X1 Orgasmatron Review, with Jane, Rosa, & Grace Attachments

In a recent Tantus webinar training, sex educator extraordinaire, Ducky Doolittle, mentioned that women have as much erectile tissue as men but ours is internal and cannot be accessed without a partner or sex toys. (I don’t have penis envy, but sheesh, it does seem like they are way easier sometimes.) Ducky’s comment and further discussion of the basics of female anatomy and pleasure immediately brought the X1 Orgasmatron to mind.

Several months ago, I published a Spotlight on the X1 Orgasmatron and requested test samples for review. The X! Orgasmatron seemed totally different from the sex toys in my collection and you all know how I love new and unusual toys. Fortunately, Orgasmatronics was happy to send out the X1 Orgasmatron and its three currently available attachments, Jane, Rosa, and Grace.

I had mentioned in my Spotlight that the name “Orgasmatron” kept tickling my brain and I finally linked it to the late 90′s movie (written by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, creators of South Park), Orgazmo. Then a reader reminded me of the real reference, buried much deeper in my memory, the 1973 Woody Allen film, Sleeper. Below is a clip from the movie showing the “original” Orgasmatron.

Happily, the Orgasmatronics X1 Orgasmatron is much smaller than Woody Allen’s version and more readily available. Developed in response to his wife’s request for a Sybian-like sex toy, Dr. X. Treme designed this powerful, handheld toy. I have reviewed a few atypical vibrators, such as the Revel Body Sonic Vibrator (which uses a linear motor) and the Eroscillator (which oscillates instead of vibrating). However, the X1 Orgasmatron gyrates.

If you’ve ever tried a traditional rabbit vibrator, you’ve experienced the internal rotations of its shaft. The X1 Orgasmatron is light years beyond. Its strength is shocking, even when compared to the Magic Wand. Never having the opportunity to test a Sybian, I cannot make a comparison, but the X1 Orgasmatron is by far the most powerful sex toy I have experienced to date.

Materials: The giant, black lightbulb (the actual X1 Orgasmatron) is approximately 6.5″ tall, 10″ in circumference, and weighs a hefty 2 pounds or so (apologies, my scale is behaving badly). Its 2.5″ long handle is 4″ in circumference and flares out at the bottom, allowing it to stand upright (use caution, it is extremely top heavy). The X1 Orgasmatron is made from non-porous, body-safe ABS, the same plastic Legos utilizes.

Power: Like the aforementioned Magic Wand, the X1 Orgasmatron must be plugged into a wall outlet. Its over 9.5′ long cable should be more than enough for most people’s needs. The cable looks exactly like my old Dell laptop’s power cord. As you can see above, it consists of three pieces. The first plugs into the wall, then attaches to the large brick of the second, which then connects to the white controller section (be sure to firmly plug the second and third cables together or they may disconnect during use).

The speed of the X1 Orgamastron’s gyrations is regulated by the dial on the controller portion. It not only turns the X1 Orgasmatron on and off, it allows for precise, incremental changes in power, which is fantastic. The dial is incredibly easy to manipulate with my non-dominant hand. With it stabilized against something, be it the palm of my hand or outer thigh, I can rotate it with a single finger.

An unexpected and interesting element of the X1 Orgasmatron is that I feel the impact of its gyrations all the way up my arm to well-above my elbow. However, it’s nothing like buzzy hand syndrome. Though the sensation is much stronger than a buzzy vibration and runs further up my arm, it does not hurt nor does it remain once I’ve turned the X1 Orgasmatron off. Very odd but very cool.

I have mentioned the clitoral complex in a number of recent reviews and spotlights. Many people don’t realize there is more to the clitoris than the small, external bud located toward the top of the vulva. Without going into great detail, the clitoral complex consists of the internal clitoral tissue (and there is a surprising amount) as well as the surface portion we refer to as the clit.

