Tantus Twist Butt Plug

Last month I published a Spotlight on the new Tantus Twist Butt Plug. This Spotlight followed one on the Twist’s sibling butt plugs, the Tantus Juice and the Tantus Neo. Needless to say, I have been interested in Tantus’ new butt plug releases. Thanks to the very generous people at Tantus, I have now had the opportunity to test drive the oh so curious looking Tantus Twist.

The Tantus Twist Butt Plug is one of Tantus’ three recently released anal toys, and in my opinion, the most interesting. There’s nothing wrong with the Juice and Neo, but they’re a more traditional take on butt plugs. I wanted to try the Twist because I did not have any experience with corkscrew-style butt plugs. I may as well let you know up front…I am a big fan. Still, let’s start with the basics.

Made from the same signature Tantus 100% Ultra-premium Platinum silicone as all their other sex toys, the Tantus Twist is latex and phthalate-free, hypoallergenic, and body-safe. Though you can use some very high quality silicone-based lubes with the Twist, unless you’re willing to spot test your lube, it’s best to stick with water-based lubricant.

With an insertable length of 4″ and a diameter of 1.3″, the Tantus Twist is on the small side, in my book. I am not suggesting beginners to anal play immediately run out and but one. In fact, I would not recommend the Tantus Twist as a first butt plug. The corkscrew provides too much texture for most beginners and may be too large in diameter. Consider starting with the Tantus Little Flirt before moving on to the Twist. I would actually suggest the Tantus Juice as a bridge between the Little Flirt and Twist, just to get a sense for texture. Not everyone like it up their butt.

The base of the Tantus Twist Butt Plug, an often overlooked but very important part of an anal toy, is well-shaped and small enough to rest along the opening of my anus without slipping in. In fact, it’s so comfortable that I had to keep checking it at first to make sure the butt plug had not accidentally slid inside.

This base is completely new and different compared to my other Tantus anal toys of earlier design. It is far smaller and thinner, with a 3″ long curved shape that rests pleasantly against my body. If you look at the base of the Tantus Ryder or Tantus Zing, you can see that earlier Tantus plugs had bases that were either rectangular or round, based on the particular plug. While I don’t have any real cause for complaint with those bases, now that I’ve experienced this new and improved super duper comfy base, I am not quite quite as fond of those anymore. Fortunately, Tantus has also produced the Juice and Neo Butt Plugs with the same base as the Twist, so if you don’t fancy a corkscrew up your butt you’ve got other options.

The Tantus Twist Butt Plug is oblong in shape, which allows it to slip inside with ease and remain comfortably in my body for long periods of time. It also has a 1″ neck that is about .75″ thick, which is plenty of room for my sphincter muscles to grab on to and keep the Twist in place.

In general, cleaning the Tantus Twist Butt Plug is pretty basic. As with all of Tantus’ sex toys without bullets, the Twist can be washed with a sex toy cleaner, soap and warm water, popped in the top drawer of your dishwasher (no soap), cleaned with a 10% bleach solution, or boiled for 3-5 minutes. Using the bleach solution and boiling the butt plug will disinfect it, allowing it to be shared between non-fluid bonded partners. If you have the desire to use the Tantus Twist vaginally, disinfecting after using it anally is a must. Even if you are the only person who utilizes the Twist, it’s a good idea to disinfect it every now and then, just to be get rid of any bacteria hanging about. As Tantus’ 100% Ultra-premium Platinum silicone is as close to non-porous as silicone can be, bacteria cannot penetrate the silicone and multiply. Thus, disinfection is not absolutely necessary, it’s just a precaution.

Regardless of how you clean your Tantus Twist Butt Plug, be sure to do so thoroughly. Though the ridges of the corkscrew are very wide and seemingly easy to clean, it is surprising how effortlessly fluids and such can hide out. As lazy as I claim to be when it comes to masturbation and cleaning up after myself, I am still very careful when it comes to washing my toys. Yet I have have to go back and re-clean my Tantus Twist on more than one occasion, even though it looked spotless when I did it the first time. This may be in part because I often let my toys air dry rather than drying them with a towel. I especially tend to air dry with silicone sex toys, and Tantus silicone, while fantastic in other areas, is usually a nightmarish lint magnet.

