Foreplay Ice Glacial Teaser

The Foreplay Ice Glacial Teaser come in three pieces and is very easy to use. There is the stopper, the base, and the plunger. Simply attach the stopper to the base, fill the base with water up to the inner lip, and freeze for three to four hours. When you are ready for play, remove the Teaser from the freezer and pop off the stopper. Give it about two to three minutes, then stick the plunger in the top and push down firmly to begin ejecting the ice. Remember those frozen push pops you had as a kid? It’s the same concept. Out of the base pops your little icicle, all ready to go. As the ice melts, push gently down on the stopper to slide out a bit more. Easy peasy.

The Foreplay Ice Glacial Teaser is a great device to torture and tease your partner without freezing your fingertips or getting your hands very wet. I enjoy using the Teaser with the icicle just poking out of the base. This way I can feel added sensation from the silicone bumps on the bottom of the base. The silicone also insulates the ice to some degree and helps it last longer as eventually the icicle melts to the point where the it slides right out of the base. Ooops! When I try to grip the ice more firmly through the base to keep it from slipping it tends to squirt out the bottom. Unfortunately this happens more quickly than I would like, but perhaps I am being unrealistic. After all, it is ice and ice melts.

The Foreplay Ice Glacial Teaser is made in China by California Exotics and is 100% silicone. Yay Cal Exotics! This makes the Ice Glacial Teaser very easy to care for and clean. Not only can you use antibacterial soap and water, your favorite toy cleaner, or a 10% bleach solution with this product, as it has no mechanical parts, the silicone can be boiled for 3-5 minutes for sterilization purposes.

The Foreplay Ice Glacial Teaser comes in a small plastic bag with a little foldout user manual inside its packaging box. The box is on the large side. You could fit about four Ice Glacial Teasers in it rather than just the one, which makes it less than useful for storage. Additionally, as is typical of California Exotics products, the box is not at all discreet. However, as the Ice Glacial Teaser is small and flexible, it is very easily stored in a small ziploc or on its own in your toy chest. Just be sure it isn’t smushed up against any other silicone toys as they may stick together and not come unstuck. Also be sure to thoroughly clean and dry your Teaser after each use (as well as cleaning it before sticking it in the freezer) before storing it.

The instruction manual suggests using boiled water to get clear ice. However, I’ve used water directly from the tap and it was just fine. The manual also informs us there are different “taste packages” available to flavor the ice. I’ve not seen these taste packages anywhere and surely you can add your own flavors to your water before freezing it. In fact you can make teeny popsicles with any flavoring you want with the Foreplay Ice Glacial teaser. My mom used to make me orange juice popsicles when I was a kid. Though orange juice ice would get sticky when it melts…blech.

Foreplay Ice Glacial Teaser Pros:
• Simple to use
• Silicone
• Easy to clean
• Works for approximately 10 – 20 minutes

Foreplay Ice Glacial Teaser Cons:
• Requires planning
• Only makes one little icicle

At first I was uncertain about the Foreplay Ice Glacial Teaser because the ice seemed to melt very quickly. However, as I experimented more and learned the trick of insulating the icicle within the silicone, I was pleasantly surprised at how long it lasted. My high score is almost 20 minutes with one little icicle, much more than I expected! This is a fun little product that adds to partner playtime and keeps the tormentor’s fingers almost dry and warmish during play. Of course, I want it to work longer because I love the idea, but how long can one really expect an ice cube to last anyway? Now that the weather is warming up, I’m thinking the Ice Glacial Teaser will be seeing some serious action.