Due to the ability of the X1 Orgasmatron’s motor to move a large mass of tissue, the sensations are able to penetrate far deeper into my body than a commonplace vibrator, connecting with the sensitive nerves within the complex. This is intended to create a more profound internal response and intensified orgasms.

According to Dr. X. Treme, this is not the result of a larger motor nor an actual increase in power, but the efficiency of the motor within the X1 Orgasmatron. I’m willing to take that at face value. Regardless of the reasons why, the X1 Orgasmatron’s gyrations certainly feel more powerful than any other sex toy I own. Check out the video below for a visual of its strength.

Cleaning: Though it seems unlikely that water would penetrate the seam along the length of the X1 Orgasmatron, I’m going to label it splash proof. Considering it must be plugged into the wall, it’s obviously not meant to be used in the bath or shower. Warm water and mild (non-antibacterial) soap or a sex toy cleaner are sufficient to wash the giant lightbulb.

Lube: When using the X1 Orgasmatron on its own with no attachments (which you can certainly do), you may employ either silicone-based or water-based lubricant. However, as the Jane, Grace, and Rosa attachments are silicone, you want to be sure to remove every last trace of silicone-based lube before popping any of these on.

All of the X1 Orgasmatron’s attachments are made from 100% medical-grade silicone, which is latex and phthalate-free, hypoallergenic, and body-safe. Each piece is removable, so in addition to soap and water and sex toy cleaners, you can wash them in the top shelf of your dishwasher (without soap). You can also disinfect them with 3-5 minutes in boiling water or by soaking them in a 10% bleach solution. Disinfection is great if you want to share attachments with non-fluid bonded partners.

Each of the three attachments has a seam that runs across their length and is obvious to the eye and fingers, but unnoticeable during use. The top portions of Jane, Grace, and Rosa are solid silicone, while the bottom halves are hollow, so you can attach them to the X1 Orgasmatron.

The silicone of these hollow areas varies slightly in thickness, depending upon the attachment, but all three are extremely flexible and squashy, which is what permits you to pop them on and off with relative ease. The solid bits are quite rigid and have very little give, but overall, the silicone of all three attachments transmits the gyrational (totally a word) power of the X1 Orgasmatron very well.

When you purchase the X1 Orgasmatron, you automatically receive the X1 Jane Dildo. The pink Orgasmatron X1 Jane Dildo has 4″ of insertable length and is 1.4″ in diameter. It weighs 6.3 ounces all on its own, so keep that in mind. The silicone of the X1 Jane Dildo’s hollow bottom is slightly thicker than Rosa’s and somewhat thinner than Grace’s.

The Orgasmatron X1 Jane Dildo is the easiest of the three to put on, smoothly sliding into place with some light pressure. It again falls in between Rosa and Grace when it comes to removal. All of the attachments form a strong suction so trying to yank them straight off is like attempting to take out your contact lenses with long nails, it could take days to get results. Shifting the dildo to the side places its edge against the X1 Orgasmatron’s handle. Apply just a smidgen of force and it will come right off.

The 4″ length of the dildo works well for me as I do not enjoy sex toys hitting my cervix. If that’s your desire, it may not do the job. I appreciate the inflexibility and lack of squashiness offered by the Orgasmatron X1 Jane Dildo. It may not have much give, but it’s not rock hard like glass or stainless steel (for example).

The X1 Jane Dildo is the one attachment that can be used anally due to its large base and the ginormousness (totally a word) of the X1 Orgasmatron. Butt plugging is more my thing than anal thrusting (though you should feel free to thrust away). I am very fond of vibrating butt plugs, but finding good ones, made of body-safe materials, is tough because there aren’t a ton. Those that do vibrate are usually very buzzy and not terribly strong. Of course, this is not a concern with the X1 Orgasmatron.

