into the opening and started off slowly. I recommend a water based lubricant, but I have also tried a silicone lubricant and not found any degradation but try this at your own risk, I’d advise just using a water based solution to protect the longevity of your toy.

It’s probably important at this point to go through the internal design. Now there are 4 distinct levels to the Indiana Jones Temple of Doom within the Zero. The first few inches has a section named the “Ridge Wall” coupled with the Mad Max named “Ripple Dome”. Once your cock has traversed these dangers we move on to the – and I am not making this up – “Triple Chain Gate” and finally at the very end, after dodging the pressure plates and lube traps you will find yourself entering the “Layered Orb End” which looks a lot like the weapon the Death Star uses to destroy Alderaan.

In all seriousness these varying patterns feel great. It’s a definite edge over concentric design masturbators as you feel different sensations as you stroke in and out, and the Layered Orb End feels amazing at the pinnacle of each thrust. Because of the LEO I found I had powerful, intense, lasting orgasms also, which were beyond any masturbator I’ve tried previously.

I haven’t really mentioned the vacuum valve yet. There is a one way valve installed in the Zero which is frankly some space-age shit and reminds me a little of the Onacup, but much more developed. Once inserted you can squeeze the pads in the middle of the grip to adjust the suction, and on every stroke you feel a strong suction feeling with only a little noise. Other suction based toys I have used have been quite noisy which isn’t ideal at the dead of night but as the suction is so strong it is contained and quiet.

It should be clear now that I love this toy. I really feel like the Zero has combined designs from previous products into a truly masterful product. I’ve used the Tenga Fliphole in the past but in comparison the Zero is on another level, like the difference between a bicycle and a Harley Davidson. The Zero just feels so refined, the build quality is flawless and it does its job better than any other male masturbator I have used previously. The size is just right, it’s easy to transport. I have no qualms. My hand now feels like a worthless alternative and I can’t see myself going back to manual pump action masturbation any time soon. I’m sorry hand. I’m not sorry.

Fun Factory Cobra Libre

Automatic Male Stroker - Cobra LibreThe first time I saw the Cobra Libre I had to take a double take, the design was so different to any other male toy I had come across. The quality was apparent, even from looking at the pictures. Although I have a rather large collection of toys, Eros doesn’t and so I wanted to treat him to this. However, at that time I simply couldn’t afford the £90 price tag.

When Lovehoney had a massive price reduction on several luxury items at Christmas, making this luxury item just £45, I knew I had to grab it.

Packaging: Being from Funfactory, a luxury brand, you don’t get any cringe-worthy, cheap, flimsy packaging. The cardboard box has 3 sides with a clear mould around the Cobra Libre so there is no damage in transit. The colours of the box are very neutral with red and grey themes, perfect for a brand which sells both female, male and couples toys.

Including in the box is two sachets of lubricant and instructions on the toy. These were quite complicated and mostly filled with marketing jargon, not very helpful to customers who are not technologically minded. Thankfully, including around the jargon is the instructions on how you use the Cobra Libre.

Strangely, not included is a charger, make sure that you have brought one separately with your order or you may be very disappointed about not being able to use this toy immediately. This is a definite negative, certainly not what you would except from a luxury brand and having just paid out upwards of £100 for a blowjob toy. Funny that they include lubricant but not chargers! Luckily, this was brought from Lovehoney, who kindly include a charger with every Funfactory rechargeable product.

Appearance/Materials: My initial thoughts on quality were completely correct. The Cobra Libre is solid with no loose or rattling parts. It is made from two-toned high quality plastic which is fused to a soft and flexible 100% silicone tunnel. The materials used are completely skin-safe and there is no odour from any part of the Cobra Libre.

The silicone tunnel is rather short, only 3.5 inches, this disappointed me as I was expecting it to be longer, my partner was also put off by how short it is.

The colours simply suit the Cobra Libre and almost highlight it’s quality, rather like a beautiful interior for an expensive car. The colour I picked was the blue and white, as unfortunately, the red and black, my first choice, was sold out. This was due to the brilliant offer for one day only.

Functions/Controls/Volume: With nearly all the toys around on the market today, Funfactory recommend fully charging the Cobra Libre before using it for the first time, which they say can take up to 12 hours. This can be a serious pain, especially when you are itching to try your new toy. Luckily it took around 8 hours to fully charge, with each charge thereafter taking around 2 hours, depending on how low the battery is.

There are two vibrating motors inside which are controlled by three touch sensitive buttons on top of the Cobra Libre.

