Minna Limon Vibrator

I was able to handle it and experience just how different the Ola was from other vibrators currently on the market. It ended up taking me until last year to finally review the Minna Ola, and while I really loved the idea behind it, i didn’t enjoy the vibrator as much as I had anticipated.

Right about the time I published my Ola Vibrator review, I ran across Minna Life’s crowd funding campaign on indiegogo (which is partly how they funded the Minna Ola) for a new vibrator. Of course, I immediately published a Spotlight on the New Minna Limon.

After waiting and waiting, and waiting some more (patience is not one of my strongest virtues), the Minna Limon was finally released late last year. Thanks to the generosity of the awesome folks over at SheVibe, I didn’t have to wait almost two years to get my hands on one. Did I mention that it’s teal? It also comes in pink, if you really can’t stand the teal (crazy person).

At 3″ long and 2″ wide, the Minna Limon is SMALL, much more so than I expected. I have average sized hands for a woman and its lemony shape fits very comfortably. It is also incredibly light, weighing only 2.7 ounces, which is great for those with hand/wrist issues. It probably weighs about the same as my iPhone 5 with its case on.

If you’ve read my most recent review, you know that licking sex toys to determine if they are made of safe materials isn’t always the best idea. However, based on having actually met the people behind the company, my experience with the Minna Ola, and what I am willing to suffer for my readers, I licked the Minna Limon anyway. I am happy to report no adverse reactions.

According to my tongue, the silicone of the Minna Limon is legit. It is soft and smooth, similar to that of the Ola, but I find the Limon’s silicone to be silkier, with much less drag. There is a visible seam that runs around the center of the vibrator but it is not very noticeable.

The Minna Limon is not an insertable vibrator and the slickness of its silicone does not require gobs of lube. In fact, with this vibrator, less is more. It can get slippery easily. Stick to water-based lubricants, or as Minna Life states, “silicone-safe” lube. If you want to try using a silicone-based lube with the Limon, do a small patch test beforehand.

As the Minna Limon charges via tiny magnets on its underside, it has no open ports and is not only waterproof, it is also submersible. While I would stay away from the high temperatures of a jacuzzi, feel free to enjoy your Limon in the bath or shower.

Of course, the Minna Limon’s high-quality silicone is phthalate-free, body-safe, and hypoallergenic, and the waterproofness of the vibrator makes cleaning a breeze. You can go the lazy man’s route and wash it with warm water and gentle soap (NOT antibacterial). A sex toy cleaner will also do the job.

If you plan on sharing your Minna Limon Vibrator with non-fluid bonded partners, go the extra mile and disinfect it with a 10% bleach solution. This will destroy any bacteria lingering on the Limon’s surface and ensure nothing is unintentionally transferred.

Kudos to Minna Life on the Limon’s charging solution. I think it’s great. The Limon sits in a small cradle that holds it in place while charging. This may not seem like a big deal, but as with most of the newer rechargeable vibrators, the Limon charges via USB.

At some point, I’m going to have to stop complaining about vibrators coming only with USB chargers because it is obviously the wave of the future, but today is not that day. I know most people (myself included) already own a USB to AC adapter thanks to a smartphone and/or tablet. In addition, it is more eco-friendly, which I do think is important.

Though I often perform a first charge on my computer while working so I can see if anything exciting happens and have an idea of how long it takes (and because I’m so lazy I don’t want to have to get it from the other room when it’s done), I generally prefer wall charging.

The fact that the Minna Limon charges via USB means that many people will charge it through a computer. If you’ve ever tried charging some of the older Fun Factory Click ‘N’ Charge Vibrators, you know magnetic chargers can sometimes be tricky, moving slightly or falling off completely and breaking the connection.

Not only does this not happen with the Minna Limon’s charger, it locks the vibrator into place and keeps it from rolling around. If you’re like me and have very limited space, you understand that being able to charge a lemon-shaped vibrator off my laptop without it trying to wander away every time I move is a big deal.

While charging, the Minna Limon does something super cool that I’ve never seen before. (Yep, I’m totally geeking out.) As with many rechargeables, the Limon’s internal light pulses during charging, then stops and glows steadily to inform you charging is complete.

