Tantus Ripple Large

Once upon a time in a galaxy far, far away, there lived a butt plug and some anal beads. Though they lived separate lives they managed to find each other and fall in love….and get it on. The produced a beautiful love child and were happy. They named him Tantus Ripple Large.

I love Tantus silicone! It’s soft and squishy. In fact it’s so squishy the Ripple makes a good substitute for a stress ball. You can squeeze your frustrations away all the while smiling at the thought you’re squeezing a butt plug! Silicone is also phthalate and latex free, non-porous and hypoallergenic. Cleaning instructions can be found HERE. There is definitely some drag with Tantus silicone so be sure to use some lubricant. Remember, folks, silicone sex toys can only be used with water-based lubricant, so avoid silicone and oil-based lubes at all costs. They can chemically react with the Ripple’s silicone and damage it.

My Tantus Ripple is a gorgeous midnight purple. It is pretty and sparkles in the light, and it matches my Tantus Ryder. Gotta loved a matched set of Tantus anal toys! The Ripple is 5 1/4″ long with 4 3/4″ insertable. The round beads are graduated, starting at 7/8″ at the tip and increasing to 1 1/2″ at the fourth and largest bead. The largest bead is just slightly thicker than the stem, and the base is large and round and harness compatible. Though I don’t use the Tantus Ripple in a harness, I like that I have the option (who knows what the future will bring? ;)). I also love the large thickness of the base. I can rest easy knowing there’s no way way that base will get sucked up inside me.

I mentioned issues, didn’t I? Well, the one disappointment about the Tantus Ripple is that it does slip out a bit when I am super excited. This has been an issue for me lately with my newer butt plugs. So I have to wonder, is it the butt plugs or do I just have a slippery bottom??

The only downside of the Tantus Ripple is the same downside I find with all Tantus silicone. It’s a major dust magnet. As soon as I take the Ripple out of my toy chest, every dust mote in a 3 miles radius seems to come rushing over at the speed of light to attack it. However, this is easily addressed by washing it before and after use…which you’re doing already anyway, right?!

Tantus Ripple Large Pros:
• Silicone
• Sterilizable
• Great size

Tantus Ripple Large Cons:
• Slips out somewhat
• Dust magnet

The Tantus Ripple Large is the perfect love child between anal beads and butt plug. You get the wonderful pop, pop, pop and graduation of anal beads with the firmness of a butt plug. I love the way it feels inside me. The texture of the beads is great to clench down on as they caress me internally.

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