You know how some vibrators are nice and rumbly on their lower settings but turn into high-pitched buzzers as you move up in strength? Not the case here. Regardless of the level of intensity, the sensations never even come close to buzzy. I’ve already mention the huge amount of power hidden within the X1 Orgasmatron. Just holding it up against the base of an anal toy allows you to feel its strength, which is heightened that much more with the X1 Jane Dildo up your butt. I bet it’s pretty awesome for those who enjoy prostate play.

Remember, you MUST disinfect (not just wash) the dildo with one of the options mentioned in the cleaning section after sticking it up your butt before you can use it vaginally again.

The weight of the solid silicone insertable piece causes the entire attachment to list like the Leaning Tower of Pisa and change position frequently. While this movement provides freedom to hold the X1 Orgasmatron at different angles, it can work against you when seeking to maintain a specific position while thrusting. If you simply want to hold the X1 Orgasmatron in place, it’s a non-issue.

The X1 Orgasmatron Rosa Attachment is sold separately, though you’ll save some cash if you purchase it with the X1 Orgasmatron. Rosa’s focus is external stimulation, so it’s a perfect option for those who dislike penetration or aren’t always in the mood for it. The lightest and thinnest of the three attachments, Rosa weighs only 3.4 ounces.

With seven nubs ranging from 3/8″ to 7/8″ in length and from 1/2″ to 1″ in width, the X1 Orgasmatron Rosa Attachment provides a fair amount of variation and should be able to satisfy most user’s desire for direct clit contact. The three smallest nubs are more deeply delineated than the three largest.

Holding the X1 Orgasmatron with Rosa in a vertical position provides continuous contact with my vulva and rocking it up and down allows for broad diffusion of sensations. When it comes to sex toys, I usually don’t have a good relationship with the word “diffuse”. In the case of the X1 Orgasmatron though, it’s actually positive because the intense strength increases sensations rather than lessening them.

The thinness of the Rosa Attachment’s silicone requires a different approach to application and removal. Just as with the X1 Jane Orgasmatron Dildo, I start with Rosa aligned directly above the lightbulb. Instead of pushing straight down, which causes Rosa’s edges to curl under, I use a wide, circular motion with a good amount of pressure to help the Rosa Attachment sink into place.

When taking Rosa off, I place my fingers over its nubs with my thumb under the largest one. Pressing my thumb up against this nub, while pushing down on the others with my fingers, stretches Rosa’s edge away from the X1 Orgasmatron for an easy peel off.

As with the Orgasmatron X1 Jane Dildo, Rosa enjoys slipping and sliding along the bulbous top of the X1 Orgasmatron. If I’m going for a rocking motion anyway, it’s no big whoop. If I’m trying for more direct clit contact, this movement can be distracting, especially as I get more wiggly. This really results from a combination of the Rosa’s movement and the fact that my clit is small and lives well tucked under its hood.

The X1 Orgasmatron Grace Attachment is intended to combine the best of both worlds, penetration and external stimulation. Its 2.5″ long and 1.3″ diameter insertable phallus curves up for g-spotting, while its 1″ long clit bump presses up against the external clitoris. The ends of these protrusions are flat rather than pointy, so they reach a greater surface area than you might expect.

Weighing 6.7 ounces makes the X1 Orgasmatron Grace Attachment the heaviest and thickest of the three. I also find it the most troublesome and I still haven’t decided how much of it is specific to my body and how much is Grace’s fault. It’s probably even steven.

The Grace Attachment is the most difficult of the three to put on and take off due to its extra density. Practice makes better though, and I’ve mostly gotten the hang of it. Like with Rosa, I line Grace up with the tippy top of the X1 Orgasmatron, but this time I use a much smaller circling motion while pressing downward. As I feel the tension increase due to the trapped air, I switch to a back and forth movement and push with increased force. Once Rosa is halfway on, one last strong thrust should do it.

Keep in mind, due to health issues, I often lack strength, which may make this more difficult for me than others, and there might also be a much simpler way I haven’t sorted out yet. Removing Grace is much like the Orgasmatron X1 Jane Dildo. Grab the g-spotter and pull backwards. It requires firm, continuous pressure because of the suction.