However, when the Limon’s internal light is on, you see the the word “m!nna” projected onto the side of the vibrator. I know it’s unnecessary and does nothing to enhance to functionality of the toy. I’m also guessing it’ll drive some people crazy, but it’s clever and I love it.

Not only is the Minna Limon fully charged out of the box (not very common but very considerate), it pulses when you turn it on to let you know how much charge is left. Three pulses indicates the vibrator is fully charged, two pulses means you have approximately half the charge left, and one or no pulse says it’s time to recharge.

My understanding is that the Minna Limon requires approximately one hour to fully charge and will last 1.5-3 hour, depending on how it is used. The more frequently you use the stronger intensities, the faster the battery will drain. However, I have not been able to run it down beyond two pulses thus far and I have tried.

On to the fun stuff. What makes the Minna Limon so special? There are a few things, but the major difference between the Limon and any other vibrator on the market (aside from the Minna Ola) is how it actually works. Check out the video below.

The Minna Limon has what Minna Life calls a “squeezable interface”. Rather than the typical dials or buttons that control a vibrator’s intensity, you manage the Limon’s vibrations by squeezing it. The harder you squeeze, the stronger the vibrations will become. It is the easiest way to control a vibrator I have ever experienced.

There is no fumbling with two hands to try and turn a dial or need to remember which button is which and blindly poking around until you find the correct one. You just squeeze. As wondrous as this squeezability is, it may be challenging for those of you with hand and wrist issues. Minna offers a semi-solution, Lock Mode.

The Minna Limon has three modes, Free Play Mode, Record Mode, and Lock Mode. Just as it sounds, in Free Play Mode, it’s all about you squeezing the vibrator. Squeeze long and hard, you’ll get a steady, strong vibration. Stop squeezing, no vibrations. Easy peasy.

Record Mode is where the Minna Limon adds a special option to its already unique squeezable technology. It allows you to create your own patterns, and with its use of Smart Memory, the Limon will remember and replay the pattern you have just created. How cool is that?

You generate any pattern you like by squeezing the Limon with different strengths and for variable lengths of time. Once you are happy with it, simply stop squeezing. After a moment, the Limon will replay your creation over and over until you squeeze again to stop it.

First very important note: Like a young child, the Minna Limon can remember only one pattern at a time. As soon as you squeeze the vibrator to stop it, that pattern is gone and you must create a new one.

If you really love the pattern you’ve just designed but keep losing it by accidentally squeezing the Minna Limon, you can save your creation for the period of time the vibrator remains on. This is where Lock Mode comes in.

As the name suggests, Lock Mode allows you to lock in a specific pattern of vibrations. This way, no matter how many times you unintentionally squeeze the Minna Limon during play, you will not lose your pattern. I use this mode frequently.

Just as controlling the vibration strength and patterns couldn’t be easier, the Minna Limon’s single control button could not make moving from mode to mode any more straightforward. I know I usually express a preference for a dedicated on/off switch, but because of how this vibrator works and due to its small size, having just the one button makes sense.

Turning the Minna Limon on is a snap. Simply press the power button. As I mentioned above, this is when the vibrator will pulse to let you know how much charge is left. The power light pulses along with the vibration. When the Limon is on, a small light directly underneath the power button will light up. This light remains lit through all three modes. The Limon always starts out in Free Play Mode. Free Play Mode = power light only.

To move to Record Mode, press the power button once. The record light, to the left of the power button, will turn on. It looks like a refresh symbol, a rounded arrow. You can now create unique vibration patterns and the Minna Limon will replay for them for you. Record Mode = power light + record light.

You’re probably getting the gist of this by now. You access Lock Mode by pressing the power button once again. The record symbol turns off and the lock light turns on. This is located to the right of the power button and looks like a little padlock. Lock Mode = power light + lock light.

While in Lock Mode, pressing the power button will return you to Free Play Mode, which is where you began when you turned the Minna Limon on. It’s that effortless. Three presses of the power button will allow you to access all the Limon’s features. To turn the vibrator off, press and hold the power button for several seconds. The Limon will pulse once and turn off.

Second very important note: Just as the Minna Limon will instantly forget a pattern as soon as you create a new one, turning the vibrator off will erase the last pattern you made. It does not have the ability to hold patterns in its memory without power.

