LELO Insignia Ora Oral Stimulator

Less than a month ago, I published a Spotlight on the new LELO Insignia Ora. This oral sex simulator is LELO’s newest product and is significantly different from the rest of the Insignia line. In fact, the Ora is quite unlike most sex toys currently on the market. Rather than use only vibrations to stimulate the clitoris, the LELO Ora combines two distinct movements to simulate cunnilingus.

At first glance, the LELO Insignia Ora looks similar to what is often referred to as a “personal massager”, such as the Tracey Cox dare! Power Massager. (Yes, I know all kinds of vibrators are sometimes called massagers, but you get my point.) It is 2.9″ tall, 3″ wide, and 1.7″ thick, and would be completely round if not for the flat portion where the magic happens. Moving forward, I’ll be referring to this flat portion as the “mouth” of the Ora, as that is basically what it’s meant to mimic.

This mouth is what sets the LELO Ora apart from typical massagers and the few other oral sex simulators out there. Covered in a thin layer of silicone, the entire Ora is completely rigid, with the exception of the mouth. It’s as if approximately .25″ or so of the plastic under the silicone has been scooped out, leaving a large indentation that is slightly over 1.5″ long and a bit under 1.5″ wide.

Within this indentation lies the other half of the Ora’s magic, a small, hard, moveable nub that extends just millimeters from the Ora’s body. (I realize I’m mixing my inches and millimeters here. I’m American. What do you expect?) The nub makes circular motions inside the mouth area, under the wafer-thin, silicone overlay, to replicate the way a tongue moves during oral sex. For a visual of how the nub actually moves, check out the videos below. (If you turn the volume way up, you can hear the sound of the rotations.)

Now that we’ve addressed why the LELO Ora is so special and watched it in action, let’s discuss a few basics, such as materials, cleaning, and lube, etc.

Materials: I have already mentioned the LELO Ora is covered with silicone, which is body-safe, hypoallergenic, and disinfectable. I invariably find LELO’s silicone to be super soft and silky against my skin. The gold, inner portion of the Ora is made of ABS, a safe form of plastic commonly used in the production of sex toys. Those of you familiar with the annoying seams on the Insignia vibrators that make cleaning them hell need not worry too much, as the Ora is not insertable. (You still may want to have a toothpick on hand, just in case.)

Cleaning: LELO’s Insignia line is waterproof, which makes cleaning the Ora easy (aside from the possible seam issue that may arise for some) and allows for multiple options. If you don’t share your toys, the simplest thing to do is wash the Ora with warm water and a mild (non-antibacterial) soap or use a sex toy cleaner. If you want to share the Ora with non-fluid bonded partners, disinfect it before and after by using a 10% bleach solution on the silicone portion. Be sure to thoroughly wash the bleach off before use.

Lube: LELO always recommends utilizing water-based lubricant with their silicone sex toys as opposed to silicone-based lube. Silicone on silicone can cause a negative chemical reaction, leaving you with a permanently sticky toy. If you want to experiment with a high-quality silicone-based lube, do a patch test beforehand to ensure you don’t ruin your LELO Ora. I don’t need much lube with the Ora, though using a good amount may help to strengthen the oral sex fantasy.

Charging: As with all LELO products that have moving parts, the Ora is rechargeable. A two hour charge will provide up to one hour of play time. However, the Ora’s battery should hit 95% capacity after the first hour, so if you’re short on time, you’ll likely be fine. A white LED under the control panel flashes during charging and glows steadily when done. My LELO Ora arrived mostly charged so it only needed to be plugged in to the wall for approximately 23 minutes.

Control Panel: The LELO Ora’s three button control panel is the same as on the other Insignia vibrators, consisting of a +, -, and () button. The + button turns the Ora on and increases the intensity of each mode separately, just as the – button decreases power and turns the Ora off. The () cycles you through the Ora’s 10 modes, as well as triggering LELO’s new feature, INTENSE mode.

