Rocks-Off Butt-Boy

I have reviewed a few sex toys from Rocks-Off, such as the Rocks-Off RO-160mm, the Rocks-Off RO-150 Slimline, and the Rocks-Off Luv Massager, but I hadn’t tried any of their butt toys. I decided to try one I’d had my eye on for quite some time, the Rocks-Off Butt-Boy.

We disagreed about whether or not the Rocks-Off Butt-Boy is a prostate massager. He insisted that it is while I said it is for all butts. Turns out we are both right, though he may be slightly more right than I am. In the Rocks-Off catalog, the Butt-Boy is listed under butt plugs but it does actually have a diagram of a man on the back of the box indicating how to use the Butt-Boy as a prostate massager. Nevertheless, I enjoy anal play even though I don’t have a prostate, so I feel I can do justice to the Butt-Boy in this review.

The Rocks-Off Butt-Boy has a slightly different shape than my other butt plugs, which is what I found so interesting about it. It has a triangular shape with a thin neck that looks like it will really lock the Butt-Boy into place. It then curves around and has three ridges meant to stimulate your perineum. This piece has an included Rocks-Off RO-80mm bullet and says Butt-Boy on it in raised letters. My Butt-Boy is made of bright red silicone, which I love, but it also comes in black. Can’t have too many red sex toys as far as I am concerned.

The silicone of the Rocks-Off Butt-Boy is very silky and does not pick up as much lint as other silicone sex toys I own. It is is super firm and has very little give to it. It does have a fair amount of drag so you MUST use lubricant with the Butt-Boy, just like with anything you stick in your butt. Always, use lube. As the Butt-Boy is made of silicone, stick with water-based lubricant. Silicone-based lubes can have a negative chemical reaction with the silicone of the butt plug causing it to become tacky. I’ve noticed there is a seam around the Butt-Boy. Though it is pronounced on the bottom of the perineum stimulator, it isn’t on the internal part of the plug so I don’t actually feel it during use.

Silicone is a particularly good choice for anal toys as it can be disinfected. I usually just wash the Rocks-Off Butt-Boy with warm water and antibacterial soap, though you can also use a sex toy cleaner. Once you remove the RO-80mm bullet you can even pop your Butt-Boy in the dishwasher on the top rack with no soap. To disinfect, simply boil the Butt-Boy for three – five minutes (after removing the bullet) or wipe it down with a 10% bleach solution. This will allow you to be certain there is nothing clinging to your butt plug, as well as allow you to share it with non-fluid bonded partners. Rest assured, silicone has such small pores that not even bacteria can be absorbed into the material, which is one of the advantages of silicone sex toys. Other advantages are that it is latex and phthalate-free, hypoallergenic, and body-safe. Some silicone anal toys can retain a slight smell after multiple uses which can usually remedied by using one of the methods of disinfection or washing your toy in the dishwasher. I have not noticed this to be an issue with the Rocks-Off Butt-Boy.

The Rocks-Off Butt-Boy is actually longer than most of my butt plugs, due to the perineum stimulator. The Butt-Boy is 7″ long in total, but only 4″ of that is insertable, basically the triangular piece up to the neck. It is 1.75″ in diameter so it is not a beginner anal toy, it is something to work up to over time. Some people may also need to use smaller anal toys to work up to the Butt-Boy within a play session.
This can be a very helpful technique when participating in anal play. The .75″ neck is thin enough to serve as a good anchor and there is enough of a difference between the the diameter of the neck and the base of the butt plug to keep it from slipping out.

As I mentioned previously, the Rocks-Off Butt-Boy includes a Rocks-Off RO-80mm Bullet. This bullet lives in the perineum piece or handle of the Butt-Boy. It is made of red and metallic-plated ABS and has a soft red push button on the bottom of the bullet that turns it on and off. The RO-80mm only has one speed so it’s quite easy to use. It requires one N 1.5v battery, which is included with the Butt-Boy. The N battery comes inside the battery compartment of the bullet with a small, round piece of paper to keep the battery from touching the contacts, thus keeping the bullet from turning on unintentionally. I suggest keeping this little paper in place when you are not using the Butt-Boy if you’re going to keep store it with the battery inside. You’re probably better off removing the battery completely, but at least this way the battery won’t drain.

