Fleshlight Ice

The Fleshlight Ice is a modern wonder of blowjob toy technology. It is by far the best non-animate thing that I’ve ever had the pleasure of sticking my dick in. It is one of the many variations on the original Fleshlight.

If you’re reading this, I assume that you are familiar with what a Fleshlight is. If not, head on over to their website and browse around a bit. I guess if you’re too lazy for that, I’ll explain. To oversimplify, it is a tube made of Superskin (which feels much like super soft silicone) housed inside a hard plastic case.

The Fleshlight Ice is a variation on the original that is clear. The idea there is that you can see your wang move in and out of the sleeve. It is actually kinda cool.

One of the features of the Fleshlight is the variation available for the inside of the sleeve. Again, if you’re interested you can learn more about this on the Fleshlight website. The particular model that we were sent has the “speed bump” interior which has hundreds of soft beads lining the inside of the sleeve.

The Fleshlight arrives powdered and the instructions inform you that you can re-powder it with corn starch to achieve a silky smooth feeling. This is a bit perplexing to me because the instructions also recommend that you soak the sleeve in hot water until it is comfortably warm… which washes off all the powder. That’s just a waste of corn starch.

Without powder, the sleeve is hella sticky. This can be somewhat unpleasant and annoying when taking it out of the case or trying to put it back in. It will stick to the inside of the case and bunch up in an obnoxious manner if you’re not careful. Replacing the sleeve can feel a bit like Operation. Thankfully it does not make that god awful buzzing noise when you mess up.

The stickiness is not really an issue when you are using the Fleshlight though. This is because of that wonderful and indispensible substance known as lube. Seeing as the Fleshlight does not produce its own lubrication, it is necessary to lube yourself or the sleeve before use.

When properly lubed, it feels freaking fantastic. The hard outer case serves to keep the canal of the sleeve nice and tight while in use and there is an adjustable valve at the end that allows you to restrict the airflow which causes various levels of suction. The case is also useful because it allows you to cram the Fleshlight into things for hands free use. They sell furniture with Fleshlight sized holes in them (which I imagine are quite the conversational piece) but I’ve found that stuffing it in between the mattress and box springs works just fine.

The only real problem that I have with the way it feels is that the speed bumps make the sensation so intense that it is over rather quickly. Yup, it makes me come really quickly. I suppose that it could be argued that the whole point of a masturbation sleeve is to make you come but the buildup is a big part of the fun. It is no coincidence that this model is the one that they sell as a stamina builder.

After you’re done building your stamina comes the cleaning. You need to take the sleeve out of the case, wash the come out of it, let it dry and then put it back in the case. Easy, right? No.

The washing out part is pretty simple but the drying is quite the pain in the ass. You have to let it sit for at least a couple of hours and then turn it inside out and repeat. I know, letting something sit is not that hard, but take into consideration that you have to leave this giant translucent slug out in the open for a minimum of four hours. Not very discrete.

Cleaning issues aside, this is hands down the best masturbation sleeve that I’ve encountered. Cleaning issues considered, it only very narrowly passes the almighty Is It Worth It test but it does pass the test.

I know that some people turn masturbation sleeves into a partnered event, but I’m not really inclined to do that. I’m likely to get distracted and start blowing him instead or giggling or thinking about egg salad. (Every now and then I crave… things.) Now that I’ve loosely explained my cognitive and psychological deficiencies, I’m sure it’s unnecessary for me to elaborate extensively on the fact that there isn’t much I can say about the Fleshlight Ice. Since Joseph won’t let me say HUZZAH and be done with it, I will add a few little notes from my perspective:

Fleshlight Ice is pretty classy looking as far as masturbation sleeves go; in fact, I’m the one who wanted it for him and it wasn’t my sadism kicking in, either. Had I not selected it for him and I were to find it drying in the bathroom, I would not be disgusted. Amused, yes. Wondering how often he masturbates, yes. Fingering it, yes. Trying to come up with an appropriate chick name for it, yes. Inclined to throw it at a wall near his head and laugh as it sticks for a moment before sliding down, yes. Disgust or shame does not enter the equation anywhere.

Oh, and you will definitely find it in the bathroom unless there’s a special section in a cabinet that it can dry in. A little Fleshlight Ice loft, so to speak. It takes a while to dry thoroughly and unless you think mildew is sexy, you need to give it enough time. Depending on how often you masturbate… well, you get me. Planning may be involved. If family is coming over for dinner, maybe you should wait for your little rendezvous with the Fleshlight Ice until the coast is clear.

Based on what I’ve read, the Fleshlight Ice is worth every dime because not only does it feel fantastic, it’s also made with quality materials that will last a long time provided that this luxury toy is cared for properly. In sum, it is a pretty swank sex toy.

Affordable and awesome male masturbators

These male masturbators aren’t expensive, but these male masturbators are absolutely awesome

Get the best male masturbators without spending all of your money

Just because we are dealing with a recession doesn’t mean you can’t get some great male masturbators. There are a lot of options that are affordable, especially if you are a single guy and not busy blowing all your cash on a woman who probably isn’t even giving up the cooter. There are a lot of different reasons to get any of the toys mentioned in this article, but the primary reason is that they are affordable.

But don’t make the mistake of thinking that these male masturbators aren’t great to use, because they are. They are super tight and they focus on stimulating the most sensitive parts of your cock. I doubt that you will even be able to last more than a few minutes with any of them because of how efficient they are. And when you finally cum you will be hooked. You will never look at using your hand the same way again, especially if you have one of these toys nearby.