In addition to employing the squeezable feature Minna Life introduced with the Ola Vibrator, the Minna Limon boasts what the company calls Rumble Motor Technology. Minna Life states that this unique technology offers “unprecedented strength”, which is one of those generalized statements meant to sound good without actually providing any real information.

Regardless, the Minna Limon’s vibrations are no joke. I find them to be more powerful and deeper than those of the Minna Ola and the LELO Siri, and surprisingly on par with my top two favorite clit vibrators of all time, the Crave Duet and the We-Vibe Touch.

The strength of the Minna Limon’s vibrations was a very happy surprise. The We-Vibe Touch may be a teency bit more powerful on its highest level (and I mean teency), but for some reason its power tends to lessen slightly when I press it against my body, so they end up being about the same.

The Siri, one of my preferred LELO vibrators, would need some extra oomph to compete with the Limon. Comparing the Limon to the Crave Duet is more difficult. The Limon’s vibrations may be more rumbly but the Duet’s dual motors create a sensation that the Limon cannot reproduce.

What astonished me even more than the Limon’s power was the deep, rumbliness of its vibrations. Take a moment to recall the highest-pitched, buzziest vibrations you’ve ever felt and how angry they made you. Holding on to that memory? The Limon’s vibrations are on the exact opposite end of the spectrum and are really what separates it from the Siri and many other vibrators. Aside from the obvious difference in shape, I’m not sure I would be able to tell the Minna Limon and the We-Vibe Touch apart in a blind test.

Though I don’t think I will ever lose my fondness for my We-Vibe Touch, the Minna Limon is significantly easier to use (It could be that my Touch is aging, but its button has become more and more difficult to operate.) and is not a lint magnet. It is also decidedly quieter than the We-Vibe Touch (and the Minna Ola), even at its highest level of intensity. I dare say, many people will be able to use the Limon next to a sleeping partner without disturbing them one iota.

Just as with the We-Vibe Touch and any other clit vibe of a similar size, some of the Minna Limon’s vibrations are transferred to the hand during use, causing mild buzzy hand syndrome. Unlike other vibrators that are so bad they are literally painful, the low-pitched level of the Limon’s vibrations restrict this to a tingling or slight discomfort, if any.

The shape of the Minna Limon will most likely work best for women who have protruding, or at least larger clits than mine. Though there is nothing wrong with the shape of the Limon, I find myself wishing its citrusy point was longer. I just happen to have a very small clit that is well hidden in its hood. However, once I sneak the tip in between my labia I am able to tuck it right up under my clit, which works fabulously.

I do want to mention that like the Minna Ola, the Limon’s squeeze pillow (Minna Life’s term, not mine) can deflate after travel or over time. There is a small silver spot underneath the vibrator, between the two magnetic charging contacts. This is the travel vent and when depressed with a ball point pen, it will re-inflate the pillow. And now I’m sleepy. Where is my pillow?

Probably my biggest complaint about the Minna Limon is its over-sized tube. I am a sucker for cool and/or luxurious packaging. At the same, I want a minimal amount of waste. I realize these desires often conflict. (Ever tried wrapping gifts using pages from catalogues or paper grocery bags? It takes a LOT longer than wrapping paper but makes me feel slightly more eco-conscious.)

As with the Ola, the Minna Limon comes in a stylish, cardboard tube that is sturdy enough to provide good protection and long-term storage, but it’s big (though not as bad as the Ola’s gigantic package). Inside the tube, the Limon sits in a little holder of sorts so it is perfectly displayed when you remove the top.

Also included are the Limon’s USB charging stand, an appropriately informative users manual in multiple languages, and a great little storage pouch that is easy to use. (Does anyone who has the We-Vibe Touch not despise the awful storage pouch that comes with it?)

