Nexus G-Rider

I have seen Nexus products around for a while but had not had a chance to try them out until recently when I decided to try out the Nexus G-Rider, a versatile sex toy made for both male and female play.

Nexus makes vibrating sex toys for both men and women. In fact, many of their toys can be used by anyone as they can be used either vaginally or anally and are designed to stimulate either the g-spot for women or the prostate for men. Of course, women can enjoy anal play just as much as men even without prostate. At least, I think so. I don’t actually have a prostate so I can’t really compare, but you know what I mean.

The Nexus G-Rider is billed as a g-spot massager on the package but the shape and the directions tell me it can also be used as a prostate massager. It is 5″ long, with 4″ being insertable, and 1.5″ in diameter. It has a rather curvy shape with a base that curves up kinda like elf shoes. On one side of the base are little silicone nubs. These nubs are meant to stimulate the clit or the perineum, depending on how you are using the Nexus G-Rider. The Nexus G-Rider takes one AAA battery, which is included with the vibrator. Kudos to Nexus on this. I think all battery operated vibrators ought to come with the required batteries so I’m always excited when the manufacturers include them. This battery fits into the slot in the base of the toy which is also where the power button is located. The entire toy, with the exception of the part in the base that includes the battery compartment and the power button, is covered in slick, red silicone.

I really like the silicone of the Nexus G-Rider. It is silky and smooth and does not attract lint and dust like some silicone does. Of course, it is also latex and phthalate-free, hypoallergenic, and body-safe. Oh, and it’s red. Did I mention it’s delicious redness? Well, mine is red, but the Nexus G-Rider also comes in black, pink, and purple. This silicone is very firm with no real give so it should provide good pressure against the g-spot and prostate. However, due to it being made of silicone you’ll want to use a water-based lubricant. The directions clearly state this.

The silicone also makes the Nexus G-Rider easy to care for and clean. You can use a sex toy cleaner, antibacterial soap and water, or a 10% bleach solution. Bleaching the Nexus G-Rider will allow you to share it between non-fluid bonded partners and to swap between anal and vaginal use. Of course, you can always use a condom over it as well, if you are lazy like I sometimes am. Be careful when cleaning the Nexus G-Rider because it is not waterproof.

The Nexus G-Rider has a simple one button control on the base of the vibrator and five vibration modes. I find the vibrations to be on the high-pitched, buzzier side, which is not my favorite thing. I also find them to be louder than I expected and not terribly strong. To turn the Nexus G-Rider on you push the button. You also push the button to cycle through the modes. To turn off, hold down on the button for two seconds. I have some trouble with the button on my Nexus G-Rider. It is just difficult to push. I suppose it’s good that I don’t accidentally change the setting, but I find the button really annoying to work. While I normally enjoy my vibrators with patterns, these don’t do it for me. The different vibrations modes are as follows:

1. Steady vibration
2. Buzzing on for 3 seconds, off for 2 seconds
3. Long pulses
4. Pulsing roller coaster
5. Roller coaster starts off slow and speeds up

I had this toy for a while before playing with it and I really expected to like it. Unfortunately, it’s kind of a mixed bag. For whatever reason, the shape just doesn’t work for me vaginally and I find the little nubs irritating. I don’t enjoy thrusting with it or riding it and the nubs really don’t stimulate my clit. I like the Nexus G-Rider better anally. I wasn’t sure how I would feel about the shape considering I really don’t like it in my vagina, but it works well up my butt. It slides in much more easily than I expected with no need for warmup. It stays put, which is often a challenge for me, so I appreciate that. Though the base is super thick, it is comfortable to sit with the Nexus G-Rider inside me. I do like vibrations in my butt so I enjoy that, but I find the button difficult to press while the Nexus G-Rider is inside me.

One thing I really don’t like about the Nexus G-Rider is its battery cap. It does secure tightly, which is a good thing. In fact, it’s a bit difficult to get off. So much so that I worry I’ll break it if I’m not extra careful. What I don’t like is that it pops all the way off and it’s quite tiny so I feel like I’m going to lose it in the bed or down the drain. I’d prefer it be attached somehow so I don’t have this concern.

Another thing I’m not too happy with is that the Nexus G-Rider is not waterproof. I don’t think it’s even splash proof, so you’ve got to be extra careful when washing it, which is a just a big pain. Even if I don’t plan on taking my toys in the bath or shower, I prefer them to be waterproof so I can clean them without worry. I feel like I can really get them clean this way. With the Nexus G-Rider, you may be better off using a sex toy wipe or other toy cleaner rather than using soap and water. The other difficulty of cleaning the Nexus G-Rider is the little silicone nubs on the base. It is quite easy for lubricant and bodily fluids to get trapped here and a bit challenging to clean while worrying about getting water in the damn battery compartment. A small toothbrush is helpful here, but I just can’t stopped being annoyed that the Nexus G-Rider isn’t waterproof.

The Nexus G-Rider’s packaging is simple. The vibrator comes in a box with clear windows in the front and on the sides so the toys is clearly visible. It also says g-spot massager on the front and back of the box, so it really is not discreet. There is a small piece of silicone on the outside of the box that allows you to feel the softness of the toy. Inside the box, the Nexus G-Rider is cushioned in form-fitted plastic, which also holds the included battery. The box is fine for storage but takes a bit of room so I’d suggest using a toy storage bag or a ziploc to keep the silicone dust free and to keep from touching your other toys. There is a little instruction booklet included in the box that say, “Nexus G-Rider Male”, which makes me wonder if there are female instructions somewhere as well. The booklet is a simple foldout piece of paper that provides directions in four languages.

Speaking of the included directions, they are totally directed at men to use the Nexus G-Rider as a prostate massager. I think that’s great but it would also be nice if they included some instructions for women. Maybe they figure women will know what they are doing. I suppose it is somewhat self-explanatory.

Nexus G-Rider Pros:
• Silicone
• Can be used vaginally and anally
• Battery included
• Good shape for anal penetration

Nexus G-Rider Cons:
• Not waterproof
• Battery cap comes all the way off
• Doesn’t work well for my vagina
• Have trouble with the button

While there are some good things about the Nexus G-Rider, the silicone, the bright colors, it’s versatile, and it comes with a battery, it doesn’t make me happy. Though the shape works for me anally, the button is a pain and I don’t like the vibrational patterns. Then there is the battery cap and the lack of waterproofness (yes, I did just make up a word). As a butt plug it’s not bad, but it’s not great either. It just doesn’t work for me vaginally at all which takes away from it’s versatility for me. However, it may work better for someone else. Check the Nexus G-Rider out at the following stores and let me know how it works for you.

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