These male masturbators are the pocket pussies developed by Mangasm. They are all sold on topmalemasturbators.com and there isn’t a single one that costs more than fifty bucks. You can get the amazing pocket rocket for about thirty five dollars, and that is before you even see if there are any discounts available on the site (they usually have a decent ten percent discount at any given time). You can get any one of them and you will be absolutely thrilled, but let me tell you a little bit about the differences between some of these options so that you know which one to get if you can only afford one.

So, of the three male masturbators the pocket rocket is the most realistic, although that is tough to accomplish when you are dealing with a pocket pussy. The easy relief is like a futuristic fuck toy that pulls out all the stops – they really know what they are doing, and this toy shows it. The quickie is a soft little gel-like toy. When you get inside you will feel like your dick is melting, and I mean that in the best possible way. With all of these toys your orgasms will be through the roof.

There are a lot of other sites and toys that you can check out, but I think that you would be wasting your time. The best thing to do is to head over to topmalemasturbators.com and see what they have going on. As mentioned, they usually have a 10% discount, so you can save even more money from the already reasonable prices they are charging. They ship everything discreetly, in unmarked boxes, so no one will know what you have ordered except for you. Go ahead and check them out and be sure to get yourself some great male masturbators.

Revel Body Sonic Vibrator

In case you are not aware of how most vibrators work (and why would you be?), most vibrators use a rotary motor to provide vibrations. “Simple and cheap, these motors operate by spinning the out-of-balance weight at the end of the motor shaft. As the motor spins faster, vibrations of increased frequency are generated.” – See more here. Take a look at the video below for a demonstration.

If you have ever used a crappy, cheapo vibrator you know how this kind of motor feels. The vibration is all over the place, so it makes your hand buzzy, which eventually become uncomfortable or even painful. You can control the power to a degree, but the vibrations are usually high-pitched and buzzy, and they are loud. They sound like you’re using power tools in the bedroom.

Nowadays, there are many options when it comes to vibrators, and some companies have developed much better motors with vibrations that have a deeper frequency. They have learned how to make these motors smaller, how to place them inside the toy to better direct the vibrations, how to create more discrete levels of intensity and even patterns. They have even been able to make them quieter and last longer. However, most of the highest end vibrators are still using rotary motors.

Enter Revel Body. Originally inspired by the technology behind sonic toothbrushes, like the Sonicare (which I own and have never used as a vibrator, but I can see the attraction), the people behind Revel Body decided to design a sex toy with a completely different motor, a linear motor. “Unlike rotary motors, linear motors produce vibration or force along their length and can be used to create high performance vibration. Linear motors operate by delivering magnetic pulses of alternating polarity to a magnetized reciprocating element.” – See more of what Revel Body has to say about linear motors here. Below is a video that demonstrates how a linear motor works.

It seems there are several advantages of linear motors over rotary motors. With a linear motor, both power and speed have a wider range. The vibration is more directional so less vibrational waste is passed along to the hand, making the vibrator quieter and less likely to create buzzy hand syndrome. The fact that there is only one moving piece should give the motor a longer life, as there are not a bunch of parts that will break down over time.

The Revel Body Sonic Vibrator looks very different than the majority of my vibrators, which is not to say they are all phallic-shaped. It looks like some sort of futuristic mini robot, or a vegan Ushanka for Barbie, and is about the size of a tennis ball. However, at approximately 6.3 ounces, it weighs three times more than a tennis ball. The Revel Body is 2.6″ in diameter, and I don’t think I need to tell you this, but just in case…it is not insertable.

As you can see, the Revel Body Sonic Vibrator has a slightly protruding, pink piece on one side and a large indentation on the other. This is the Rose Vibrating Core Tip, or Rose Tip, and is the piece of the motor that actually moves in and out, like a mini piston. The Rose Tip is actually removable and when you do remove it, you’ll see it is already lubed up and slimy. This lubrication is very important as it allows the Rose Tip to move smoothly in and out. Removing this inner piston is easy, though it requires a significant amount of pressure. Stick your thumb (or finger or something soft that won’t damage the piston) into the indentation on the side of the Revel Body and push firmly on the Rose Tip. While pushing on the bottom of the piston, pull on the top that will start to protrude a bit more on the other side of the case. Once you have a solid grasp on the Rose Tip, pull hard and it will slide out. The reason you need to use actual strength to remove the Rose Tip is because it is a very strong magnet. As it is a magnet, you’ll want to take extra precautions like not storing it next to your computer or setting it on top of your credit cards.

Using lubricant is a bit different with the Revel Body than with other vibrators. You must actually lubricate the mini piston in the device. When needed, you can add lubrication to the Rose Tip in one of two ways. You can remove the Rose Tip and place a small amount of water-based lubricant or petroleum jelly (otherwise known as Vaseline) on its side before sliding it back into the middle of the Revel Body. You can also hold the entire vibrator under running water for just a moment and allow the water to lubricate the piston. You can also use a dab of water-based lube on the head of the Rose Tip to create a more slippery sensation against your body. Revel Body clearly states that silicone-based lube should not be used with the Sonic Vibrator.

With a hard inner core surrounding the TrueSonic motor, the Revel Body Sonic Vibrator is covered in a silky smooth silicone that attracts some hair here and there, but is not much of a lint magnet. As I have said you can run water over the Revel Body Sonic Vibrator, it is clearly waterproof. To wash the Rose Tip, remove it and clean with a sex toy cleaner or warm water and a gentle soap. Revel Body states you can also use alcohol. As, it is silicone, you can use a 10% bleach solution as well, but do not boil or wash the Revel Body Sonic Vibrator in the dishwasher. This could destroy the motor. Be sure you have completely dried both the Rose Tip and the device before reinserting it. Apparently, you can sip the Revel Body Sonic Vibrator into a condom, if you are looking to make it easy to share amongst non-fluid bonded partners. Just be sure to leave room for the Rose Tip to vibrate/move in and out.