Minna Limon Vibrator Pros:
• Squeezable technology
• Deep and rumbly vibrations
• Powerful vibrations
• Record and Lock Modes
• Very lightweight
• Waterproof
• Rechargeable
• Silky, smooth silicone
• Super quiet
• Easy to use
• Straightforward control/light panel
• Good charging cradle
• Long battery life
• Cool side light-up feature
• Not a lint magnet
• Awesome color

Minna Limon Vibrator Cons:
• Better for protruding clits
• Mild buzzy hand syndrome
• No AC charger
• Overlarge packaging

I love being able to start the year off on a positive note. I had intended to publish my Minna Limon review on New Year’s Day, but the wretched stomach flu kept that from happening. I know this is technically my second review of 2014, but the first one was such a disaster I’m ignoring it.

I really can’t find big gaffes with Minna Limon. I included buzzy hand syndrome on my Cons list because it may be a true problem for some people who have certain hand issues. However, it is mild and no worse than most clit vibrators of its size. I would like an old school wall charger included with my USB charger, but that’s not a failure of the Limon itself.

The two issues to address when deciding on whether or not to purchase the Minna Limon are the squeezing and the shape. You can see all the great features this vibrator has listed under Pros and it’s obvious I’m a fan. I also have a chronic pain condition that severely impacts my hands at times. Would I want to deal with a squeeze pillow on those occasions? No. Then again, I don’t want to masturbate when I’m in that much pain either.

Do you prefer steady vibrations and only enjoy patterns once in a while? If so, the Minna Limon is probably not the ideal vibrator for you. Nifty technology aside, this vibrator is best suited for people who appreciate different pattern and want the opportunity to create their own.

Do you know what shape vibrator works best for you? If not, how are you built? Do you have a small, hidey clit like mine or is yours large and protruding, loud and proud? This is also vital to making a good decision about owning the Minna Limon.

While the Minna Limon has not replaced my favorite clit vibrator, it is making a serious play for the number two spot. Though I ultimately favor the shape of the We-Vibe Touch, I prefer everything else about the Minna Limon, from its silky, non-lint magnet-y silicone, to its ease of use and ability to create unique patterns, to its non-hateful storage pouch.

If you’re deciding between the Minna Ola and the Minna Limon, there is no competition. The Limon wins hands down. Not being insertable makes it slightly less versatile, but the strength, depth, and quietness of the vibrations, along with its much better charging solution and slicker silicone make up for that ten times over.

SheVibe carries both the Minna Limon and the Minna Ola and will give you free shipping on your $75 purchase, you’ll which qualify for with either vibrator. It’s not that I’m not trying to influence your decision or anything. All I’m saying is that if you’re in the market for a vibrator, seriously consider the Minna Limon. It comes in teal. Need I say more?

Dulce Bunny Vibrator

As you know, I adore colorful sex toys, especially those that aren’t the typical pink and purple. I am always drawn to blue sex toys (don’t ask me why, I am the same way with nail polish) so I was quite pleased to discover the Dulce Bunny Vibrator is available in turquoise.

Being a clit girl, I tend to be attracted to clit-centric (totally a word) vibrators. Though there is nothing unusual about the oft used bunny shape, I have not had the easiest time finding a bunny-shaped clit vibe I really like. I’ve certainly given a number of rabbity rabbit vibrators high marks, but I seem to be forever searching for a good bunny-shaped clit vibrator. Why, you may ask? Why not? When you own as many sex toys as I do, turning the process into a sort of treasure hunt sometimes adds to the fun.

Supporting me in this quest, PinkCherry Sex Toys was kind enough to send out the Dulce Bunny Vibrator for review. At 5.75″ long and 5″ in circumference, the Dulce Bunny is definitely at the large end of the clit stimulator spectrum.

The smallest vibrator in my collection that I really like (I have smaller ones that I think are sucky) is the LELO Nea. Small clit vibes have some advantages. They are lightweight, effortless to store/hide, and are usually uncomplicated and easy to use. They can also cause hand cramping and become so slippery with lube and bodily fluids they shoot across the room when you’re trying to grab them. That’s not so great.

Hence, it can be convenient to have a larger a clit vibrator, such as the Dulce Bunny, on hand. Its arched body is comfortable to grip, even on one of my painful hand days (the kind of day that would make a little vibrator unmanageable). The length allows me to plop on lube where I want, and as long as it’s not super thin and drippy, the Dulce Bunny Vibrator does not get slippery and difficult to handle.

