Doc Johnson Pony Play Butt Plug

It arrived really fast in some super discrete packaging; the plug itself came packaged in just a plastic wrap with some very basic information attached.

The plug is a basic medium plug from Doc Johnson with a black tail attached to it through a hole in the base. The tail is glued in place and could be pulled out easily if pulled to hard; I didn’t pull the tail out as I was worried that I might not be able to get it back in.

I have a basic Doc Johnson plug like this already so I had a good idea what size and shape it would be. The plug is firm but not solid, it has a slight give and flexibility to it, and it has a nice thin neck and a good ridge between its widest and smallest point, meaning that this is one of those plugs which will always stay put. I inadvertently stored my old plug with something that it reacted with and it melted so I would advise that you store this separately to your other toys and that you only use water based lube with it, melting toys due to bad storage can always be avoided.

The plug is made from Red PVC but it doesn’t have a smell, I always find smelly toys a huge turn off. I love the Red of this plug and the way that it contrasts with the black tail. The tail is quite long, it hangs down to about my knees when it’s been worn.

I personally don’t think that this makes a very good whip, the tail doesn’t seem to be fixed very tightly in the plug and I would worry that throwing it about as a whip could cause it to come away from the body of the toy. The material that it is made from is also very thin and light and unlike a nice suede or leather flogger it doesn’t really swing, it does however, feel lovely when been used to stroke your partners back.

It is a medium butt plug, but in my experience it is quite large for a medium, it has an insert able length of 4 inches or approx 10cm, and a diameter or 2 inches or about 5cm. If you are new to anal play I would recommend that you purchase the smaller version of this toy, which has half the diameter but about the same length.

When I used this plug we used a good water based lube (liquid silk) and I found that it felt comfortable once it was inserted, the slight flexibility of it means that you are able to move around easily while it is been worn without it feeling cumbersome. The tail feels light and doesn’t pull on the plug, you can feel it brushing the back of your legs as you move around but it doesn’t feel like it is weighing down on the plug and going to pull it out of place.

I liked the tail and loved the way that it hung down, it is only a basic tail, it’s not bushy and fluffy but this is a perfect plug for those who want to get into this sort of role play, my partner really liked the look of it, and enjoyed flogging me while I was wearing it.

I found the base to be quite large and from experience of the identical plug I have without the tail can say that without a good lube it can get uncomfortable if worn under clothes or for a long period of time, it’s not great for walking about when it is inside you for any length of time as the size and shape of it can make it rub a bit, using plenty of good quality lubricant can prevent it from rubbing. On the other hand the base being large means that it will not get lost inside you and this is a very safe plug to use, you are not risking a trip to A&E and funny looks off a nurse with this toy.

The plug is nice and easy to clean as the tail is thin plastic fibers getting them wet won’t do them any harm, but I would still advise against completely submerging the plug as you can get water inside it, and this is a pain to get out, we use the lovehoney antibacterial sex toy cleaner on all of our sex toys and it is perfect for this as well, just a few squirts, and a quick clean and dry and its ready for play again.

Overall:- I liked the butt plug and the tail when been used as such but not as a whip, the fibers are to thin and light for it to whip properly, but they look great when been worn as a tail, the plug is large for a medium so if at all unsure you should try the small, the shoulder on it and its thin neck mean that it will stay in place for hours without any slipping, my partner couldn’t resist giving me a tap or two with our crop while I was wearing it.  I think that this is a perfect introduction into this kind of role-play without breaking the bank or just a bit of fun for someone like me that wanted to try something different.

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