The Revel Body Sonic Vibrator is rechargeable and it’s got a nifty charging base. Granted, it does nothing more than charge the vibrator, but aesthetics are important. I do like that it is an actual charging base that holds the Revel Body in place during charging, rather than just a charging cord. There is a raised area on the base that lines up with a corresponding indented area on the exterior of the vibrator. The vibrator attaches magnetically to the base. The Revel Body Sonic Vibrator can be charged via USB or plugged into the wall. Unlike my complaint about last week’s vibrator, the SinFive Sue, Revel Body includes the AC plug. While charging, the Revel Body Sonic Vibrator glows steadily. When it is fully charged, this glow will turn off. It takes approximately 90 minutes to achieve a full charge. when recharging, the Revel Body needs to charge approximately double the use time. So, if you’ve used the vibrator for 15 minutes, you’ll need to charge it for about 30. One really cool thing the Revel Body does is let you know how much charge is left each time you turn it on. Three blinks lets you know you have a full charge, two blinks means a 50% charge, and one blink indicates a 25% charge.

I like an easy to use control panel and the Revel Body Sonic Vibrator fits the bill. It has three buttons on the top of the casing, a power button, a + button, and a – button. As you may have guessed, the power button, which is slightly larger and a bit above the other two buttons, turns the Revel Body on and off. It also bumps you up to the higher power mode when you tap it. You need to press down firmly to turn it on and hold it down for about two seconds to turn it off. When the vibrator is on the core will glow steadily as it does when charging.

As I mentioned above, the Revel Body Sonic Vibrator has two power settings. In addition, it has 10 different speeds. You use the + and – buttons to cycle through the speeds. At any level of those 10 different speeds, you can tap on the power button to pop up into the higher power setting. Another tap will put you right back into lower power mode. Remember, it’s just a tap. If you press too long you’ll turn the Revel Body off.

The graph below shows how the Revel Body Sonic Vibrator measures up in power and speed when stacked against some of the more popular, high-end vibrators on the market. It even includes my beloved Crave Duet.

While I am a well-traveled user of sex toys, so to speak, I do not claim to be an expert when it comes to Power (Gforce) and Speed (Hz). Certainly, I get the basics. More power, more speed is generally what we want. However, my focus is really on how the vibrations actually feel against my body. So, though I can interpret the graph and find the information interesting, it all comes down to actual use of the Revel Body Sonic Vibrator.

At this point you’re probably screaming at the computer telling me to get on with it. How good is this fancy, newfangled contraption? Well, let’s start with the vibrations. They do actually feel different from most of my vibrators. It’s a bit challenging to describe…they are more gentle, less teeth rattling, perhaps. As promised, I do not feel a bunch of the vibration waste that leads to buzzy hand syndrome no matter how long I hold/use the vibrator. However, since we’re discussing hands, something totally unexpected happens to my hand when I use this vibrator. It cramps up. (BIG disclaimer here- I have a chronic pain syndrome that has been seriously effecting my hands lately so I am not sure how much cramping, if any, would occur were this not currently the case.) I find this astonishing because the Revel Body Sonic Vibrator is so comfortable to hold. The shape is totally ergonomic and in theory this shouldn’t happen.

The vibrations are strong, but less powerful than I expected based on all that fancy graphing. They also have different depths. I find the highest level, #10, is a bit high pitched for me, while #9 is much deeper. I really do not notice much difference between the high and low power settings, which was also surprising. The vibrations are quiet and do not sound like a vibrator at all. They sound smoother, more like an electric toothbrush, which makes total sense.

One concern I did have before using the Revel Body Sonic Vibrator was whether or not its shape would provide enough pinpoint stimulation for me. Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, it does not. The round shape of the device, as well as of the Rose Tip, diffuse the vibrations over the surface of the vibrator This makes it great for nipple and labia stimulation, but I really prefer much more pinpoint stimulation on my clit, and the Revel Body with the Rose Tip cannot pull it off.

The Revel Body Sonic Vibrator comes with the Rose Tip, but there are four accessory tips available that can be purchased separately. They are called Cona, Fawn, Ever, and Niko, and are very reasonably priced. I would really like to try them because I think they might make a huge difference for me. Cona and Niko would probably be my best options for directing the vibrations solidly at my clit. I do want to mention that the Revel Body Sonic Vibrator works really well on my neck and shoulders. It’s not too loud that close to my ears like many massagers and the vibrations do penetrate. It’s important not to put too much pressure with the vibrator against your body or it can slow down the movement of the little piston.

The packaging of the Revel Body Sonic Vibrator is clean and simple, like the device itself. There is an external sleeve with an image of the vibrator on the front and some basic information on the back. Inside this sleeve is a hard black box that simply says “Revel Body”, so it’s quite discrete. Once you slide the top half of the box off, you’ll find the Revel Body Sonic Vibrator sitting on a little plastic stand. Underneath this stand, is the charging base, AC plug, and user manual. Unfortunately, no storage pouch. However, the box is very sturdy so it can definitely be used for storage. The user manual is not as well organized as it could be, so it might be a tad confusing, but the important information is there.