However, the silicone of the Tantus Twist Butt Plug is surprisingly not. Somehow, Tantus has managed to change the texture of its awesome Ultra-premium Platinum silicone. Rather than the typical draggy, lint magnet, the silicone of the Twist is incredibly soft and smooth. It doesn’t attract lint as soon as I glance at it. I can even wipe it down with a towel and NO lint. You may think I’m getting a little overly excited about this, but if you’re a fan of Tantus toys, you know their biggest issue across the board is trying to keep their silicone lint-free long enough to get the toy inside your body. This remarkable change in texture doesn’t stop there.

The silicone of the Tantus Twist Butt Plug is so soft and smooth it requires significantly less lubricant than my other Tantus sex toys, which is really saying something when it comes butt plugs. The smoothness of the Twist actually requires less lube than some of my Tantus dildos. That’s a significant improvement, and I love it. Is this the future of Tantus’ Ultra-premium Platinum silicone? Please, Tantus, let it be so!

The other big difference is obviously the shape of the Tantus Twist Butt Plug. This is my first experience with a corkscrew-like plug and I like it. When it comes to play, you certainly can slather the Twist with lube and shove it in your (or someone else’s) butt and then just yank it straight out when done. This possible, but aside from making your life harder, you’ll miss the whole point of the corkscrew.

Screwing the Twist in as if you were about to uncork a bottle of wine is a totally new and unique sensation for me. For one thing, the shape controls the speed of insertion, which is automatically far slower than a traditional plug. No matter how slowly you insert a round or oblong plug, you have that “pop” point where you lose control and it slides in on its own. Not a bad thing at all, just different. With the Tantus Twist, that point does not exist. You just keep twisting until it’s all the way in, which is a much slower process.

Drawing the process of insertion and removal out can provide an entirely different mood or affect of anal play. It forces you or your partner (or both of you) to truly savor every moment of the Tantus Twist sliding in and out. It’s definitely not a quickie butt plug that you pop in as you’re walking out the door to run errands. If you are prone to such behaviors… Even if you are not, a long, slow butt plug insertion can truly spice up play in a way you might not have imagined. I find it to be incredibly exciting. By the time the Twist is all the way in, I am far wetter than I usually am when popping in any old butt plug. It’s not just a different shape, it’s a different way to play.

Having said that, the Tantus Twist is definitely comfortable enough to wear while out and about for extended periods. The smallish diameter and oblong shape don’t cause any irritation to my sphincter muscles. I can even forget it’s there for a bit until I move in a certain way and I am gently reminded. I don’t notice the texture as much when the Twist is inside me, unless I am intentionally clenching down on it. I feel it much more during insertion and removal. In general, I do enjoy texture in my sex toys. If you do not or are particularly sensitive, I would recommend skipping the Twist in favor of the Tantus Neo, which has a very similar shape without any texture.

The packaging of the Tantus Twist Butt Plug is typical Tantus. It comes in a clear plastic box with the Tantus red and white accents. Inside the box the Twist is clearly visible in a plastic clam shell. As always, there is some basic information about Tantus silicone, and as always, I’m grateful I don’t need to read this info in German, French, or Spanish (though I can read both the French and Spanish) because I find the white print on its clear background challenging. I do require glasses or contact lenses though, as I am blind as a bat (without the added benefit of their echolocation, damn it!), so it may just be me. As the box is totally see through and the Twist is clearly a sex toy, it is not the most discreet way to store the butt plug nor give as a gift. The fact that Tantus has printed, “the world’s best soft toys for adults” on the front certainly does not help with discreteness. While this box is not the sturdiest thing around, it does fine for storage but it takes up an unnecessary amount of room. You’re probably better off storing the Tantus Twist in a sex toy storage bag or a ziploc. Just make sure there’s not something hard pressing down on it that could damage its shape. You also want to keep your silicone toys safe from other toys made of silicone or other malleable products that might melt all over your beautiful Tantus Twist.

Tantus Twist Butt Plug Pros:
• Unusual corkscrew texture
• Ultra-premium Platinum silicone
• Well-shaped, comfortable base
• Can be worn for prolonged periods
• Can be worn during other sexual activity
• Super smooth, non-lint magnety silicone

Tantus Twist Butt Plug Cons:
• Must clean between ridges carefully
• On the small side
• May be too textured for some

Other than the fact that the Tantus Twist Butt Plug may be overly textured and/or small for some people and that you’ve got to be extra careful when cleaning, I’m hard-pressed to find anything wrong with it. Let’s face it, we’re talking about preferences and something you need to be doing anyway, so those are pretty weak downsides. If you’d like to try a corkscrew-style butt plug, you really can’t go wrong with the Tantus Twist. The only suggestion I have for Tantus is to come out with a larger size and offer a choice, like they have done for some of their other butt plugs.

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