The RO-80mm is approximately 3.25″ long and .75″ in diameter. I suppose you can insert it vaginally on its own but I don’t. It’s just too small for me to want to use it internally. You can certainly remove it from the Butt-Boy and use it for external clit and nipple stimulation. Do NOT use the bullet anally by itself. It could easily slip inside the anal canal and be almost impossible to remove on one’s own. Speaking of removing it, the Rocks-Off RO-80mm Bullet is surprisingly easy to slide from the Butt-Boy. Usually, I find bullets incredibly hard to remove from toys like this, but all I have to do is rock it a little and slide it right out. There are ridges and grooves on the inside of the canal where the bullet lives and I think this is what allows the bullet to be removed so easily.

The Rocks-Off Butt-Boy turned out to be… interesting, with both good and bad points. The pointy end of the triangle slides in nicely, with a ton of lube, but the base feels rather abrupt when it finally slips inside. It is not the most pleasant pop I’ve ever experienced with a butt plug. The odd shape does anchor the plug in place but the neck is so short it feels as though the Butt-Boy is slipping out even when it isn’t, which is a disturbing sensation and one I don’t like at all. I like the perineum stimulator as a handle when inserting the Butt-Boy and I really like anal vibrations. The vibrations of the RO-80mm are definitely buzzy. I do not like them on my clit, but buzzy vibrations don’t bother me anally. The RO-80mm provides relatively quiet vibrations that travel well, but they are not as powerful as I would like. I certainly can feel the vibrations but I would prefer them to have more oomph. It is easy to turn on and off due to the “handle”. The ridges on the perineum stimulator don’t do a whole lot for me, but my perineum is not the most sensitive part of my body.

Like other Rocks-Off products, the packaging for the Rocks-Off Butt-Boy Butt Plug is simple. It comes in a hinged, hard black box with silver printing on the front. While the cut out window does a great job of showcasing the butt plug, it is not at all discreet so I wouldn’t leave it laying around. There is some basic info on the back of the box, including a diagram to show how men can use the Butt-Boy. The lid of the box is hinged at the bottom so it swings open from the top. Inside the box the Butt-Boy sits in a molded plastic tray that says “Rocks-Off” all over it. Underneath the tray you’ll find a pamphlet displaying all the Rocks-Off products and some information on batteries required by different products. While this box is a fair amount bigger than the butt plug, thus taking up quite a bit of room in storage, I really like it. It is extremely sturdy and when I remove the plastic tray I have room for storing a bunch of different things. I have done this with the boxes of my Rocks-Off RO-160mm and Rocks-Off RO-150mm Slimline and it works wonderfully.

Rocks-Off Butt-Boy Butt Plug Pros:
• Shape
• Easy to turn bullet on and off
• Quiet
• Silicone

Rocks-Off Butt-Boy Butt Plug Cons:
• Shape
• Short neck
• Weak vibrations
• Single speed bullet
• Hard to find battery

Though there are some things to like about the Rocks-Off Butt-Boy, in general I find it disappointing. I am glad I finally gave in to my curiosity and tested it out, but it was not the dazzling anal experience I was expecting. I like the firmness of the silicone and appreciate how quiet the RO-80mm bullet is, but single speed bullet with its weak vibrations leaves something to be desired. It is better than no vibrations at all but still disappointing in strength. The N battery is a drag because, like all atypical batteries, I don’t have extra ones sitting around the house and they are more of a challenge to find. The shape is both a positive and negative. The point slips in nicely, but the angle of the triangle is a bit extreme which feels somewhat jarring when it slides into place. The neck is also too short, so even though the Butt-Boy does not fall out it constantly feels like it’s going to. Overall, it just is not a great butt plug for me and will not be replacing any of my favorites.

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