The Revel Body Sonic Vibrator has far more warnings and precautions than I’ve ever seen with a sex toy. There are so many that it reminds me of Happy Fun Ball from Saturday Night Live (I am totally dating myself). Some of them are particularly interesting, such as “…may have an uncontrolled exothermic reaction…” and “small hairs may become trapped between core and device body which could result in hair being epilated….” Fun stuff.

Revel Body Sonic Vibrator Pros:
• Ergonomic shape
• Adjustable resonating motor
• Adjustable vibration
• Easy to use control panel with responsive buttons
• Waterproof
• USB capable charging station
• Silicone
• Available accessory tips (4, sold separately)
• Available travel kit (sold separately)
• No buzzy hand syndrome

Revel Body Sonic Vibrator Cons:
• Very diffuse vibrations
• Shape causes crampy hands (for ME)

I have been super excited about testing the Revel Body Sonic Vibrator out for quite a while now and I wish I could say it’s awesome and I love it. Actually, I can say it’s relatively awesome. I think the technology is so cool and a much needed change in the world of vibrating sex toys. It’s waterproof, USB and AC rechargeable, made with silicone, and easy to use. I was concerned about the weight of the Revel Body as it felt so heavy in my hand, but I don’t feel the weight that much when I’m holding against my body as my body ends up bearing most of it.

Linear motors, like the TrueSonic that the Revel Body uses, are supposed to be quieter, more reliable, and last longer than vibrators that use a rotary motor. I obviously cannot speak as to whether or not the Revel Body Sonic Vibrator will hold up longer than some of my other well-made vibrators with rotary motors. I can say it is quiet enough not to awaken sleeping kittens (who wake up if I inhale too deeply) about 6″ away from it. The vibrations are strong enough to get me off even with the diffuse vibrations, which is a good indication they’re powerful. However, if there are going to be two power levels I’d really like to be able to feel a significant difference between the two, or there’s just no point.

I have a strong feeling the hand cramping issue is specific to me considering even typing can be challenging lately, so I don’t want to hold that against the Revel Body Sonic Vibrator too much. I also am well aware that my preference for pinpoint clit stimulation is exactly that, a preference. Not everyone needs that. As I mentioned, I really would like to give the Revel Body another shot using one of the more pointy accessory tips and see how I feel about it then.

Though I am very disappointed with my experience of the Revel Body Sonic Vibrator thus far, I do have some hope for the future. I see the potential in this vibrator and really feel if I could focus the vibrations by using a different tip, I would be much happier with this toy. If you like diffuse vibrations and want something that can serve as both a vibrator and muscle massager, the Revel Body Sonic Vibrator is definitely worth checking out.

I also think this vibrator is a valiant effort from a new company looking to meet needs and mainstream sexual well being, which is so vital in the current social climate. I think this foray into new motor designs for vibrator motors is an important step in the next evolution of sex toys. So, hats off to Revel Body for leading the way.

Sharevibe by Fun Factory

This is basically a strapless strap on that can be used for pegging, with the shorter end fitting inside the female and being held in place by her pelvic floor muscles, and the longer end being used for the actual pegging.

Unlike most strapless strap ons this one vibrates and has a removable rechargeable vibrator in the base of it, the vibrations are variable.

Packaging and Inside the box

The Fun Factory Sharevibe has some good quality packaging. This clearly shows what is inside the box and gives a basic explanation of how it works so you can be sure of what to expect when you get it home.

As with some other Fun Factory toys there is a tasteful image of a couple on the package.

Unlike some other brands this is not a tacky picture of a naked women trying to sell it to you.

I think that this makes it a much more appealing product as I find that garish colours and tacky half naked women really put me off a toy.

Inside the box you get a nice clear instruction manual as seen below, the Sharevibe and the USB recharge cable.


The sharevibe is made from some top quality medical grade silicone. This feels lovely and soft to the touch and there aren’t any visible seams on the sharevibe which could feel rough when it is being used.

The silicone is nice and flexible which makes using it feel like a dream.

The vibrator which is in the base of the sharevibe is made from plastic and it has a simple one button operation.

Use and design

The design of the sharevibe is very similar to many other strapless strap ons that are on the market. It has a short slightly bulbous end which fits inside the women and a long slender end which is used for pegging.

When we tried it the bit that fitted inside me did feel slightly large at first, I suppose that this is so it is easier for the woman to grip on to when it is being used.

There is a little bit of weight it the Sharevibe as it is mostly solid silicone, its not mega heavy but it is heavy enough.

The dildo end for the man (or other woman) is quite slender and is nice and thin. For this reason I would say that this would be good for any couple’s that are new to pegging and want to try it without the harness getting in the way. Not having a harness really does make you feel closer to your partner.

The vibrator is at the base of the toy in-between the two ends and is easy to turn on and off with its single button operation. To turn it off simply hold down the button for 2-3 seconds. To flick between the various vibrations settings just click the button until it is doing what you want it to do.

I found the sharevibe quite comfortable to wear and you could feel the vibrations right the way through the toy when they were turned on, the shape of the shorter end meant that the vibrations could be felt quite definitely against the g-spot.

I think that the vibrations are where the problem was for me, I found that when I tried to use the sharevibe for pegging with the vibrations turned on then I couldn’t hold the toy in place securely and ended up having to hold it in place with my hands. This did spoil the experience for me a bit.

I could however hold it in place when it was not vibrating. I think that the vibrations where what was making it more difficult to hold as the size and shape of it mean that even with the little bit of weight that it has it would stay put otherwise.

The sharevibe doesn’t feel chunky when it is being used.

