Tie and Tease Adult Board Game

As with the original Tease, Tie and Tease has some retro styling to it, I like this a lot. The styling isn’t just on the outside of the box it is also on the board and carries right through to the cards as well. The difference between the original Tease and this game is that the original Tease although aimed at groups as well as couples was very mainstream in its making, this is aimed at the BDSM market, not at the high end super intense been doing BDSM and have my own dungeon level, but at the level that most people how have some sort of an interest in spanking and tying will enjoy.

Inside the box you will find a blindfold, a satin ribbon, 2 dice one with numbers on it and one marked Dom/Sub and the playing pieces 2 male and 2 female, even though you get the 4 pieces this game is really aimed at couples but as the pieces are male and female having 2 of each means that you are not ignoring the same sex couples out there who will also get a kick out of this game. There is also the board and the instructions.

The board is marked out to show where the different cards should be placed and where you start/end the game and every square that you land on will lead to you needing to choose card and act out some sort of a scenario either from the Dom(me) or Sub perspective, depending on how much time you have and how much you are enjoying playing the game the instructions tell you that you can go round the board once or twice before ending the game with the final card. We quite liked that you could choose the length of the game and that there is nothing to say that you can’t just keep going round until you run out of cards if you wanted to.

There are a large number of cards with this game and the come packaged together in one large stack. I personally feel that the packaging could be improved slightly to allow a space inside the box for the cards to be stored when they are not been used to stop them from getting mixed up and messy, maybe that’s my OCD though I do like everything to be neat.

Below is information about each of the different cards and I have taken pictures of a selection of them so you should be able to read the scenario and get a feel for the game from them, I don’t normally make my pictures this large but for the benefit of people with bad eyes I have enlarged them a little. You will see that all of the cards apart from the final D/s cards are split into D and s, the idea is that before you start playing you decide who is going to be in which role, for some couples it will already be pretty much decided for others they may need to roll the dice or discuss it. You can then choose to stay in that role for the whole of the game or to role the D/s die each time you take a turn and use that to decide for you. The cards are also split into two levels one for beginners or for when you are at the start of the game and the second for more advanced play, I personally feel that although in general they got this right for me some of the ones are twos and vice versa, so for this reason I would advise reading through all of the cards before your 1st play and removing any that you are not happy with.

  1. Role Play according to the instructions this will involve acting out some role play scenarios, these have a picture of a 50’s style police lady on them. Some of these scenarios made me laugh, some of them made me wince a little which how corny they sound but others are really good, you can go through the cards before the game and take out any that you are not happy to act out or just leave it to fate. Below is an example of a level 1 and level 2 card, now I feel that they have these levels the wrong way round as I would find the scenario on the 2nd card more comfortable to act out than that on the level one card. Some of the other things on these cards involve been a worker in a sex toy shop and been a hitchhiker.
  2. Sensory which according to the instructions will involve blindfolding and different sensations on the skin. These ones have the picture of the blindfold on them, and include using things like ice and feather or spanking implements to create different sensations, I thought that these where really good and there was a good amount of variety in these cards.
  3. SEX cards which according to the instructions will suggest and erotic or sexual act these cards just simply have the word SEX on them. I really struggle with been told by a game to act out certain sexual acts and even though I have been with my partner for nearly 15 years (yes really) I wasn’t entirely comfortable with all of these. That said all of the things on the cards where things that we had done as a couple in the past and none of it was particularly shocking, the level one cards seem to be mainly about stripping and removing items of clothing where the level 2 cards seem to be mainly about oral sex/ pleasures. For me it was the stripping not the oral sex that I was the most uncomfortable with.
  4. Impact which according to the instructions will involve some sort of spanking or the use of other striking implements; this is the section that I think some people might struggle with if they are not into impact play. These have a picture of a whip on them. Its a real shame that you don’t get some sort of spanking implement with the game especially as you do get a blindfold for the sensory cards and a tie for the bondage ones. I found that these where at a good level some of them instruct you to use implements such as a hairbrush or belt others just a hand, most of them tell you how many times to do it and where. I really enjoy this kind of play so these cards where right up my street and the levels on the cards seemed right with these too.
  5. Contract which according to the instructions are about the types of agreements that are made within a D/s relationship, to be completely honest I am not sure that these needed to be included in the game as such as most people playing the game will be doing it for fun not for lifestyle, but they are interesting and do add a little something to the game. There is a couple of random ones in there, one where you have to get snacks for the Dom(me) and another where the Dom(me) has to inspect the subs pubic area to see if they are well groomed enough for them, but others with things such as choosing a Title for the Dom(me) and a pet name for the sub are quite fun.
  6. Bondage which according to the instructions will involve some mild form of restraint. Not everyone is comfortable with restraint but I love it so I welcomed this section and actually think that this game wouldn’t have worked without it. The cards have the picture of a red/white tie on them, a slight nod to 50shades maybe? Or maybe just the colors of the developers football team? Who knows?