The three buttons are function, up and down. The function button not only turns the toy on and off, it controls the next vibration patterns. The up and down button control the intensity of the vibrations.

When the patterns first start, the vibrations are quiet low, however the worries soon disappear once you start climbing up the intensity. Getting to your favourite pattern can be time consuming as you have to travel through the vibration modes before getting to the patterns.

There is a reset function, which is activated by pressing the function button for a couple of seconds, not too long though as it will turn off. This resets the patterns back to the first vibration pattern, this can be used to train yourself to last longer and enjoy more powerful orgasms.

Some patterns are very similar and I can’t seem to find a website that lists all the patterns, not even the Funfactory website, so I cannot tell you exactly how many patterns there are. However, there are quite a few different patterns and I am sure they will keep almost anyone happy.

The vibrations are quiet on the lower speeds and levels of intensity, however like with all toys, the higher the intensity the more noise it makes. Don’t expect neighbours to be banging on the door wondering what the noise is or anything but by the same token it isn’t the stealthiest toy either. You can hear it on the higher settings in the next room, though it is muffled. When you put music on as well you can hear a low rumble depending on the volume of the music.

Experience: Now to the good part, what was it like using the product? Or at least for my partner using the product. The Cobra Libre does have some great points and the design is like no other. However, it seems that with all the form and sleek design, the simple function of it was lost, to give pleasure. This may sound harsh so I will elaborate, while the touch sensitive buttons add to the overall sleek look of the toy, they are a complete pain if you have any lubricant on your hands then the controls are hit and miss. This is a big downside for a toy which is designed for a slower build up as it can be very distracting.

The second problem is charging, as all Funfactory products are charged by the click ‘N’ charge and not each charger is designed for that product as is the usual. This means that the design of some toys doesn’t match the design of the charger, the Cobra is included. As all the electrics and the motors are in the plastic part, the charge port, which consists of two magnetic metal circles, had to be placed there. Now for a toy that has designed to be slimline and shaped like a car, i.e. a curved shape, two metal circles on a curved part which needs to hold a flat charger is not the best idea. The charger isn’t heavy, but when it is placed on the curved plastic part it often ends up falling off. This is a big flaw when the toy often has to charge for two hours, now you have two choices, either sit like a hawk and make sure it charges, or position it as best as you can and hope it doesn’t fall off. Which often leads to half charges and the battery running out at the crucial moment. Again a big negative for a toy designed for a slower build up.

The fourth problem is that the vibrations seems to be in the wrong place, they are easily felt around the outside of the Cobra Libre but not as easily inside which is where it matters. The silicone tunnel is designed to fit as many different shapes and sizes as possible, this it is a loose fitting tunnel which doesn’t surround your penis tightly, more lightly keeps hold of it. Bit like stroking it with one finger when you want to be pumped. Where you would expect the vibrations to be felt around the head of the penis, frenulum and the top of the shaft. Instead, they are much more dispersed and defused. My partner can orgasm through vibrations alone but they need to be powerful, the Cobra Libre simply doesn’t have that kind of power and the vibrations are not that concentrated enough.

The fifth problem is the tunnel shape, it has a downwards turning lip at the mouth, which even with lubricant feels quite uncomfortable during use. Similar feeling to someone pressing their teeth just a little too hard up and down your shaft over and over, not hard enough to even mark but still hard enough that you can’t concentrate on the other pleasure. The tunnel size is 3.5 inches, you can thrust inside it (just), but the strokes are very shallow and not particularly satisfying, besides as the tunnel is quite loose there is almost no feeling at all.

Care and Maintenance: Funfactory supply sachets of lubricant with their toys, we did not use this as we have lots of lubricant around already. If you don’t, I would recommend also adding some water-based lubricant to your order.

You can only use water-based lubricant with silicone toys, this is because using oil based lubricant could turn your male sex machine into a sticky mess.

The Cobra Libre is silicone and water-proof, making cleaning much easier. However, I didn’t trust completely submersing the plastic as this has contains the electrics and motor. Instead, I treated it as splash-proof, washing the silicone tunnel only. Leave the Cobra Libre to air dry as drying inside the silicone tunnel is difficult.

Overall: What was brought as a belated surprise gift for my partner so he can enjoy more sex toys was a big disappointment. The Cobra Libre has a modern and sleek design which almost any man could like, however the function certainly doesn’t live up to expectations. What was designed as a slow building up toy has failed spectacularly,it simply doesn’t deliver. My partner used this almost a dozen times, including on his own and with me, as to check it wasn’t first negative first impressions getting in the way of being able to see this toys full potential. It certainly wasn’t, the experience of using this toy left his feeling frustrated and having to finish off himself or kindly ask me to do so.

