Sharevibe by Fun Factory

This is basically a strapless strap on that can be used for pegging, with the shorter end fitting inside the female and being held in place by her pelvic floor muscles, and the longer end being used for the actual pegging.

Unlike most strapless strap ons this one vibrates and has a removable rechargeable vibrator in the base of it, the vibrations are variable.

Packaging and Inside the box

The Fun Factory Sharevibe has some good quality packaging. This clearly shows what is inside the box and gives a basic explanation of how it works so you can be sure of what to expect when you get it home.

As with some other Fun Factory toys there is a tasteful image of a couple on the package.

Unlike some other brands this is not a tacky picture of a naked women trying to sell it to you.

I think that this makes it a much more appealing product as I find that garish colours and tacky half naked women really put me off a toy.

Inside the box you get a nice clear instruction manual as seen below, the Sharevibe and the USB recharge cable.


The sharevibe is made from some top quality medical grade silicone. This feels lovely and soft to the touch and there aren’t any visible seams on the sharevibe which could feel rough when it is being used.

The silicone is nice and flexible which makes using it feel like a dream.

The vibrator which is in the base of the sharevibe is made from plastic and it has a simple one button operation.

Use and design

The design of the sharevibe is very similar to many other strapless strap ons that are on the market. It has a short slightly bulbous end which fits inside the women and a long slender end which is used for pegging.

When we tried it the bit that fitted inside me did feel slightly large at first, I suppose that this is so it is easier for the woman to grip on to when it is being used.

There is a little bit of weight it the Sharevibe as it is mostly solid silicone, its not mega heavy but it is heavy enough.

The dildo end for the man (or other woman) is quite slender and is nice and thin. For this reason I would say that this would be good for any couple’s that are new to pegging and want to try it without the harness getting in the way. Not having a harness really does make you feel closer to your partner.

The vibrator is at the base of the toy in-between the two ends and is easy to turn on and off with its single button operation. To turn it off simply hold down the button for 2-3 seconds. To flick between the various vibrations settings just click the button until it is doing what you want it to do.

I found the sharevibe quite comfortable to wear and you could feel the vibrations right the way through the toy when they were turned on, the shape of the shorter end meant that the vibrations could be felt quite definitely against the g-spot.

I think that the vibrations are where the problem was for me, I found that when I tried to use the sharevibe for pegging with the vibrations turned on then I couldn’t hold the toy in place securely and ended up having to hold it in place with my hands. This did spoil the experience for me a bit.

I could however hold it in place when it was not vibrating. I think that the vibrations where what was making it more difficult to hold as the size and shape of it mean that even with the little bit of weight that it has it would stay put otherwise.

The sharevibe doesn’t feel chunky when it is being used.

I feel that not having a harness is good as it means that you can just grab it during play and use it without all of the hassle of having to put a harness on and take a harness off meaning that pegging can be more of an instinctive thing during a session rather than it having to be planned.

Everyone knows that sex is more fun when things ‘just happen’

From my partner’s point of view he found that the dildo end felt very smooth and said that he could feel the vibrations when it was being used, he liked this sensation.

Cleaning and Lube

This is a silicone sex toy and therefore you should only use water based lube with it, and avoid storing it with other silicone toys as there is a possibility that it could react with other silicone products and melt. Nobody wants a melted sex toy.

I found that if I only used the lube of the pegging end then I was able to hold the toy in place better, lubing up both ends just made it all to slippy and nothing wanted to stay where is should have been.

The vibrator is removable, but it won’t let go of it easily, I had to wiggle it for a while before it finally let it go, to clean it it is best to removed the vibrator so that you can clean the recess where it was and clean the vibrator thoroughly to.

I always advise cleaning sex toys with some super hot soapy water and then using some top quality sex toy cleaner such as the Fresh from lovehoney to ensure that all of the bugs are removed from the toy.

Both parts of the sharevibe are waterproof and therefore they can both be submerged for cleaning.

Charging the Sharevibe

The small vibrator in the sharevibe is rechargeable and it comes with a USB recharging cable, most people have plugs which you can use to plug a USB into the mains or you can plug it into a computer and recharge it. It takes 2-4hours for a full charge and does come with some charge on it.

If you want you can remove the vibrator to for charging but there is no need as the connector for it is on the outside of the toy and easy to attach without removing it.


I really like the idea of the Sharevibe, the thought of being able to peg my partner without having to mess around with a harness was something that I was really looking forward to trying.

I was super excited about the idea of it vibrating to!

Therefore is a little disappointing to me when I was unable to hold it in place properly without using my hand when it was vibrating.

This toy does have lots of positives though the dildo end for pegging is just the right size and when it is worn it sits in just the right position. This means that pegging with it when it is not vibrating feels very natural.

No harness means that there is no messing around during sex and things can be much more natural. The vibrations do feel nice when they are switched on and the shape of the sharevibe means that the vibrations press against the g-spot.

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