The smooth, silicone coating of the Dulce Bunny Vibrator does not require much lube, as it basically has no drag. Still, a touch of additional slickness to the tips of its ears can make for more enjoyable play. As this soft and silky coating is silicone, your best is to avoid silicone-based lube and stick with water-based lubricant. Using silicone-based lube with some silicone sex toys can cause a negative chemical reaction, resulting in a damaged, sticky vibrator. No one wants that.

Though the Dulce Bunny Vibrator requires two AAA batteries, which are not included, it is waterproof and its battery compartment appears to be secure. It is definitely safe for washing with (NON-antibacterial) soap and water and shower use. I don’t know that I’d trust its ability to tolerate full submersion, but I tend to be rather cautious and feel safer submerging rechargeable vibrators with no open ports, such as the Minna Limon.

If you have a sex toy cleaner you like, you can spritz the Dulce Bunny Vibrator or spray it on a cloth and wipe the vibrator down. Silicone has such eency weency pores that bacteria and viruses can’t squeeze in and infect the material. Therefore, using a 10% bleach solution on the Dulce Bunny should allow you to disinfect it and share it between non-fluid bonded partners.

Made from ABS coated in soft silicone, the body of the Dulce Bunny Vibrator is completely rigid except for the ears, which are solid silicone and have a bit of squish to them. They also do not seem to be tightly attached to the hard body, so you can move them around some. As the Dulce Bunny is not a rabbit vibrator and you’re not trying to coordinate stimulation to different areas of your body, I’m not sure this is a necessary or even intentional feature.

The ears themselves are firm enough that their mobility does not detract from the vibrator’s functionality. At the very least, this flexibility should allow the ears of the Dulce Bunny Vibrator to work for many people in different ways.

My favorite part of the Dulce Bunny Vibrator happens to be its very pointy ears. Pinpoint stimulation is my nirvana and finding a pointy vibrator is no small feat. Pointed vibrators are far less common than those with rounded tips. The We-Vibe Touch is probably the only effectively pointy vibrator I own. Fortunately, it has other excellent attributes as well.

The Dulce Bunny Vibrator’s control panel consists of four buttons laid out like a cross and is super straightforward. The top button is the dedicated on/off power button (go, Dulce Bunny Vibrator!) and has the traditional power icon. The bottom button scrolls through the vibrator’s 10 functions and looks a bit like an upside down power icon. The – button on the left hand side decreases intensity and the + button on the right hand side increases intensity.

The four buttons are sized well for most people’s hands (as long as you’re not Andre the Giant) and behave exactly as you’d expect them to. Their feedback is more than satisfactory and they require enough pressure that it’s unlikely you’ll change a setting unintentionally. Underneath the buttons, a blue LED flashes in time to each of its 10 patterns. The Dulce Bunny Vibrator does not have a memory chip, meaning it always starts on the first mode when you turn it on.

This is where things get strange. I am totally perplexed by the set up of the Dulce Bunny’s functions. It has 10 modes but none of them are a steady vibration. All 10 modes are patterns, which is odd. At the moment, I am unable to think of any other vibrator I own that completely lacks at least one steady vibration mode. While I do enjoy patterns, not everyone does, and there are times when I do want them either.

It’s also curious that the Dulce Bunny Vibrator turns on at mid-strength. After hitting the dedicated power button, I can decrease the intensity of the vibrations by two levels. The lowest level is so minimal I doubt I would know the vibrator is on without the flashing LED. I am only able to increase the vibration strength one level, which is weird. Wouldn’t you expect the vibrator to have two higher levels if it has two lower ones?

The 10 modes of the Dulce Bunny Vibrator are as follows:
1. Medium pulsation
2. Long, slow pulsation
3. Two medium pulses, One short pulse, One 3 second pulse
4. Two slow pulses, One short pulse, One 5 second pulse
5. ~20 fast pulsations, One 5 second pulse
6. 5 second pulses*
7. Three short pulses, One 2 second pulse
8. 2 second pulse, ~20 fast pulses, One short pulse
9. Roller coaster
10. Super fast pulse*

*Modes #6 and #10 are the closest the Dulce Bunny Vibrator comes to a steady vibration.