INTENSE Mode: While in any of the LELO Ora’s patterns, other than numbers 2 and 4 (because these modes do not include vibration), holding the () button for three seconds will activate INTENSE Mode, a 30% power boost above and beyond the Ora’s normally highest level. Pressing the () button for three seconds while in INTENSE Mode will deactivate it. When either activated or deactivated, the LED beneath the control panel will flash three times as confirmation.

Travel Lock: I’m almost certain that all of my LELO toys have a travel lock, though I wouldn’t swear to it without double-checking. The LELO Ora is no different. Press both the + and – buttons simultaneously for five seconds to turn the travel lock on or off. This is a great aspect to LELO vibrators, both to save battery life and avoid embarrassing moments on airplanes.

Function: As you’ll see below, two of the LELO Ora’s modes are comprised of the nub’s (or tongue substitute) circular strokes only, while the other eight consist of both strokes and vibration. The nub has two distinct movements- a complete circle rotation, the swirl, and a half circle rotation, the flick. The vibrations range from a steady setting to pulses and waves.

The LELO Ora’s 10 modes are as follows:
1. Full rotation plus steady vibration
2. Full rotation only (swirl)
3. Half circle rotation (flick)
4. Half circle rotation plus slow pulse
5. Full rotation plus fast pulses
6. Half circle rotation plus 1 second wave (pulse)
7. Full rotation plus 1 second wave (pulse)
8. Half circle rotation plus roller coaster with stronger, deeper vibration*
9. Full rotation plus roller coaster with stronger, deeper vibration*
10. Full rotation plus repeating 2 second pulse on, 2 second pulse off

*There is a totally unexpected shift in the sound, strength, and feel of the vibrations on modes 8 and 9. They are slightly louder and obviously stronger and deeper than any of the other vibration patterns on the same level of intensity.

Findings: Though I had high hopes for the LELO Ora, I will admit to also having doubts (based on my hide ‘n’ seek clit, which you all know by now is quite small and lives tightly tucked under its hood). I am pleased to report my initial concerns regarding the extent (or lack thereof) of the nub’s protrusion from the body of the Ora were somewhat unfounded. Once I discovered the sweet spot between the Ora and my clit (which takes a varying amount of time each use), I was not only able to get off with the swirls alone, but my orgasms were shockingly long and powerful.

In reality, the LELO Ora feels nothing like oral sex. I can’t close my eyes and pretend I’m with a partner. However, it creates very unique and unusual sensations that are exquisitely delicate and unlike any sex toy I’ve ever used, including the Lovehoney Sqweel Go (my favorite version of the only other truly original oral sex simulator available).

I am very aware of the firmness of the “tongue” beneath its thin layer of silicone as it circles my clit, though I must stress I really wish it was longer. The Ora can tolerate a fair amount of pressure against my body before the nub becomes a bit whiny and slows slightly. Normally I prefer pressure on my clit, but I surprisingly favor much less than usual with the LELO Ora.

For me, the flicks on their own are a good tease but I have not gotten off with mode 3 yet, possibly due to a lack of patience on my part. Add the slow vibration pulse of mode 4 though, and I am a happy camper. Also unexpected is my absence of interest in the steady vibrations of mode 1, opting instead for the ups and downs of modes 8 and 9′s roller coaster.

INTENSE Mode is a good addition to the Ora’s repertoire and I hope LELO continues to employ it on upcoming products. While the strength of the highest level of vibration is more than enough for me when added to the swirls and flicks of the nub, I have had issues with a lack of power in LELO vibrators in the past. I really can’t tell you if INTENSE Mode truly provides a 30% increase in power (how the heck am I supposed to measure that?), but the difference between it and the Ora’s strongest setting is considerable.

As I made mention of above, INTENSE Mode does not work in modes 2 and 3 because it only effects the vibrations. It has no impact on the rotations, though this might be something to contemplate for the future. An option to increase the speed of the swirls and flicks could be a welcome addition to the LELO Ora’s current features.

I assumed the LELO Ora’s vibration modes would be louder than those without vibrations, but that is not the case at all. The vibrations are actually very quiet in comparison to the Ora’s rotations, which remind me of rabbit vibrators with those noisy rotating shafts.