I feel that not having a harness is good as it means that you can just grab it during play and use it without all of the hassle of having to put a harness on and take a harness off meaning that pegging can be more of an instinctive thing during a session rather than it having to be planned.

Everyone knows that sex is more fun when things ‘just happen’

From my partner’s point of view he found that the dildo end felt very smooth and said that he could feel the vibrations when it was being used, he liked this sensation.

Cleaning and Lube

This is a silicone sex toy and therefore you should only use water based lube with it, and avoid storing it with other silicone toys as there is a possibility that it could react with other silicone products and melt. Nobody wants a melted sex toy.

I found that if I only used the lube of the pegging end then I was able to hold the toy in place better, lubing up both ends just made it all to slippy and nothing wanted to stay where is should have been.

The vibrator is removable, but it won’t let go of it easily, I had to wiggle it for a while before it finally let it go, to clean it it is best to removed the vibrator so that you can clean the recess where it was and clean the vibrator thoroughly to.

I always advise cleaning sex toys with some super hot soapy water and then using some top quality sex toy cleaner such as the Fresh from lovehoney to ensure that all of the bugs are removed from the toy.

Both parts of the sharevibe are waterproof and therefore they can both be submerged for cleaning.

Charging the Sharevibe

The small vibrator in the sharevibe is rechargeable and it comes with a USB recharging cable, most people have plugs which you can use to plug a USB into the mains or you can plug it into a computer and recharge it. It takes 2-4hours for a full charge and does come with some charge on it.

If you want you can remove the vibrator to for charging but there is no need as the connector for it is on the outside of the toy and easy to attach without removing it.


I really like the idea of the Sharevibe, the thought of being able to peg my partner without having to mess around with a harness was something that I was really looking forward to trying.

I was super excited about the idea of it vibrating to!

Therefore is a little disappointing to me when I was unable to hold it in place properly without using my hand when it was vibrating.

This toy does have lots of positives though the dildo end for pegging is just the right size and when it is worn it sits in just the right position. This means that pegging with it when it is not vibrating feels very natural.

No harness means that there is no messing around during sex and things can be much more natural. The vibrations do feel nice when they are switched on and the shape of the sharevibe means that the vibrations press against the g-spot.

Fun Factory Cobra Libre

Automatic Male Stroker - Cobra LibreThe first time I saw the Cobra Libre I had to take a double take, the design was so different to any other male toy I had come across. The quality was apparent, even from looking at the pictures. Although I have a rather large collection of toys, Eros doesn’t and so I wanted to treat him to this. However, at that time I simply couldn’t afford the £90 price tag.

When Lovehoney had a massive price reduction on several luxury items at Christmas, making this luxury item just £45, I knew I had to grab it.

Packaging: Being from Funfactory, a luxury brand, you don’t get any cringe-worthy, cheap, flimsy packaging. The cardboard box has 3 sides with a clear mould around the Cobra Libre so there is no damage in transit. The colours of the box are very neutral with red and grey themes, perfect for a brand which sells both female, male and couples toys.

Including in the box is two sachets of lubricant and instructions on the toy. These were quite complicated and mostly filled with marketing jargon, not very helpful to customers who are not technologically minded. Thankfully, including around the jargon is the instructions on how you use the Cobra Libre.

Strangely, not included is a charger, make sure that you have brought one separately with your order or you may be very disappointed about not being able to use this toy immediately. This is a definite negative, certainly not what you would except from a luxury brand and having just paid out upwards of £100 for a blowjob toy. Funny that they include lubricant but not chargers! Luckily, this was brought from Lovehoney, who kindly include a charger with every Funfactory rechargeable product.

Appearance/Materials: My initial thoughts on quality were completely correct. The Cobra Libre is solid with no loose or rattling parts. It is made from two-toned high quality plastic which is fused to a soft and flexible 100% silicone tunnel. The materials used are completely skin-safe and there is no odour from any part of the Cobra Libre.

The silicone tunnel is rather short, only 3.5 inches, this disappointed me as I was expecting it to be longer, my partner was also put off by how short it is.

The colours simply suit the Cobra Libre and almost highlight it’s quality, rather like a beautiful interior for an expensive car. The colour I picked was the blue and white, as unfortunately, the red and black, my first choice, was sold out. This was due to the brilliant offer for one day only.

Functions/Controls/Volume: With nearly all the toys around on the market today, Funfactory recommend fully charging the Cobra Libre before using it for the first time, which they say can take up to 12 hours. This can be a serious pain, especially when you are itching to try your new toy. Luckily it took around 8 hours to fully charge, with each charge thereafter taking around 2 hours, depending on how low the battery is.

There are two vibrating motors inside which are controlled by three touch sensitive buttons on top of the Cobra Libre.

The three buttons are function, up and down. The function button not only turns the toy on and off, it controls the next vibration patterns. The up and down button control the intensity of the vibrations.

When the patterns first start, the vibrations are quiet low, however the worries soon disappear once you start climbing up the intensity. Getting to your favourite pattern can be time consuming as you have to travel through the vibration modes before getting to the patterns.

There is a reset function, which is activated by pressing the function button for a couple of seconds, not too long though as it will turn off. This resets the patterns back to the first vibration pattern, this can be used to train yourself to last longer and enjoy more powerful orgasms.

Some patterns are very similar and I can’t seem to find a website that lists all the patterns, not even the Funfactory website, so I cannot tell you exactly how many patterns there are. However, there are quite a few different patterns and I am sure they will keep almost anyone happy.