My other Funfactory purchase, the Delight, has quickly become one of my favourite toys, it isn’t that I simply dislike Funfactory and I have no idea where everything went so wrong! This is a classic example of form over function.

– Packaging
– Sleek and modern design
– Different functions and patterns
– Materials
– Water-proof
– Colours
– Reset function
– Able to change intensity
– Quality toy

– Instruction booklet mostly filled with marketing jargon
– Tunnel – too short, downwards lip at the mouth, too loose
– Vibrations inside tunnel are defused
– Touch buttons – easily pressed, especially with lubricant on fingers.
– Charger not usually included
– Cycling through vibrations and patterns to get to the one you want
– Charger doesn’t sit right and can fall off

Are Artificial Vaginas Really Safe to Use?

A lot of men who don’t know anything about artificial vaginas may be hesitant to try it. But it’s completely understandable. Not everyone can imagine themselves getting a blowjob or a handjob from mechanical item, right? But once they are able to finally try a rubber vagina, they will like it as much as the real thing.

So why is it safe to use a fake pussy?

For one, a vagina toy is made of non-toxic or safe materials. these include:

– Cyberskin – This is also called ultra realistic or futurotic material, and is a combination of PVC, silicone and other patented materials. It has a natural feel and is highly porou, which is why it needs a lot of special care to keep it last a long time.

– Soft Plastics – You’ll find artificial vaginas made of soft plastics or poly vinyl chloride in the market nowadays. This kind of material is ideal for sex toys because of their jelly-like characteristic.

– Rubber – This material is also known as elastic hydrocarbon polymer, which is very flexible and resilient. Rubber is used for many realistic vaginas as well as other devices used as often and as vigorously as sex toys.

– Latex – It is a highly flexible material derived from plants. But careful in using toys with this kind of material as it can cause allergic reactions to other people.

– Plants – Certain fruits and vegetables can be used as artificial vaginas because of their flesh-like textures. They are also available locally and are quite cheap. The plants that can be used a pocket pussy include cucumbers, papayas and banana skins.

As you can see, the materials used to make fake pussies are safe. This goes without saying that these sexual devices are also safe to use.

How can you make sure that fake pussies are really safe?

1. Use lubricants generously. Although the materials used to make these toys are safe, they are still unnatural, which means that they can secret fluids or oils to help make masturbation or ejaculation easier.

2. Clean after every use. When you use rubber vaginas, you leave some of your bodily fluids and natural oils inside it. If you leave them in there, it could be a breeding ground for different kinds of bacteria. This is why you should make it a point to clean your pocket pussies thoroughly immediately after use.

3. Towel dry, always. You can run a clean, dry towel through the hole of the vagina toy. You can also pull the sleeve inside out so you can towel dry it. Make sure to never air dry your artificial vaginas because it can expose it different bacteria and germs.

If you’re still not convinced to use a mechanical or electronic vaginal toy, you can make one yourself, just to give you an idea of how using a rubber vagina feels like.

For a rubber vagina made of balloons:

You will need:

– 4 balloons
– Latex glove
– Container that looks like a tube and is bigger than a Pringles can

1. Put the four balloons inside the container with the holes sticking out.
2. Put a latex glove (fingers pointing inside) in the middle of the balloons.
3. Blow air into the balloons until it is tight enough for you. Then, tie the ends to prevent air from escaping.
4. Secure the tied ends of the balloons by taping them outside of the container’s mouth.
5. Cut the latex glove’s cuff to make its opening bigger. Then, pull it over the balloons and onto the container’s mouth.
6. Tape the glove to secure it in place.

For a silicone vagina:

You will need:

– Silicone sealant
– A large candle (bigger than your penis)
– Sharp knife

1. Measure your sexual organ’s length and width.
2. Take the candle and subtract ¼ of the measurements you have. Then, mark the candle.
3. Cut two sides of the candle lengthwise, starting at the markings you made.
4. Make the sides smooth until it looks like a carrot with a smaller girth.
5. Cover the candle with silicone sealant, making sure that it is at least ½ inch thick.
6. Let your fake pussy dry for several weeks. Once completely dry, take out the candle.

Note: You can add texture into your vagina toy by cutting notches into the candle.

To ensure that using artificial vaginas is totally safe, don’t forget to use a condom every time.