As I am always looking for ways to get more from my g-spot, I was most curious about the Grace Attachment. Placement-wise, the g-spotter and the clit bump seem to fit my body. I think the merging of two separate problems is causing the difficulty I’m having with Grace.

The first I have already mentioned when discussing both the Orgasmatron X1 Jane Dildo and the Rosa Attachment, slippage. The thicker silicone, which makes it harder to put Grace on does not actually create a more stable fit, as I was hoping it would. As a matter of fact, Grace seems to flop around much more than the other two attachments. This lessens my ability to keep the X1 Orgasmatron in the best position for my body, especially with the strength of the gyrations fighting me.

To further complicate the situation, my body is on the larger side and I carry much of my weight in the abdominal area, which decreases the reach of my hands. If the X1 Orgasmatron had a longer handle, I might be better able to control Grace. However, it’s as if the X1 Orgasmatron’s length, the loose fit of the Grace Attachment, and my body size and shape build to the perfect storm that rebuffs my desire to make Grace work well for me. Haven’t given up just yet though.

Orgasmatronics is on the verge of releasing a new attachment for the X1 Orgasmatron, Polly, and it looks fascinating. The X1 Orgasmatron Polly Attachment is a universal adapter that allows you to use the X1 Orgasmatron with almost any other body-safe dildo or butt plug that has a flared base or is Vac-U-Lock compatible.

Polly’s numerous, differently-sized holes act as o-rings in a typical strap-on harness setup. Unlike those setups, Polly provides much greater freedom. You can attach two dildos at the same time for double penetration for one person or use them on two different people at the same time. Polly even works with dildos that have testicles, Aneros devices, and masturbation sleeves.

Adding a pair of leg straps to Polly (it has special slots for this), turns the X1 Orgasmatron into a hands-free, wearable sex toy. You can purchase the leg straps along with the Polly Attachment. This is such a brilliant idea, especially for sex toy collectors (hola), because you can utilize pieces in the collection you already own. WANT.

In this video, Dr. X. Treme explains how to use the new Polly Attachment. I could be wrong, but it looks like all the dildos he uses in this demonstration (with the exception of the crazy coral-like monstrosity at the end) are from Tantus. Good on Orgamsatronics for using and supporting high-quality products from a trustworthy company!

If you pre-order the new X1 Orgasmatron Polly Attachment before 3/31/14, you’ll get Free Shipping, as well as a shipping date of 4/1/14. Seriously. No April Fools.

Nipple Play: You all know how much I love nipple play and it just occurred to me I have made no mention of how the X1 Orgasmatron works in this manner. My nipples and the X1 Orgasmatron have become fast friends. As they are typically very sensitive, sticking to the rumbly, lower levels of intensity is preferred. Spin the dial too far and the sensation becomes overwhelming. It can even edge from discomfort into pain.

The sizable expanse of the ABS orb connects with a good amount of my breast, including my aureola and minuscule nipple, thus providing excellent, far-reaching stimulation with minimum power. Just as when using the X1 Orgasmatron vaginally and anally, its efficient motor produces deep sensations, so I barely need to turn it on for nipple play. Though you can certainly use any of the three attachments in place of the plain, old, bare lightbulb of the X1 Orgasmatron, I find this to be of very little advantage.

With all the X1 Jane Dildo’s slipping and sliding, attempting to apply it directly to my small nipple is an exercise in futility, but I doubt it would make a difference even if I could force it to remain on point. (heh, get it?) Oddly enough, while I tend to do best with pinpoint clit stimulation, it can be way too much for my nipples. In that sense, the Grace Attachment is only slightly better. The flat tips of the both the g-spot phallus and the clit bump provide better contact with my nipples, when I can keep them in place.