The vibrations are quiet on the lower speeds and levels of intensity, however like with all toys, the higher the intensity the more noise it makes. Don’t expect neighbours to be banging on the door wondering what the noise is or anything but by the same token it isn’t the stealthiest toy either. You can hear it on the higher settings in the next room, though it is muffled. When you put music on as well you can hear a low rumble depending on the volume of the music.

Experience: Now to the good part, what was it like using the product? Or at least for my partner using the product. The Cobra Libre does have some great points and the design is like no other. However, it seems that with all the form and sleek design, the simple function of it was lost, to give pleasure. This may sound harsh so I will elaborate, while the touch sensitive buttons add to the overall sleek look of the toy, they are a complete pain if you have any lubricant on your hands then the controls are hit and miss. This is a big downside for a toy which is designed for a slower build up as it can be very distracting.

The second problem is charging, as all Funfactory products are charged by the click ‘N’ charge and not each charger is designed for that product as is the usual. This means that the design of some toys doesn’t match the design of the charger, the Cobra is included. As all the electrics and the motors are in the plastic part, the charge port, which consists of two magnetic metal circles, had to be placed there. Now for a toy that has designed to be slimline and shaped like a car, i.e. a curved shape, two metal circles on a curved part which needs to hold a flat charger is not the best idea. The charger isn’t heavy, but when it is placed on the curved plastic part it often ends up falling off. This is a big flaw when the toy often has to charge for two hours, now you have two choices, either sit like a hawk and make sure it charges, or position it as best as you can and hope it doesn’t fall off. Which often leads to half charges and the battery running out at the crucial moment. Again a big negative for a toy designed for a slower build up.

The fourth problem is that the vibrations seems to be in the wrong place, they are easily felt around the outside of the Cobra Libre but not as easily inside which is where it matters. The silicone tunnel is designed to fit as many different shapes and sizes as possible, this it is a loose fitting tunnel which doesn’t surround your penis tightly, more lightly keeps hold of it. Bit like stroking it with one finger when you want to be pumped. Where you would expect the vibrations to be felt around the head of the penis, frenulum and the top of the shaft. Instead, they are much more dispersed and defused. My partner can orgasm through vibrations alone but they need to be powerful, the Cobra Libre simply doesn’t have that kind of power and the vibrations are not that concentrated enough.

The fifth problem is the tunnel shape, it has a downwards turning lip at the mouth, which even with lubricant feels quite uncomfortable during use. Similar feeling to someone pressing their teeth just a little too hard up and down your shaft over and over, not hard enough to even mark but still hard enough that you can’t concentrate on the other pleasure. The tunnel size is 3.5 inches, you can thrust inside it (just), but the strokes are very shallow and not particularly satisfying, besides as the tunnel is quite loose there is almost no feeling at all.

Care and Maintenance: Funfactory supply sachets of lubricant with their toys, we did not use this as we have lots of lubricant around already. If you don’t, I would recommend also adding some water-based lubricant to your order.

You can only use water-based lubricant with silicone toys, this is because using oil based lubricant could turn your male sex machine into a sticky mess.

The Cobra Libre is silicone and water-proof, making cleaning much easier. However, I didn’t trust completely submersing the plastic as this has contains the electrics and motor. Instead, I treated it as splash-proof, washing the silicone tunnel only. Leave the Cobra Libre to air dry as drying inside the silicone tunnel is difficult.

Overall: What was brought as a belated surprise gift for my partner so he can enjoy more sex toys was a big disappointment. The Cobra Libre has a modern and sleek design which almost any man could like, however the function certainly doesn’t live up to expectations. What was designed as a slow building up toy has failed spectacularly,it simply doesn’t deliver. My partner used this almost a dozen times, including on his own and with me, as to check it wasn’t first negative first impressions getting in the way of being able to see this toys full potential. It certainly wasn’t, the experience of using this toy left his feeling frustrated and having to finish off himself or kindly ask me to do so.

My other Funfactory purchase, the Delight, has quickly become one of my favourite toys, it isn’t that I simply dislike Funfactory and I have no idea where everything went so wrong! This is a classic example of form over function.

– Packaging
– Sleek and modern design
– Different functions and patterns
– Materials
– Water-proof
– Colours
– Reset function
– Able to change intensity
– Quality toy

– Instruction booklet mostly filled with marketing jargon
– Tunnel – too short, downwards lip at the mouth, too loose
– Vibrations inside tunnel are defused
– Touch buttons – easily pressed, especially with lubricant on fingers.
– Charger not usually included
– Cycling through vibrations and patterns to get to the one you want
– Charger doesn’t sit right and can fall off

LELO Insignia Ora Oral Stimulator

Less than a month ago, I published a Spotlight on the new LELO Insignia Ora. This oral sex simulator is LELO’s newest product and is significantly different from the rest of the Insignia line. In fact, the Ora is quite unlike most sex toys currently on the market. Rather than use only vibrations to stimulate the clitoris, the LELO Ora combines two distinct movements to simulate cunnilingus.

At first glance, the LELO Insignia Ora looks similar to what is often referred to as a “personal massager”, such as the Tracey Cox dare! Power Massager. (Yes, I know all kinds of vibrators are sometimes called massagers, but you get my point.) It is 2.9″ tall, 3″ wide, and 1.7″ thick, and would be completely round if not for the flat portion where the magic happens. Moving forward, I’ll be referring to this flat portion as the “mouth” of the Ora, as that is basically what it’s meant to mimic.

This mouth is what sets the LELO Ora apart from typical massagers and the few other oral sex simulators out there. Covered in a thin layer of silicone, the entire Ora is completely rigid, with the exception of the mouth. It’s as if approximately .25″ or so of the plastic under the silicone has been scooped out, leaving a large indentation that is slightly over 1.5″ long and a bit under 1.5″ wide.