And finally the final square is the D/s square where the D/s cards are placed, you choose 4 of these and at the end the person who is acting as the Dom(me) gets to choose which one is acted out. As this signals the end of the game the idea is that these are longer scenarios which might lead to a little bit more, there are some fun things in there, below is a picture with a selection of them, there is even a blank one for you to make up your own if you wish. I think it is good idea to choose these cards carefully before you start the game but to make the final decision at the end as to which you will act out, but remember whoever is the Dom (me) always gets the final decision.

As I sat and read through all of the cards I made a note of all of the things that the cards suggest that you might need to be able to act out the various scenarios and these where

Ice Cubes
Nipple Clamps
Massage Candles
Pen and Paper
Massage Oil
Stroking implements x3
Cloth tie which is included with the game
5 different spanking items
Wooden Spoon
Access to porn
Dressing gown cord
Blindfold which is included with the game

Now if you don’t have all of these things it’s not going to make playing the game impossible and things such as the belt, hairbrush and wooden spoon can easily be part of the 5 spanking implements as could your hand, Nipple clamps can be replaced easily with clothes pegs but massage candles should not be replaced with ordinary candles as they burn at a different temperature and you might burn yourself if you do.

It does say in the instructions that before you start the game you should gather together a collection of things that can be used in the game such as those listed above but I think it might have been nice for Tease to have included a small flogger or paddle in with the game especially as a large part of the game is about impact play, but as they haven’t a hairbrush or wooden spoon make excellent alternatives, just a small note from experience wooden spoons hurt, they are not flat and the curvature of the spoon means that you are been struck with a smaller surface area than you might think.

Included in the game is the blindfold and the silky tie. The tie is of a good length and is easily long enough to be used as a wrist or ankle tie, as it is satin it is soft to the touch but you should avoid tying any knots to tightly with it as they might become difficult to untie and for this reason the makers of the game do say to keep some safety scissors handy.

The blindfold is actually really good, most of the times when you get blindfolds included in games or with toys for free they are pretty naff but this one has a nose piece that stops the light from getting in from below and a double elastic strap to keep it nice and secure.

Overall I think that this game has its good and bad points not all of the scenarios suited us as a couple but it is always going to be the case with a game like this and the good thing is that you can remove any that you really don’t like and keep the game fun. I loved the spanking/bondage and sensory cards and felt that they really suited the game, the Sex cards a repetitive with only really having 2 or 3 different scenarios, just worded differently and the contract section is something that is a little hit and miss to. I like the playing pieces and retro design of the game a lot and found the instructions very clear and easy to understand meaning that we could unpack the game and play it very quickly. The only negative that I could really find is that there is no spanking implement included, other than that we had a lot of fun playing this game and think that it would be perfect for both people new to bdsm and to those more accustomed to it that would like something fun to do to add a little variation to their play.

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