Sportsheets Tickled Pink Restraints

Like soft pink fuzzy stuff? I do. Want to be restrained? Yes, please! Be restrained or restrain someone else with the Sportsheets Tickled Pink Restraints from Babeland.

Tickled Pink Restraints from Babeland are made in the U.S. by Sportsheets, a California-based company. They come in a flat cardboard package with a little hole so you can feel the material. The packaging is efficient and recyclable, but not terribly discreet. It says “Kinky Pink Cuffs With Tethers”, so you may not want to leave it laying around!

Inside the package, are two Tickled Pink Restraints. They’re dark magenta pink and the material is somewhat like a soft, fuzzy felt, though much more durable. It reminds me of a thin but soft blanket I had when I was a kid. Each restraint is a single layer of fabric with a 1″ by 4″ velcro strip stitched on each end and a 35″ nylon tether stitched to one side. The specs do say the straps are 36″ but mine measure in at 35″. The pink fuzzy part of the cuffs is 2 1/4″ wide and 10″ long.

What’s great about the Tickled Pink Restraints is that they are extremely adjustable. They can comfortably fit a wrist or ankle from 5 1/2″ to 10″ in circumference. They can be made even bigger but then are slightly less comfy as the soft side of the velcro can cut into and rub against your skin.

The Sportsheets Tickled Pink Restraints looked a bit nicer online than in person. The materials are on the cheap side. The velcro on mine is sewn at a slightly crooked angle and the material is cut unevenly. My mom would call them chintzy. It seems likely the cuffs will hold up for a while, but with vigorous struggling over time, they’ll probably rip. Serious players probably won’t find these sufficient. These cuffs are really better for bondage beginners and handy for travel. Then again, I’m no newbie and I still find these fun. They’re soft, comfortable, lightweight, and I can’t get out of them. They’re something of a cross between playful and sensual cuffs, and will hit the mark for some people, especially as the price point on the Tickled Pink Restraints is great.

While velcro is cheap, it’s strong. Though I can easily remove the Sportsheets Tickled Pink Restraints, struggle as I might, I can’t get out of them without actually taking them off. The 35″ tethers are very versatile and can be used in a variety of ways. My Man can tie my wrists together in front of me or behind my back, He can tie my wrists or ankles to the bed spread eagle. He can give me room to move around or tie me tightly down. He can lead me around by the tethers as if on a modified leash. With two sets of Tickled Pink Restraints, He could easily accomplish a hogtie.

The nylon tethers are very strong and tie well. However, they do tighten when I struggle and can take some time to undo. Fortunately, if My Man’s having trouble undoing his knots he can simply free me from the cuffs and then untie the straps. This works great for bathroom breaks. I know, I know…some people would frown upon this way of being released, but hey…everyone pees!

The Sportsheets Tickled Pink Restraints do not come with any care instructions. I would hand wash these in warm water or wash in the machine on cold in the gentle cycle. I’d lay them flat to dry or simply hang them over the back of a chair. I would not put these cuffs in the dryer as I’ve had issues with velcro curling, not to mention picking up more lint than the actual lint trap. Tickled Pink Restraints are easy to store. Simply fold the cuffs, wrap the straps around them and store flat in their cardboard container, a small box, or lose in your toy chest. For now, I am keeping them in their container in my toy box. This keeps them flat and separate, and helps things stay organized so I can find them in a jiff.

One downside of having the tethers attached to the cuffs is they tend to get in the way of things…like food, drink, the sink. I highly recommend you not wear them while eating soup!

Sportsheets Tickled Pink Restraints Pros:
• Comfortable
• Adjustable
• Price
• Attached tethers

Sportsheets Tickled Pink Restraints Cons:
• Not the highest quality
• Tethers can get in the way

Overall, while these aren’t the snazziest or fanciest restraints out there, they are soft and comfy and will make a nice, non-threatening introduction to bondage for many people. They are adjustable for a variety of sizes which makes them flexible enough to share between partners. You can struggle all you like and not break free, something you always wants in a restraint. They’re good for a lark and easy for travel, but when I’m in a serious BDSM mood I’ll probably go for a more serious cuff. However, many people will like the friendly pink color, lightweight cloth, and lack of animal products used in the Tickled Pink Restraints.

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