Tracey Cox dare!

The Tracey Cox dare! Power Massager Vibrator is part of the dare! line of sex toys from Tracey Cox. This line of vibrators is meant to focus mainly on toys that can be used by couples. These toys were designed by bestselling sex author, Tracey Cox, hence the name.

Made from ABS, the Tracey Cox dare! Power Massager contains no latex or phthalates, making it body-safe. The silky smooth plastic material is compatible with both water-based and silicone-based lubricants. It can also be used with massage oil to enhance a body massage. This particular ABS is super smooth and sleek and slides along my skin with no drag at all, so oil is not a necessity but can certainly add to the massage experience. The Power Massager is splash proof, so it can be easily washed with warm water and antibacterial soap or a sex toy cleaner. However, it is not waterproof so do not submerge it.

At 10.5″ in circumference, the Tracey Cox dare! Power Massager fits very comfortably in the palm of my hand. The round shape with the indented button makes holding onto it during use very easy. The button must be pressed very firmly in order to power the vibrator on and off, as well as to cycle through the different modes. This means that it is very unlikely you will accidentally press the button. It has great feedback and makes a fairly loud clicking sound when pressed.

With its one button, the Tracey Cox dare! Power Massager Vibrator is simple to use for newbies and experienced users alike. You turn the vibrator on by pressing the large button once and continue pressing the button to cycle through the different modes. To turn off the Power Massager you hold the button down for approximately two to three seconds. The only challenge I find with the power button is my own issue. I have rather long nails, and because the button is indented it is a bit difficult to press it. People with shorter nails are not likely to have this problem. The Tracey Cox dare! Power Massager has three levels of intensity and three vibrational patterns, as follows:
1. Low steady vibration
2. Medium steady vibration
3. High steady vibration
4. Ramp up
5. Three short pulses, one long
6. Medium pulses

The Power Massager is somewhat loud, though not horrible, especially for a massager. It is not as powerful as I was expecting, though it is not weak either. It’s about mid-range as far as power goes. It will be plenty for some and not at all enough for others. The vibrations themselves are also mid-range, not very deep and rumbly, but not buzzy either. The vibrations are really not strong nor deep enough to penetrate my muscles, but I may not be the best test subject, as I have chronic pain. It is certainly enough to create a relaxing sensation, especially when being used by a partner who can provide more pressure with the massager than I can on my own.

I like the design of the Tracey Cox dare! Power Massager very much, but I find it more effective as a massager than a vibrator. Though I find the strength of the vibrations to be sufficient, they are too diffuse to bring me to orgasm due to the shape of the Power Massager. Diffuse vibrations are great when massaging a large area, like the back, but they do not provide enough direct stimulation to my clit. However, I discovered that these diffuse vibrations are pretty great for nipple stimulation, which is an unexpected bonus. At 8.5 ounces, I find the Power Massager to be slightly heavy for longer periods of use, but my Fibromyalgia has been seriously acting up so most people probably won’t find it overly heavy. It may not be the best option for people with carpal tunnel or other hand and wrist disorders.

The packaging of the Tracey Cox dare! Power Massager is simple. The exterior consists of a cardboard sleeve with a window through which you can see the vibrator. There is an image of a woman on the front and back of this sleeve. I am assuming the woman is Tracey Cox, the designer of this vibrator. Considering it’s a massager, someone unfamiliar with sex toys may stumble across the box without raising an eyebrow. However, I do not find the packaging very discreet and think many people would know it is also a sex toy. Once you remove the sleeve, you’ll find the Power Massager held in place by cardboard. Underneath this cardboard is a little user guide with basic information about the toy. The packaging is sufficient and can be used for storage, though it is not that sturdy and will take up more room than the Power Massager on its own.

Tracey Cox dare! Power Massager Vibrator Pros:
• Great nipple stimulation
• Fits comfortably in hand
• Button has good feedback and does not allow for accidental pushing
• Silky, smooth plastic
• Can be used with all types of lubricants
• Can be used with massage oil
• Easy to open and close for battery insertion

Tracey Cox dare! Power Massager Vibrator Cons:
• Long nails hinder the ease of pressing the button
• Does not bring me to orgasm
• On the heavy side

I love sex toys that can serve multiple functions and the Tracey Cox dare! Power Massager Vibrator does just that, though not in the way I expected. I thought it would serve both as a massager and a clit stimulator, but as I mentioned above, the clit stimulation isn’t super effective for me. To be fair, it provides a fair amount of tease, but I do need another vibrator to actually orgasm. I really like the nipple stimulation it provides and wish I could find something similar in an actual nipple clamp or something along those lines. Using the Power Massager on my nipples with another vibrator on my clit is fairly awesome. As a massager, I find it about average. It is not meant to provide a deep tissue massage, but more of a stimulating erotic massage, and it is capable of doing so.

The ABS is particularly silky and smooth and feels great sliding along my skin, making massage without oil totally feasible and comfortable. I do have trouble holding onto it for long periods of time, but that is very likely due to my current health status rather than the Power Massager actually being too heavy. Overall, it has some very nice features and should please many users.

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