On top of organizing its 10 functions and four levels of intensity in the strangest way I’ve yet to run across, the Dulce Bunny Vibrator has disappointing vibrations. At their most powerful, they are only mid-range in strength and definitely lean toward high-pitched and buzzy. They are not buzzy enough to be painful, but enough to be annoying. As for noise, the vibrations are louder than I expect in a vibrator the size of the Dulce Bunny, but cannot be heard through a thin bedroom door which makes them tolerable.

I feel surprisingly irritated that the Dulce Bunny Vibrator does not have better vibrations because its shape is fantastic. Holding the vibrator with the front (button side) facing down forces the pointy ears to curve upward. Sliding them in between my labia and up under my clit is a natural movement and provides me with the pinpoint stimulation I want. Though I can orgasm with this vibrator, it takes more effort and is less enjoyable than many of my other vibrators.

Have you ever wanted to Frankenstein a sex toy? You know, take the body from one, the motor from another, the charging solution from something else, and magically put them all together to form something great? The Dulce Bunny Vibrator totally provokes that impulse in me. Bad bunny. Very bad bunny.

As I previously mentioned, the Dulce Bunny Vibrator uses two AAA batteries (not included). Why does everything suddenly require AAA batteries?? For some reason, I am ALWAYS out of them. It seems every electrical device in my apartment that needs batteries must have AAA’s. I am forever borrowing batteries from different remote controls to test vibrators. This is one of the reasons I prefer rechargeable sex toys.

Opening the battery compartment it easy peasy, but closing it is somewhat trickier than it looks. You’ve got to make sure the two sets of little plastic tabs on the sides of the compartment line up just right. It is then more a matter of pressing down and slightly up as opposed to using a sliding motion to get the compartment cover back into place.

The packaging of the Dulce Bunny Vibrator is quite sturdy. It has a magnetic flap that allows you to open the box easily but is strong enough to keep it from accidentally opening on its own. It is overlarge to store just one sex toy. However, you could easily use it to stash multiple little vibrators, charging cables, small packets/bottles of lube, etc. The only downside is that the partially plastic front may not hold up as well as the rest of the box.

This clear plastic frontage is also what keeps the packaging from being discreet. You can see the Dulce Bunny right through it and while there isn’t any usage of the word “vibrator” on the box, “10 Intense Functions” on the front sort of gives it away.

Inside the box, the Dulce Bunny Vibrator is held tightly in a plastic tray with the warranty card and storage pouch underneath. The storage pouch is made of good quality, black, satiny material and has a secure drawstring closure. It doesn’t attract lint or stick to the silicone of the Dulce Bunny. It does say “Closet Collection” on its front but the shoe logo makes me think of teeny tiny shoe bags that would come with very expensive teeny tiny shoes, not sex toys.

It is on the large side, as in you might be able to stuff four Dulce Bunny Vibrators in it if you really tried. I appreciate the additional room for batteries, though it really doesn’t need to be quite so big. Then again, it’s not like we’re talking those early Jopen Vanity storage pouches and it really doesn’t take up any extra space.

I need to address some confusion created by the Dulce Bunny Vibrator’s packaging. As you can see from the images above, the front of the box clearly says “silicone”, as does PinkCherry Sex Toys’ website. However, the back of the box declares just as clearly, “Made from ABS with soft rubber coating”. I have always found PinkCherry Sex Toys to be accurate in their data, but everyone makes mistakes, so I did some research. It turns out that the website belonging to Impulse Novelties, the manufacturer, provides the same info as the back of the box. So far, not so good.

Unhappy with the idea of possibly having used a rubber sex toy, but also not having found any indications that the Dulce Bunny Vibrator’s coating actually is rubber, I went one step further and contacted the manufacturer, explaining my confusion. The company responded right away and informed me the coating on the Dulce Bunny Vibrator truly is silicone.

After thanking them for their timely response, I shared my concern about the conflicting descriptions on the packaging and website. While this discrepancy doesn’t sit well with me, the Dulce Bunny Vibrator has no significant odor or taste. It does not make my tongue tingle or feel weird. (No, I did not learn my lesson about tasting sex toys after the Shiri Zinn Cupcake debacle. Do you see the risks I take for you, dear readers?)