The Rosa Attachment is the most effective of the three for nipple play, and if your priority is clit and nipple stimulation this is the one I’d recommend. The squat, round, wide, even surface of Rosa’s nubs are much easier to control when placed against my nipple and breast than the longer tips and the smaller surface area of the other two attachments. The breadth of the nubs maintains contact with my aureola and my tiny nipples slip handily into the miniature upside down valleys (it’s a thing) to be surrounded by silicone.

In theory, this allows my nipple to be stimulated on three sides (like a pint-sized peninsula), but due to their diminutive size and the power of the X1 Orgasmatron, I don’t feel a significant difference between adding the Rosa Attachment and using the X1 Orgasmatron on its own. I appreciate the smoothness of the silicone against my skin, which is a (minor) contrast to the plastic lightbulb, but not enough to jump and down and shout “hooray!” However, I suspect those with much more substantial nipples may indeed want to do so.

Packaging: The X1 Orgasmatron and its attachments were simply, yet carefully packed in a discrete, brown box with each piece protected by bubble wrap. While I am a sucker for fancy packaging, I highly approve of this eco-friendly way of doing things. I am perfectly happy not to have a bunch of stuff to recycle. Orgasmatronics does sell a gift/storage box separately and it looks lovely. It wouldn’t provide enough space for me or anyone with more than the Orgasmatron X1 Jane Dildo Attachment.

The X1 Orgasmatron comes with a small users manual that is straightforward, easy to read, and has all pertinent information. The thoroughness of the Orgasmatronics website is also impressive, so if you have additional questions you’re likely to find them answered there.

X1 Orgasmatron Pros:
• Powerful
• Very deep and rumbly gyrations
• Unique sensations
• Stimulates entire clitoral complex
• Can be used with anal toys as well
• Dial controller allows for incremental changes
• Super long cable
• Multiple attachments
• No buzzy hand syndrome
• Allows use of toys you already own (with new Polly Attachment)

X1 Orgasmatron Cons:
• Very loud
• Heavy
• Attachments slip around on the bulbous base
• Handle is short for larger bodies or shorter arms

One of the things I find challenging about all three X1 Orgasmatron Attachments is their tendency to shift during use. It’s a bit of a conundrum. The attachments must be flexible enough to pop on and off easily, but this suppleness allows them to slip around.

However, making them tighter and less pliable will create more difficulty in putting them on and taking them off, as is clearly demonstrated by the X1 Orgasmatron Grace Attachment. While it may not directly address this issue, the new Polly Attachment may resolve it by holding other toys more tightly against the X1 Orgasmatron.

I have it on good authority that encasing the entire toy (X1 Orgasmatron plus any attachment) in an extra large condom stops all movement completely. This also saves you from having to disinfect attachments between partners and when changing from anal to vaginal play.

In addition, my suspicions about the new Polly Attachment having the strength to keep other dildos in place without the movement I’ve been experiencing have proven to be true (according to the good folks at Orgasmatronics). If you’re going to purchase the X1 Orgasmatron, I’d seriously consider pre-ordering Polly.

Other than that and my perfect storm of issues with the Grace Attachment, the X1 Orgasmatron is mildly fantastic. The sensations are unusual in a good way and very powerful. I’ll even go out on a limb and say if you need the strength of the Magic Wand to orgasm, you may very well adore the X1 Orgasmatron. (I am referring primarily to power because the toys’ sensations feel nothing alike.) Who wants my Magic Wand? The only feature it offers over the X1 Orgasmatron, is that it doesn’t look like a sex toy.

Bottom line: As long as you’re fine with the sound of power tools emanating from your bedroom, the unusual sensation of its gyrations and the amount and depth of tissue they penetrate make the X1 Orgasmatron a must have in my book. It reminds me of the Eroscillator in the sense that it may not be little and it may not be cute (though it’s not unattractive and looks nothing like C3PO as a sex toy), but it is SO worth it.

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