Only on modes 8 and 9 is there a noticeable increase in the sound of the vibrations, most likely because of the difference between these vibrations and those on the other modes. Unless hidden under a bunch of bedding, I can hear the Ora through my bedroom door, which is hollow and doesn’t block out much noise. You’ll definitely need a dense blanket, a thick door, or some cover music to keep your LELO Ora use a secret.

The Ora’s round shape works well for me, especially as it isn’t something I need to wrap my hand around. I have not experienced any hand cramping as I have with other vibrators. Strangely, though the vibrations resonate throughout the entire toy, I have not experienced buzzy hand syndrome or any sensation leftovers, as I had anticipated. I find it most comfortable to hold the Ora with the charging port below the mouth and the control panel above it, so I can effortlessly access the buttons.

Just as with LELO’s other Insignia vibrators, the Ora’s buttons require a firm press. Once you learn to tell the difference between them by touch, it’s unlikely you’ll unintentionally change modes or turn the Ora off. With 10 separate modes, it can be a bit of a drag having to scroll through all of them to find the one you want, especially if you accidentally pass it. Being able to enter INTENSE Mode from any level of power is a bonus, as well as the ability to control the intensity of each mode independently.

Packaging: The LELO Ora arrived in typical LELO packaging- flimsy, indiscrete external box with images of the Ora and sturdy, super discrete internal black box with the LELO stamp. Included in the box is the Ora’s AC charger (thank you, LELO, for not forcing me to charge via USB), user manual with warranty information, black satin storage pouch, authenticity card, and pamphlet with visual representations of the Ora’s 10 modes and instructions on how to use the new INTENSE feature. The black box is great for storage but takes up a fair amount of room. However, the Ora and its charger do not fit in the storage pouch together.

User Manual: Sigh. The Ora comes with LELO’s new, overly generic manual that provides instructions for their vibrators in general. It also briefly explains the Ora’s one year warranty and 10 year quality guarantee. The manual refers you to LELO’s website for additional, more specified information. Considering the only new information supplied by the online Master Manual is how to use the Travel Lock, it’s really more of an ad for the Ora than a guide to its functions.

Exploring various links on the site, such as the multiple FAQ pages and the Features section on the product page, I was able to answer the questions I think a sex toy newbie might have, but not without feeling frustrated and resentful. LELO, if you’re going to move forward with this umbrella user manual and refer users to each product’s online Master Manual, please ensure it contains all the relevant information. Customers should not have to spend the amount of time I did searching the site to find it.

LELO Insignia Ora Oral Stimulator Pros:
• Unique sensations
• Rotations and vibrations
• New INTENSE mode
• Waterproof
• Can control intensity in each mode
• Silicone
• Rechargeable
• Great concept
• Easy to use control panel
• Travel lock
• No buzzy hand syndrome

LELO Insignia Ora Oral Stimulator Cons:
• Nub doesn’t protrude very far
• Loud rotations
• Seam may make cleaning difficult
• 10 modes to scroll through
• Detailed user info not compiled in one place

So, if you have a small and shy clit like I do, is the new LELO Ora a good bet for you? It’s tough to say. I think someone whose clit juts out from their body or is on the longer end of the spectrum may more quickly and easily find pleasure with the Ora. I’ve already stated I would very much like the nub to extend further from the Ora’s mouth, but I do find it effective as is. Still, a longer tongue would likely make the Ora accessible for more people. It requires more time and patience than something like the We-Vibe Tango, but it’s well worth it for me.

Though I was hoping for a gratifying outcome with the new LELO Ora Oral Sex Simulator, I was a tad skeptical, so my experience has been a happy surprise (especially after my last LELO review). By combining the Ora’s intriguing concept and its new INTENSE Mode feature with the classically strong aspects of the Insignia line, LELO has come up with a winner.

Bottom line: While I wouldn’t say LELO has knocked it out of the park completely, the new LELO Ora is a refreshing and (for me) successful addition to their selection of sex toys.

The LELO Global Sex Survey is still active and participating will earn you a 20% off discount coupon to use on LELO products. If you decide to pick up a new Ora for yourself, you may want to check it out.

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