All three of my sources, PinkCherry Sex Toys, Impulse Novelties, and the box itself, assert the Dulce Bunny Vibrator is phthalate-free silicone. I cannot sense any indication of leeching chemicals, but I still was not totally reassured. As I do not have a testing facility in my back room, I did the next best thing, a flame test.

The flame test is a commonly used at-home trick to determine if a sex toy truly is made of silicone. It’s basically just what it sounds like- you apply a flame to the sex toy and try to set it on fire. Silicone may burn slightly, the material may darken or discolor as certain ingredients or coatings burn off, but it should not melt like a silicone blend or non-silicone toy.

Holding the Dulce Bunny Vibrator over the bathroom sink, I decided to flame the ears because they are as solid silicone (possibly) I figured any melting would happen quickly. Quite frankly, though I wanted to believe Impulse Novelties when they told me the vibrator does have a silicone coating (I can be very Pollyanna that way), I still expected the ears to melt.

To my great surprise, there was not the tiniest bit of meltage (totally a word). In fact, it seemed to take forever for ash to appear. By the time it did, I was considering breaking out the veggie sausage to do a little bathroom barbecuing. As you can see from the before and after images below, the Dulce Bunny’s ears burned to some degree, causing marginal discoloration and ash buildup. I easily wiped this away with my finger.

While the ears remained very warm for long enough to allow the Dulce Bunny Vibrator to live on the bathroom counter for a while, there was not a stitch of damage to them. Their shape and structure were in no way compromised. Well, slap me on the ass and call me Mary! I must admit, this was not what I had anticipated at all. The flame test is not 100% accurate, but it is a good general guideline for at-home testing.

Conclusion: The coating on the Dulce Bunny Vibrator is indeed silicone. In a sense, I find this to be more frustrating than if it wasn’t silicone. I am pleased that Impulse Novelties did not lie to me, but I am bothered that they have been so sloppy in their packaging and website description. Does this indicate a lack of understanding of the importance of using body-safe sex toy materials or just a lackadaisical approach to communication? Either way, not good.

While PinkCherry Sex Toys correctly lists the Dulce Bunny Vibrator as being made of silicone, this will not override the confusion that will occur when a consumer looks at the actual box. The manufacturer has done itself a very serious disservice by not providing accurate information on both the box and their website. The website can easily be changed, but that packaging is out there and will be for a long time.

I hope this increases Impulse Novelties’ awareness that more and more, consumers know their stuff. Sex toy manufacturers need to provide valid information about their products and not assume that no one cares or is paying attention. My mission is to get people to pay attention and make healthy choices about the sex toys they use and the companies they support.

Dulce Bunny Vibrator Pros:
• Great pointy ear shape
• Easy to grip during use
• Smooth, silky silicone
• Waterproof
• Dedicated on/off button
• Lightweight
• Flexible ears
• Not a lint magnet
• Good storage pouch

Dulce Bunny Vibrator Cons:
• Inaccurate packaging
• Not very powerful
• Vibrations on the buzzy side
• Slightly loud
• No steady vibration modes
• Incredibly odd vibration setup

I find I am almost depressed by the Dulce Bunny Vibrator at this point. It has a handful of positive features and the curvy, pointy ears are fantastic. With the right motor, this could really be a standout vibrator. Unfortunately, that motor is nowhere to be found (nowhere near this vibrator). It’s a shame.

What actually bothers me even more is the inaccuracy of the Dulce Bunny Vibrator’s packaging. As people who purchase sex toys become more educated, they will spend their money on body-safe sex toys, as they should. As consumers, we all need to be able to trust the information given to us by sex toy manufacturers (yep, here comes Pollyanna again). Eventually, companies who do not understand or care about this issue will be edge out by those who do. I can dream, can’t it?

In the meantime, PinkCherry Sex Toys stocks a large number of better vibrators. Consider the We-Vibe Touch (one of my absolute favorites), the LELO Nea, or the LELO Siri (both also high on my list, but not waterproof). As for a good, solid, bunny-shaped clit vibrator, the search continues.

Bottom line: If you’re not terribly picky about the depth of vibration and don’t require a ton of power to orgasm, its fabulous pointy ears and good overall shape might make the Dulce Bunny Vibrator worth the risk. Otherwise, skip it.