Within this indentation lies the other half of the Ora’s magic, a small, hard, moveable nub that extends just millimeters from the Ora’s body. (I realize I’m mixing my inches and millimeters here. I’m American. What do you expect?) The nub makes circular motions inside the mouth area, under the wafer-thin, silicone overlay, to replicate the way a tongue moves during oral sex. For a visual of how the nub actually moves, check out the videos below. (If you turn the volume way up, you can hear the sound of the rotations.)

Now that we’ve addressed why the LELO Ora is so special and watched it in action, let’s discuss a few basics, such as materials, cleaning, and lube, etc.

Materials: I have already mentioned the LELO Ora is covered with silicone, which is body-safe, hypoallergenic, and disinfectable. I invariably find LELO’s silicone to be super soft and silky against my skin. The gold, inner portion of the Ora is made of ABS, a safe form of plastic commonly used in the production of sex toys. Those of you familiar with the annoying seams on the Insignia vibrators that make cleaning them hell need not worry too much, as the Ora is not insertable. (You still may want to have a toothpick on hand, just in case.)

Cleaning: LELO’s Insignia line is waterproof, which makes cleaning the Ora easy (aside from the possible seam issue that may arise for some) and allows for multiple options. If you don’t share your toys, the simplest thing to do is wash the Ora with warm water and a mild (non-antibacterial) soap or use a sex toy cleaner. If you want to share the Ora with non-fluid bonded partners, disinfect it before and after by using a 10% bleach solution on the silicone portion. Be sure to thoroughly wash the bleach off before use.

Lube: LELO always recommends utilizing water-based lubricant with their silicone sex toys as opposed to silicone-based lube. Silicone on silicone can cause a negative chemical reaction, leaving you with a permanently sticky toy. If you want to experiment with a high-quality silicone-based lube, do a patch test beforehand to ensure you don’t ruin your LELO Ora. I don’t need much lube with the Ora, though using a good amount may help to strengthen the oral sex fantasy.

Charging: As with all LELO products that have moving parts, the Ora is rechargeable. A two hour charge will provide up to one hour of play time. However, the Ora’s battery should hit 95% capacity after the first hour, so if you’re short on time, you’ll likely be fine. A white LED under the control panel flashes during charging and glows steadily when done. My LELO Ora arrived mostly charged so it only needed to be plugged in to the wall for approximately 23 minutes.

Control Panel: The LELO Ora’s three button control panel is the same as on the other Insignia vibrators, consisting of a +, -, and () button. The + button turns the Ora on and increases the intensity of each mode separately, just as the – button decreases power and turns the Ora off. The () cycles you through the Ora’s 10 modes, as well as triggering LELO’s new feature, INTENSE mode.

INTENSE Mode: While in any of the LELO Ora’s patterns, other than numbers 2 and 4 (because these modes do not include vibration), holding the () button for three seconds will activate INTENSE Mode, a 30% power boost above and beyond the Ora’s normally highest level. Pressing the () button for three seconds while in INTENSE Mode will deactivate it. When either activated or deactivated, the LED beneath the control panel will flash three times as confirmation.

Travel Lock: I’m almost certain that all of my LELO toys have a travel lock, though I wouldn’t swear to it without double-checking. The LELO Ora is no different. Press both the + and – buttons simultaneously for five seconds to turn the travel lock on or off. This is a great aspect to LELO vibrators, both to save battery life and avoid embarrassing moments on airplanes.

Function: As you’ll see below, two of the LELO Ora’s modes are comprised of the nub’s (or tongue substitute) circular strokes only, while the other eight consist of both strokes and vibration. The nub has two distinct movements- a complete circle rotation, the swirl, and a half circle rotation, the flick. The vibrations range from a steady setting to pulses and waves.

The LELO Ora’s 10 modes are as follows:
1. Full rotation plus steady vibration
2. Full rotation only (swirl)
3. Half circle rotation (flick)
4. Half circle rotation plus slow pulse
5. Full rotation plus fast pulses
6. Half circle rotation plus 1 second wave (pulse)
7. Full rotation plus 1 second wave (pulse)
8. Half circle rotation plus roller coaster with stronger, deeper vibration*
9. Full rotation plus roller coaster with stronger, deeper vibration*
10. Full rotation plus repeating 2 second pulse on, 2 second pulse off

*There is a totally unexpected shift in the sound, strength, and feel of the vibrations on modes 8 and 9. They are slightly louder and obviously stronger and deeper than any of the other vibration patterns on the same level of intensity.

Findings: Though I had high hopes for the LELO Ora, I will admit to also having doubts (based on my hide ‘n’ seek clit, which you all know by now is quite small and lives tightly tucked under its hood). I am pleased to report my initial concerns regarding the extent (or lack thereof) of the nub’s protrusion from the body of the Ora were somewhat unfounded. Once I discovered the sweet spot between the Ora and my clit (which takes a varying amount of time each use), I was not only able to get off with the swirls alone, but my orgasms were shockingly long and powerful.

In reality, the LELO Ora feels nothing like oral sex. I can’t close my eyes and pretend I’m with a partner. However, it creates very unique and unusual sensations that are exquisitely delicate and unlike any sex toy I’ve ever used, including the Lovehoney Sqweel Go (my favorite version of the only other truly original oral sex simulator available).

I am very aware of the firmness of the “tongue” beneath its thin layer of silicone as it circles my clit, though I must stress I really wish it was longer. The Ora can tolerate a fair amount of pressure against my body before the nub becomes a bit whiny and slows slightly. Normally I prefer pressure on my clit, but I surprisingly favor much less than usual with the LELO Ora.

For me, the flicks on their own are a good tease but I have not gotten off with mode 3 yet, possibly due to a lack of patience on my part. Add the slow vibration pulse of mode 4 though, and I am a happy camper. Also unexpected is my absence of interest in the steady vibrations of mode 1, opting instead for the ups and downs of modes 8 and 9′s roller coaster.

INTENSE Mode is a good addition to the Ora’s repertoire and I hope LELO continues to employ it on upcoming products. While the strength of the highest level of vibration is more than enough for me when added to the swirls and flicks of the nub, I have had issues with a lack of power in LELO vibrators in the past. I really can’t tell you if INTENSE Mode truly provides a 30% increase in power (how the heck am I supposed to measure that?), but the difference between it and the Ora’s strongest setting is considerable.

As I made mention of above, INTENSE Mode does not work in modes 2 and 3 because it only effects the vibrations. It has no impact on the rotations, though this might be something to contemplate for the future. An option to increase the speed of the swirls and flicks could be a welcome addition to the LELO Ora’s current features.

I assumed the LELO Ora’s vibration modes would be louder than those without vibrations, but that is not the case at all. The vibrations are actually very quiet in comparison to the Ora’s rotations, which remind me of rabbit vibrators with those noisy rotating shafts.

Only on modes 8 and 9 is there a noticeable increase in the sound of the vibrations, most likely because of the difference between these vibrations and those on the other modes. Unless hidden under a bunch of bedding, I can hear the Ora through my bedroom door, which is hollow and doesn’t block out much noise. You’ll definitely need a dense blanket, a thick door, or some cover music to keep your LELO Ora use a secret.

The Ora’s round shape works well for me, especially as it isn’t something I need to wrap my hand around. I have not experienced any hand cramping as I have with other vibrators. Strangely, though the vibrations resonate throughout the entire toy, I have not experienced buzzy hand syndrome or any sensation leftovers, as I had anticipated. I find it most comfortable to hold the Ora with the charging port below the mouth and the control panel above it, so I can effortlessly access the buttons.

Just as with LELO’s other Insignia vibrators, the Ora’s buttons require a firm press. Once you learn to tell the difference between them by touch, it’s unlikely you’ll unintentionally change modes or turn the Ora off. With 10 separate modes, it can be a bit of a drag having to scroll through all of them to find the one you want, especially if you accidentally pass it. Being able to enter INTENSE Mode from any level of power is a bonus, as well as the ability to control the intensity of each mode independently.

Packaging: The LELO Ora arrived in typical LELO packaging- flimsy, indiscrete external box with images of the Ora and sturdy, super discrete internal black box with the LELO stamp. Included in the box is the Ora’s AC charger (thank you, LELO, for not forcing me to charge via USB), user manual with warranty information, black satin storage pouch, authenticity card, and pamphlet with visual representations of the Ora’s 10 modes and instructions on how to use the new INTENSE feature. The black box is great for storage but takes up a fair amount of room. However, the Ora and its charger do not fit in the storage pouch together.

User Manual: Sigh. The Ora comes with LELO’s new, overly generic manual that provides instructions for their vibrators in general. It also briefly explains the Ora’s one year warranty and 10 year quality guarantee. The manual refers you to LELO’s website for additional, more specified information. Considering the only new information supplied by the online Master Manual is how to use the Travel Lock, it’s really more of an ad for the Ora than a guide to its functions.

Exploring various links on the site, such as the multiple FAQ pages and the Features section on the product page, I was able to answer the questions I think a sex toy newbie might have, but not without feeling frustrated and resentful. LELO, if you’re going to move forward with this umbrella user manual and refer users to each product’s online Master Manual, please ensure it contains all the relevant information. Customers should not have to spend the amount of time I did searching the site to find it.

LELO Insignia Ora Oral Stimulator Pros:
• Unique sensations
• Rotations and vibrations
• New INTENSE mode
• Waterproof
• Can control intensity in each mode
• Silicone
• Rechargeable
• Great concept
• Easy to use control panel
• Travel lock
• No buzzy hand syndrome

LELO Insignia Ora Oral Stimulator Cons:
• Nub doesn’t protrude very far
• Loud rotations
• Seam may make cleaning difficult
• 10 modes to scroll through
• Detailed user info not compiled in one place

So, if you have a small and shy clit like I do, is the new LELO Ora a good bet for you? It’s tough to say. I think someone whose clit juts out from their body or is on the longer end of the spectrum may more quickly and easily find pleasure with the Ora. I’ve already stated I would very much like the nub to extend further from the Ora’s mouth, but I do find it effective as is. Still, a longer tongue would likely make the Ora accessible for more people. It requires more time and patience than something like the We-Vibe Tango, but it’s well worth it for me.

Though I was hoping for a gratifying outcome with the new LELO Ora Oral Sex Simulator, I was a tad skeptical, so my experience has been a happy surprise (especially after my last LELO review). By combining the Ora’s intriguing concept and its new INTENSE Mode feature with the classically strong aspects of the Insignia line, LELO has come up with a winner.

Bottom line: While I wouldn’t say LELO has knocked it out of the park completely, the new LELO Ora is a refreshing and (for me) successful addition to their selection of sex toys.

The LELO Global Sex Survey is still active and participating will earn you a 20% off discount coupon to use on LELO products. If you decide to pick up a new Ora for yourself, you may want to check it out.